The Solaris Confederation

This recruitment post serves as the announcement of intention to breakaway and secede from the Kingdom of Kairos to create our own independent nation in Janoan territory.


Listing of Settlements within Solaris

The Solaris Confederation is a meritocracy with a ruling Ducal Council that puts unity and loyalty above all else. We are based on the belief of cooperation and ensuring that each duchy benefits and thrives as part of Solaris, that we are all in this together and doing what is necessary to ensure the survival of our nation.

We do not prioritize money spent, but actions and attitude. We look to those willing and able to do work, and who have the best interests of our nation at heart. We place value on transparency, openness. and honest communication with our membership, and reward loyalty with loyalty.

Our founding government document and policy

Any leadership will tell you that they are fit to lead. What people should look for, however, is the proof of that. Our ideals and our commitment to our community separates us from many other gaming groups.

Instrumental in rallying the community to win CoE events, Solaris has consistently won Conquest due to our tactical decision-making and creation of strong alliances. We succeeded in the Searing Plague due to our consistent community engagement, outreach initiatives, and cooperation with others that have served to build up a trust in our ability within Chronicles of Elyria. We constantly practice logistics, tactics, and our ability to communicate effectively and concisely in the heat of the moment, this has been evident in our engagement within Crowfall, Ashes of Creation, and ESO in preparation for CoE. By being aware of what it takes to lead a large coordinated group, and by building those bridges and alliances through practice and hard work, we have created a competent government and a coordinated citizenship that are prepared for any tasks.

We will survive the inevitable conflict that will arise within Elyria in large part due to the training that we implement and our previous achievements; we have been continually forced to coordinate with no prior warning. However, we don't rest on our laurels and our practices aren't the sole reason that we think we can survive. We are going to be smaller in landmass, this to us is more virtue than vice. We have smaller borders to defend, and we believe this will lead to us being more mobile in our ability to consolidate and increase our power. Our population density compared to our relative size means we will not have to constantly defend our borders, we instead can focus on internal development. Due to our chosen location, we are also well protected from attacks thanks to our strong alliance and friendship with Bordweall. With our friends in Kingdom five, we will establish useful trade and military deals that will help both of us grow in power and safety.

Acrium is an economically and militarily focused Duchy located on the coastline of the southern tropical rainforests. Acrium's rich culture and diverse population make it one of the primary trading destinations along the southern coasts, earning it the title of the "Golden Coast" of Luna. With a large navy and strong military presence, Acrium is one of the primary suppliers of the Solaris Confederation's military-industrial complex, focusing on exporting goods and raw materials.

The Duchy of Cremoria is a military and defensive focused duchy; We are the western shield of Solaris. While combat is our main focus, we have a strong education program with a duchy wide school system through the Bulwark Corps. We are structured and focused, we believe in a one for all attitude and helping each other prosper, as well as providing incentives for all title holders to have combat training programs. Our two biggest guilds are The Dread Legion a mercenary guild, and the Bulwark Corps a masonry guild and research school. Our membership lives under the ideal of "Classy and Sassy." This is our attitude for how we expect Cremorians to act in both public and private situations.

The Duchy of Galladorn is a warrior/hunter society located on the lonely southern mountain which caters to our focus on industry and innovation. Rich in resources and traditions, the lands of Galladorn are home to some of the finest hunters and craftsman in the land. Founded in service of its people, pride plays a large part in daily life. Pride in their abilities, skills, and prowess on the hunt. Home of the Dalgorn, the great hunt, where citizens compete to prove themselves worthy in society and to gain admission to the Praetor, the legal and military body of the duchy charged with the defense of the people. The mountain embodies our spirit and we answer its call

The Duchy of Moonhaven is an inland duchy blessed of the Moon. A Spiritual duchy at its’ heart. Founded on the Faedin belief, and accepting of the Qindred, Moonhaven promotes the practice of Religious activity in the full light of the Moon. This means Moonhaven is defined by Hunting and Gathering as a primary source of food. Hunters and Soldiers/Mercenaries as a primary profession. Spiritual Leaders are viewed the same as Martial Leaders. As such, a majority of other professions in the area are centered around The Hunt and the byproducts there of. We welcome wholeheartedly any that wish to expand our horizons. The Moon shines not on just one land and one people. If you feel worthy of the Moon’s grace, answer her call

The Duchy of Seraphim is a coastal duchy focusing on logistics, production, banking and trade. Seraphim is located at the southern tip of Solaris within the Janoa region with plenty of coast and luscious rainforest to adventure in. We will be investing in ship building, coastal trade, navy army and military army. PVP players are welcome to join in the fight to victory and PVE players are welcome to face the mysterious beasts of the rainforest to claim many great hunts of their own. We will have our own pharmacy and laboratory for shamans and alchemists where our knowledge for medicine and chemical warfare will grow. Schools and guilds will help further research and development. We will sail to explore and search of new continents to claim as our own. Imagine taming your own exotic creature from the rainforest, mining for gold and exploring new technology. We are looking for those who possess loyalty, truth and unity. Join us if you are worthy to call yourself Janoa.

The Bulwark Corps purpose is to provide citizens an opportunity to both work as or hire a mason or defensive specialist, as well as to perform research and development focused around stonework. The Bulwark Corps are similar to the United States Army Corps of Engineers in that they are a skilled collection of people who invent and build while simultaneously serving purpose as a military minded group specializing in defense. The Bulwark Corps will construct and maintain defensive structures as well as progress in their research and development of even more efficient buildings and other inventions.

First and foremost, The Dread Legion is a mercenary guild that will transcend borders and nationalities. The goal is to have mercenary contacts in as many locations as possible, from other nations and cultures. Having mercenary contractors spread all across the world will enable us to spread our area of operations across all continents and increase contract availability. The Dread Legion is the Yellow Pages for Mercenaries, connecting mercenary groups and people who want to fight, with work - wherever that may be.

The Solaris Gaming and Betting Association is dedicated to providing venues for our members to wager money in games of chance. We will be hosting events at least bi-weekly to which betting is highly encouraged by anyone with extra money to spend. Regardless of your social standing or economic class, we will give you an outlet to earn large amounts of money.

The Solaris National Stock Index (SNSI) aims to provide a kingdom-wide stock exchange for capital investment into player owned businesses. This will also allow businesses to expand their sites or increase their available inventory by obtaining further capital in exchange for shares of their company. All financial transactions will be through SNSI and the Official Bank of Solaris or affiliated financiers to ensure secure and efficient trade.

The Ranger's Guild will be placed in the Grand County of Agrion. We are looking for the bravest and most loyal people in the kingdom to live together as a community in our headquarters in the woods and forests. We would be like the dunedain. Our goal? to defend the free and good people of Elyria.

As always in Elyria, the Dance of Dynasties would be danced. Leaders would rise and fall according to no plan or pattern. Individuals and bloodlines would step into the light of their own futures, or fade into the shadows of their past mistakes.

During a period of relative stagnation for Kairos preceded by the disappearance of their King on a long journey, a group of unaffiliated Toreshians called the Talonrend pressed into the boundaries of Cremoria. Cremoria was Kairos’s westernmost duchy, pressed up against a veritable wasteland of mixed groups and random aspiring nobles. As such, it was the Torrin Duchal line who often took the brunt of foreign military campaigns. Well equipped to handle those frequent attacks, Cremoria nevertheless desired aid from the rest of Kairos and the King as their own resources and forces were the ones constantly being depleted.

The Torrins regularly raised concerns with the Royal Council, but very rarely received any response or support. This was, they expected, due to the fact that they were often unpopular because of their outspoken nature. Where corruption, ineptitude, or lack of leadership existed, the Torrins were known to fight back through any means necessary, their efficient organization and strong management structure. As yet another attack occurred and yet another failure to respond followed, the Duchy of Cremoria grew steadily more frustrated with the absentee kingship.

Reorienting their military forces, Cremoria fought back against the enemy in such a way that their borders would be preserved while minimizing losses. This, however, pushed those Toreshian forces toward the heartlands of Kairos, forcing others to become involved. While this was not the intent of the Torrins by any means, it was a wake up call of sorts for those who had long been protected by Cremoria’s efforts.

The Talonrend swept next into the Duchy of Seraphim. Duchess Saireph was a woman known for her kindness and spiritual conviction, pacifistic in the past almost to a fault. Given no choice but to either confront the situation or to back completely down and risk losing herself and her people’s ways, she called upon the spirits of her ancestors and that of nature for guidance. Within her central lands a great tree stood planted long ago. As she went there to seek the spirit’s council, she witnessed a colossal harpy eagle with a snake clutched tightly in its beak perched in one of the upper branches. As the Duchess gazed upward, she met the eagle’s golden eyes, mirroring her own, and watched on as the snake struggled and died. With this, she set herself to new purpose, assembling her own troops to push back and aid the Torrins.

As the main contributors to the Kairosi Navy, the Duchy of Acrium intervened swiftly to provide military assistance to Cremoria almost as soon as word arrived of the advancement of the Talonrend deeper into Kairos territory. Seeing that no help was arriving from the Royal Duchy, Duke Shadow of Acrium sent supplies and resources to fortify Cremoria against the incursions. As the Toreshians advanced towards Acrium, the clan leaders of the county of Agrion, Acrium’s largest county, began mobilizing their armies for the first time in decades. The leaders knew that reinforcements were not coming from the East. Without aid, not only would the rainforest suffer, but the Golden Coast of Luna might be lost to the raiders.

Even as Acrium became involved, the Talonrend forces split their attention northward, sweeping resources from settlements and razing villages along the way. Eventually, they made their way to the isolationist Duchy of Galladorn, a region that had long since ceased to be a part of any major talks. Now confronted with a militant presence and three neighboring duchies in a similar situation, Duke Curtana found himself having to face the possibility of getting involved. Though he found himself bitter from the false platitudes made by the royal line in the past, he was even more angered to see that there was once again another failed promise when the lands most needed. Though Duke Curtana held that any form of outward reliance was not to be trusted, he settled that a defensive pact of sorts would benefit them.

A summit was called between the four leaders of Western Kairos. They met in the very heart of the rainforest, the crossroads where their lands met: Galladorn from the North, Cremoria from the West, Seraphim from the South, and Acrium from the East. The talks unfolded with Duke Torrin, as always, prepared to do whatever it took to fight for his people, even if it meant rebelling once again. Duchess Saireph brought a spiritual calm to the table and the story of her experience with the animal spirits of the forest. Duke Shadow of Acrium was pragmatic and humanitarian, ready to aid where he could and secure alliances that would benefit all. Duke Curtana was untrusting and shrewd, bringing questions to the forefront that others may never have considered. Quickly, the group came to certain universal realizations: the leadership structure they currently existed under was not working for any of them. An absentee King in their greatest times of need was not something that could be tolerated any longer.

As the Talonrend felt more pressure as the four duchies rallied together, they took to more extreme measures. About half a year into the ongoing skirmishes, the Toreshians began to set fire to the rainforests. Still, no aid was sent from the Royal Duchy, nor any of Eastern Kairos despite continued attempts to communicate. It seemed Western Kairos was indeed to be left entirely on their own.

The Rangers of Acrium were the first to respond when fire began to rip through the trees. Protectors of Acrium’s Sacred Forests, they went to battle without question at the first sign of natural damage. Duchess Saireph joined in with her spiritual warriors, ensuring the preservation of their home. Duke Torrin organized the allied troops at large, directing the movements as they fought together.

In the end, the Western Kairos allies were victorious over the Talonrend, completely defeating their forces and pushing those that remained out of their rainforests. It was agreed upon by the council of four ducal seats that they had come so far together without the aid of their Eastern brothers and sisters, and ultimately, as each of them had time and time again, been fully capable of handling matters without royal aid. As such, when the next sedecim came, they seceded. A new confederation was created: the Solaris Confederation, an alliance illuminated by the need for a new dawn.

9/5/2019 12:39:30 AM #1

As the Duke of Acrium, I wholeheartedly agree with this movement, and I am excited to see how everything turns out come game launch. We have agonizingly and painstakingly discussed the details of our plan, our government structure, and our overall system for more than half a year and I am very pleased with the result we ended up with. Additionally, we appreciate the positive feedback and support we have received from the various leaders across Luna, and we very much look forward to working with you all.

Additionally, we are also accepting and welcoming new counts to place inside of Acrium, but please talk with me before placement to ensure established counts within the domain are not displaced.

9/5/2019 12:44:34 AM #2

As a business owner I feel this separation is will not only benefit my self but the county and duchy I live in. I am very excited to be apart of such a great movement. I wish good luck to all the members of the Solaris Confederation and am very excited to be apart of an active community.

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9/5/2019 12:47:15 AM #3

I wish you guys luck, I'll sure to make a good visit! It's understandable and love you guys. :D

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9/5/2019 12:53:19 AM #4

Very excited about this news, and so happy this is finally happening. This is amazing news to come out and proud to be part of this movement. Glad we got to throw the first level of true duke-level drama. Let the memes begin!

9/5/2019 12:58:05 AM #5

Wishing you the beat of luck Cynric & crew 👍 Though i dont think you'll need the luck lol

9/5/2019 1:03:03 AM #6

Define irony: bunch of people seceding from an organization listing unity as their highest values.

No judgement, I just find the juxtaposition hilarious.

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9/5/2019 1:06:39 AM #7

Heck Yea!!!


9/5/2019 1:08:08 AM #8

goodluck friends!

9/5/2019 1:34:15 AM #9

I am proud to say that I will be part of the Solaris Confederation and hope that we will experience great success!

9/5/2019 1:34:23 AM #10

Best of luck.

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9/5/2019 1:53:04 AM #11

Best of luck! Exciting stuff :)

9/5/2019 1:53:40 AM #12

100% the right move for the sake of your communities you are doing the right thing here and I wish you all the best of luck. While I am on the opposite side of the world there is not much else I can offer other than words of encouragement and congratulations.

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9/5/2019 2:00:57 AM #13

And so it begins...I am excited to see what comes of this little rebellion and see if you truly survive the trials that will inevitably come.

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9/5/2019 2:18:26 AM #14

Finally D&SS Drama!

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9/5/2019 3:21:32 AM #15

Thanks for the well wishes all.