The Dread Legion

The Dread Legion

What are we?

First and foremost, The Dread Legion is a mercenary guild that will transcend borders and nationalities. The goal is to have mercenary contacts in as many locations as possible, from other nations and cultures. Having mercenary contractors spread all across the world will enable us to spread our area of operations across all continents and increase contract availability. The Dread Legion is the Yellow Pages for Mercenaries, connecting mercenary groups and people who want to fight, with work - wherever that may be.

How will it work?

A person from any Kingdom, Duchy, County, Barony, or otherwise is welcome to join the Dread Legion as an associate member, meaning they will be put onto our list of contacts to be notified if the Dread Legion receives a contract offer. If the Dread Legion gets a contract offer, the details of the contract will be forwarded to all leaders of associate member groups - otherwise known as outfits. From there the leader is free to accept the contract or simply deny it should they be busy or simply don't want to do it. The mercenary outfit that accepts the contract will receive the reward after a minor % is taken for guild maintenance and upkeep. If multiple mercenary outfits are involved in the contract, rewards will be split equally between them. If a single mercenary group is hired, they will be fighting under their own banner. Only if multiple groups are fighting together will a combined command for that expedition be formed under the Dread Legion banner in order to facilitate communication and cooperation between the differing mercenary groups. Your local leader will always remain in command of whatever mercenary forces they brings to the table.

Our military hierarchy has two major sections. Permanent Dread Legion officers and mercenary outfit officers. Permanent Dread Legion officers will be the ranking guild members in charge of running the overhead, finances, recruitment, securing and pushing out contracts to the mercenary outfits affiliated with the Dread Legion. Outfit officers are the leaders of any mercenary groups, whether that is an entire county and barony, or simply a band of soldiers that want to fight. Outfit officers will always be in charge of their outfits, but if multiple mercenary groups are working the same contract, a proven and agreed upon military leader will be appointed as the ranking officer and commander for that expedition. Dread Legion Officers, Outfit Officers, and regular mercenaries are not mutually exclusive roles. A Dread Legion officer can come from any background, they simply need to prove a level of dedication and loyalty to the Dread Legion before being entrusted with additional guild access and leadership roles.

Should business be booming, The Dread Legion will develop facilities in various cities to house barracks, armories and muster points for mercenary forces. Training can also be provided at these locations depending on the profitability of the local guild house. Any fighter may apply for permanent membership in the Dread Legion to receive access to these barracks and armories so you are not risking your own gear while on a mercenary contract - which will increase your profit margins. Being a permanent member in the Dread Legion does not require you to move in to a location with a guild hall, it's simply a higher level of dedication and trust within the Dread Legion.

The Dread Legion is actively recruiting any and all persons interested in open-world PvP or otherwise want to establish contact with the mercenary guild. Contact myself or enter the Dread Legion discord for details or just to establish contact.

Current Mercenary Outfits affiliated with The Dread Legion...

The Last Wardens, the swords of the Dread Legion

GraveSworn, assassins and spies of the underworld

Red Branch Order, honor over gold

Geists, elite bounty hunters of Ravenston

Loose Cannons, strategic raiders & determined pillagers

The Brotherhood of the Fallen Blade

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Updated to include the Brotherhood of the Fallen Blade into our mercenary community.

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Shameless bump with our discord!

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Updated to link to the new Vertus County page, home of the Loose Cannons

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Something something Mercenaries

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Keimusho joins the fold. The Shokin Yohei has been established, a new ronin style outfit of the Dread Legion within the Kingdom of Alésia

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Updated the discord after dealing with some spam bots

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