County of Ersetia [Alesia] [Mixed Leaf Forest]

I am going to keep this post shortish... If you are seeking additional information shoot me a message here or a DM via discord @Jarri#2727 or click the discord link below.


To enhance our citizen's experience within CoE


We utilize a system of paths that focuses on different playstyles and their potential impact on Elyria.



The path of growth is for those nature and agriculture lovers out there. Here we will focus on agriculture, animal husbandry, fishing, and tree farming. One of the primary goals of followers of this path is to keep renewable resources...well... renewable.


This path is all about the dedication to turn the physical forms of materials into new things. Followers of this path often work in industries such as woodworking, textiles, leatherworking, and as cooks & alchemists.


This one is for players that are more inclined to PvP or wish to experience combat in CoE. Followers of this path take pride in stabbing, shooting, and otherwise eliminating our enemies.

Commerce & Logistics

Anyone that is interested in moving, storing or selling goods will find a home within this path. Followers of this path may be a key contributor to the development and future placement of roads and certain buildings.


The path of discovery is all about finding something new in the world be it from adventuring or research. If you are looking to run around and find that new, awesome, cave, old ruins, or a new recipe then this path is for you.

Shoot me a message, DM me @Jarri#2727 or click the discord link below to learn more!

Join Ersetia

7/1/2019 1:37:30 AM #1

Damn Jarri making me look bad, how do I join?

7/5/2019 5:32:22 AM #2

Reserved for Location information Join Ersetia

9/8/2019 9:59:53 PM #3

It's super exciting to be starting the domain selection process.

9/9/2019 11:34:24 AM #4

We have selected our county location!

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