The Notorious Barony of Soulbrandt


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[Lore subject to change]

Welcome to the lands of house Soulbrandt; Here resides an estate known as Ravenston. The courageous and diligent few that patrol the Kingdom of Kairos hunting the wanted scum of Elyria call this place home. Those scorned folk unlucky enough to cross paths with the denizens of Ravenston often find themselves met with the long walk to the fortress overlooking the estate known as The Hall of Perdition; An aptly named structure for this is where the scorned meet their fate at the hands of Lord Mordred Soulbrandt. To be blunt: This is the settlement of blood money; A sanctuary for hunters of monsters and mann alike.

"Keep moving, filth! These are the last streets you'll see. Heh.. At least you can take comfort in knowing your head bought me my dinner."


Mordred has never known a true family beyond those who have allied with him; an outcast since childhood, he was abandoned by his parents. Abandoned in the streets of Ravenston with nothing but an old rag to keep him warm he was found by the homeless vagabonds of the settlement and soon became it became a communal responsibility to raise him among them.

As years passed he was educated on the hierarchy of the town and the loose ruleset that governed it. It was deemed that folk as low as him and those who raised him would never garner any respect; They were no different than the rats that infested their slums to the citizens and the Lord on the hill. However, determined to give him a better life, the unwanted community gathered together the best clothes they could scrounge up and dressed up young Mordred as best they could in order to pass him off as a servant for the Lord.

It was rough at first but their plan had worked and Mordred was finally living an arguably better life until one night after changing the Lord's chamberpot he happened upon a light breaking from the bookshelf in the room. Still a curious young boy he quietly sneaked over to peer into the light where he witnessed secret meeting behind a hidden door.

"Viktor, you are entirely too lenient with that servant boy!", a hefty older man barked. "If you permit him any closer responsibilities within the keep he may find you out!".

Peering slightly more to the right in the room Mordred set eyes on the Lord as he scoffed,

"Listen Brannigan, if I have to deal with anymore of your absurd complains I'll tell the boy to throttle you in your sleep just to shut you up, AND to prove how compliant he really is. Stop worrying so much."

Brannigan crossed his arms, a few droplets of sweat trickling down the side of plump man's head; He confidently closed his eyes before lifting a hand to brush his deep red muttonchops,

"Honestly I wish you would; its been entirely too long since I've brought the name Bloody Brannigan into relevancy. A-And that goes doubly for you, too! Someone as infamous as The Skinner shouldn't be in a situation like this! We weren't supposed to stay here this long! You said you'd kill the lord and lady and assume their roles as an impostor long enough to get their shipments of goods for the camp. You've done that and the camp is well off enough that we could become a legitimate settlement if we wanted to now! Come on.. lets abandon this wrenched place already!"

Needless to say, after witnessing this conversation something within Mordred snapped. His world was turned upside down; He was the rightful Lord and these cretins had taken away his life. Enraged, he burst into the hidden room; wielding nothing but the dirty chamberpot he recently changed he leaped at Viktor, breaking the foul smelling pot over his head and knocking him out cold on the floor. Brannigan was frozen in a state of awe at the situation which gave Mordred enough time to pick up a sharp shard of the chamberpot and leap over to the portly man, lodging the shard deep into his throat. As Brannigan bled out, Mordred grabbed a nearby candelabra and landed blow after blow onto Viktor's skull.

With the two villains dead and young Mordred slaked in blood, he searched the room and found papers providing evidence to his claim as Lord of Ravenston. He then vowed to bring prosperity to his new lands with justice and death under his rightful name of Lord Mordred Soulbrandt.

Recent Events:


  • Years later, Mordred has re-established a reliable Barony; And in doing so earned the respect of the local Count and even the Iron Duke himself.
  • Mordred's methods and views on how to generate income align with that of Count Evendusk's; And he has seen fit to appoint Mordred to an official position within the Mercenary Guild known as The Dread Legion.
  • Mordred begins active recruitment of able bodies civilians in an effort to extend the influence of Ravenston.
  • With the aid of The Dread Legion, Lord Soulbrandt establishes an elite group of bounty hunters known as Geists. They are renown for their ruthlessness and easily identified by their reaper-like appearance; adorned with skull helms, black cloaks, and large scythes.

"Go forth. Let them know that we are the droning blare of absolute doom."


It should probably go without saying at this point that I'm looking for people interested in Bounty Hunting whether that be against beasts or players/NPC's. However, I'm also looking for general civilians interested in crafting and production. This is first and foremost a barony with PvP in mind but I'll be needing all sorts of varying vocations to compliment my forces in all possible ways. If this sort of edgy stuff is appealing to you then I'm more than happy to welcome you aboard.


Discord add: Soul#6500

I can easily be reached in Dread Legion's Discord Channel HERE

Cremoria's Discord channel HERE

Kairos' Discord channel HERE

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Even if I didn't look at the name, I would have known this was Soulbrandt's barony.

Best of luck man, can't wait to see how you build in game.

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