[Solaris] Moonhaven

Moonhaven: Where the Moon rests her head

In the full light of the moon glory in your kill...

In the half light of the moon bring back the spoils...

In the waning light of the moon tell stories of your prowess...

In the Darkness of no moon move silent and unseen...

In the waxing light of the moon find your prey...

Beloved of the Moon, honor thee in this hunt...


Those Beloved of the Moon understand that it is The Hunt in the light of the Moon that brings enlightenment and power to the Janoa. Thus, Moonhaven is a land built around Religious practice. While the Moon is our Mother, we accept the role the Qindred played in the creation of Elyria and accept those that choose to worship such. However, The Hunt and consumption of the spirits of the land is still the true path to enlightenment.

Moonhaven is an Anktree(duchy) built around the Janoan culture and religion (Faedin). With acceptance in the To’resk and their beliefs (Qindred). This means Moonhaven is defined by Hunting and Gathering as a primary source of food. Hunters and Soldiers/Mercenaries as a primary profession. Spiritual Leaders are viewed the same as Martial Leaders. However, rely not only on what the Jungle provides. The Moon shines her light more than just our Jungles. Follow the light of the Moon to other lands, learn their ways, fulfill their desires and bring back their good that will better our lands. Honor those that Hunt other lands for goods we desire, and those that support them. For they, too, are Beloved of the Moon.


Moonhaven as a whole is formed by independent counties during DSS. Each with their own communities. Looking to mesh together to achieve greater things. Now coming together to form a unified vision. Join us and join your vision to ours.

Thus, if you have an opinion, speak up. I will hear you out, and consider your words. I cannot guarantee action, as the best interests of all are to be weighed, but your voice will be heard.


Western border of the Solaris Confederation



Run by Shikaio

Issaries Bridge (formerly The Baker)

Run by Count Anatol Emaraça


Foxwater Pass

Run by Varrgrym

Link to follow

Tidewater (formerly Greygrave)

Run by Count Alaric Grimm


Trade and Commerce

Even though Moonhaven is built on the religious beliefs of the Faedin, it is well known in today’s society that the economy is the true power behind any civilization. The Moon knows this. Thus, merchants and traders will receive a small tax break. The culture may not hold the work of a merchant in high regard, but that does not mean the Moon does not bless you for your work. Any seeking to establish a Trade Organization in the eyes of the Moon, seek out myself or any of the Counts. We will provide what support we can.

Combat and War

The Janoa are a militant tribe. It is in the core of their culture. The general expectation is that the Janoa will attract PvPers. That and ruthlessness is a trait much loved of the Moon. Thus, promoting combat content is a requirement in the Jungle. The hope is to satisfy this via mock battles staged with the other Solaris members, an active gladiator circuit, religious hunts, and a promotion of Mercenary work. Then, in times of war, sanctioned raiding and an active campaign. There is also a consideration to allow a single “lawless” county or settlement. As this would allow certain gameplay some may seek, while isolating it from those that do not wish it.

As for war, the Moon blesses warriors, but not the hand that sparks the flame. Moonhaven will not initiate hostilities. The Moon will answer the call of Solaris and march with them, but not be the one to light the flame. The Moon reflects the Sun’s light, but is not the one that lights the Sun.


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This duchy is a work in progress and there will likely be more to add here in the future


Long ago in ages past, the Moon always remained full in our sky. In those times, there was a Mann of these jungles by the name of Crummock, who fell in love with the Moon. He just had to have her. For years he pursued her, until one fateful night, during an Astral Dream, Crummock met the Moon face to face. That first night, he tried to woo her to him. By dawn, he nearly had her, but with the morning sun, the Moon left the sky. Thus, he returned to the Dream the following night. That night, she whispered her name in his, but again he was left wanting. On the third night, he stole a kiss. Then the fourth, he stole her heart. Crummock held onto the silver heart of the moon as the morning came and would not relinquish it. When he woke, he held a stone. This was no ordinary stone. Even in the light of day it glowed like the Moon. Crummock did not return to the Astral Dream on that fifth night. Instead he lay curled up with his stone. However, once at night, the stone did not give off its glow. As the days passed, he began to notice something strange. The Moon in the sky at night began to shrink. Sliver by sliver each day, less and less of the moon shown in the night sky. Only when just half of the Moon remained did Crummock notice that the stone he held was glowing in a perfect half. Almost as if it held the half of the Moon that was in the sky. Night by Night the moon grew ever smaller in the sky as the stone shone more and more. The heart of the Moon was pulled from the Astral Dream into the Realm of Mann. The night when finally the Moon did not rise, Crummock was of mixed feelings. For he finally held the Moon in his hands… All of her, but now she was not in the sky to shed her glory on the land. For the next three nights Crommock held onto her conflicted in his feelings. Finally, on the fourth night, Crummock entered the Astral Dream once more, and with the Moon in his hands, there she was before him, furious as a Canis Rabbit dunked in water. All night they fought and argued until alas a deal was made. Thus finally on the fifth night, a sliver of the Moon appeared once more in the night sky. That is why the Moon is ever shifting. She is constantly pulled between the two realms. For you see, our Lady Moon has always been an inhabitant of the Astral and would come in her full splendor at night to visit our realm, but no longer. Her essence is still tied to the Astral, but her heart rests here in Moonhaven.

The Founding

Now the disappearance of the Moon upset many Animals, Beasts, and Menn. Some, so much so, left their homes to seek the Moon, as well. Eventually, many of them would find Crummock in the forest. Like the Moon herself lead them there. Every time someone new arrived, listened to Crummock’s story. They would challenge him to honorable combat, curse his name, or simply accept his words. However, in the end, every Mann that sought out the Moon and found Crummock, joined him there in the jungle. Huts were built, a village was formed, and families were made. That is where the first of the hill-men became the first of the Tribe of the Moon, and the beginnings of Moonhaven. The land where the Moon lays her head to rest, and where the Silver Heart of the Moon can be found.

At least that is how the old stories go. Decide for yourself if you think they are true.

We cannot control the wind, but we can direct the sail


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This is such an elaborate post, I hope to see good things for your Duchy and can't wait to see how the religion play works for you all.

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It is official. Duchy purchased in SoE

We cannot control the wind, but we can direct the sail