[NA-E]County of Tir Slaes

If your goals in CoE include:

  • Being a soldier, mercenary, or guard
  • Being a lawyer, inspector, or scribe
  • Being a hunter, adventurer, or survivalist
  • Being a manufacturer or merchant
  • Being an architect
  • Being a prospector or miner

Then Tir Slaes is the Place for you. My goal for the county is to create a stable and secure environment where players can enjoy all that the game has to offer. Whether that's PvP, Crafting, PvE, or roleplaying I want to make your game experience as awesome as possible.

Tir Slaes lies within the Duchy of Cremoria in Kairos. It will be a border duchy putting us in the perfect spot to both wage war and do trade!

General Information

  • Kingdom: Kairos (Discord)
  • Duchy: Cremoria (Discord)
  • Biome/Tribe: Rain Forest/Janoa (Subject to change pending availability)
  • Server: NA/East

History of Tir Slaes

After arriving in the year 739 the Duke of Cremoria, Kurisio Torrin, sought to ally with the many swamp tribes that occupied the area. He sent envoys throughout the swamplands with a message of peace and prosperity. In time this would make its way to the lands known as "The Slashes" which was ruled over by a smattering of tribes.

The first to hear the news, in the year 744, was a chieftain named Cadoc Wolfsbane. He called for a gathering to decide what action should be taken. Cadoc, whose family was one of the oldest to settle in the slashes, saw the invitation as a threat to his way of life. As he stood before the gathering he appealed to a sense of tradition and called not only to reject the duke’s invitation, but to begin arming for war.

"Foolishness!" shouted Uthyr Moorwing. "My men have gone out into the swamplands to learn the fate of those tribes allied with the southlander. They no longer want for food or shelter. They build mighty walls to keep themselves safe from enemies. They build monuments and universities to learn and make trade. Those who have joined him have been made stronger by it, but those who have opposed him have been made into dirt."

The debate raged for many days, but in the end Uthyr was able to persuade most of his fellow chieftains of the benefits of joining the duke. The gathering appointed him to the position of High Chief, though they allowed his rival Cadoc to serve as his Under Chief out of respect. As official envoys to Cremoria, Uthyr chose his own son, Gwythyr, and several of his friends who were well equipped to travel the swamps. They set out the next morning for the Duke Kurisio’s stronghold, Lysoria.

A Traitor Rises

However, unbeknownst to the chieftains Cadoc, whose pride was wounded by being declared Under Chief, began plotting. When the envoys left for Cremoria he gathered in secret the more traditionalist tribes. He filled their minds with all the lies they wanted to hear, telling them that if the southlander were to take a foothold within the Slashes he would dishonor their traditions and force them to live as slaves. He begged them to abandon the other tribes and follow him. They did not require much convincing.

Once the secret gathering had reached a decision, Cadoc assembled the best fighters from his allies and that very night they struck the High Chief, his wife, and all of the chieftains that opposed him at the gathering, killing them all. With Uthyr dead, Cadoc proclaimed himself High Chief and divided the Slashes among his band of traitors.

It was several days later that Gwythyr learned the tragic news of his home. At a feast in honor of their now forsaken alliance the Duke's men brought in a man in worn clothes they had found wandering the swamps. A survivor of the massacre, he had been hiding in the swamps for days trying to make his way to Lysoria to inform Gwythyr of of the coup and the fate of his family. Upon hearing the news, Gwythyr became enraged. He stormed out of the dining hall, and it took nearly all of his men to restrain him from charging to what would surely be his doom. "Patience, my young friend", said Duke Torrin. "In order to claim your revenge you will need more than what you have here. Come, let us discuss." With that, the Duke offered Gwythyr the opportunity for he and his men to join the Cremorian Dread Legion and gain the skills and knowledge they needed to avenge Gwythyr’s people and family.

Life With The Dread Legion

For four years Gwythyr and his men stayed with Duke Torrin and the Legion. During his tenure, he was trained in how to fight in an organized army and to fight with a wide array of weapons. He learned of the tactics of war, and of what it meant to be a leader of men. He also got to see firsthand what his father had heard, the transformation of the various tribes of the swamplands into prosperous societies under rule of law. Gwythyr gained a new appreciation for what his father wanted to bring to the Slashes.

Finally, at the end of his fourth year with the legion, Gwythyr felt he was ready to retake the Slashes from Cadoc. He spoke with Duke Kurisio to ask for his assistance, but the duke had a final task for Gwythyr to complete. Before Duke Torrin would send in his own men to fight and die, he needed to see that the people of the Slashes would rise up and help themselves as well. With that in mind, Gwythyr and his men left Cremoria battle-hardened and ready to face the hardships they were about to endure.

Conquering The Slashes

The fighting began soon after they arrived as they stumbled upon a hunting party. These were the men of Gwledig Elkskin, a chieftain allied with Cadoc. Once the hunters recognized Gwythyr, they attacked. Gwythyr's men dispatched them quickly and donned their clothes in order to infiltrate one of the settlements. They headed to the nearest town, stopping along the way to kill a deer so as to not show up empty handed. Upon entering the town they were greeted by Gwledig Elkskin himself.

"What took you so long?" he screamed. "You were supposed to be back -" Gwythyr cut his throat before he could finish.

Unveiling himself to those around him, Gwythyr said to them, "Has it really been so long that you have forgotten my face? It is me, Gwythyr Moorwing, son of Uthyr, and I am here to free you from your bondage."

Before he could finish, town guards came, and there was a short skirmish. They were no match for even a small group of battle hardened veterans, and again were quickly dispatched by Gwythyr's men. When the fighting stopped, Gwythyr turned back to the crowd that had gathered. "If you wish to be free of men like Gwledig Elkskin and Cadoc Wolfsbane, then join us. We can arm you and teach you to fight, but we will need your help to retake your home from these men." Many did join him, and even more did so over the next few months, as Gwythyr continued to ambush and defeat many of Cadoc's men.

Having built up a small army, Gwythyr sent word to Duke Torrin to bring his men. And in 748, Gwythyr Moorwing and Duke Kurisio Torrin led their men to do battle against Cadoc Wolfsbane and the remainder of his allies. As battles go, it was short. Months of raiding and ambushes from Gwythyr's army had left Cadoc's army weak and many chose to surrender rather than face certain death.

With the battle lost, Cadoc tried to flee, knowing there would be no mercy shown for his actions. However, the duke's Trison Cavalry quickly caught up to him and brought him before Gwythyr, who had him executed on the spot. Having seized control of the Slashes, Gwythyr renamed them Tir Slaes. He proposed an alliance with Cremoria as a member state. Duke Torrin accepted and granted Gwythyr the title of Count.

Townships Of Tir Slaes

Bran Alaw - As the capital city of Tir Slaes, Bran Alaw is the center of industry and learning in the region. It is home to Moorwing Law School where young scribes go to learn to ply their trade.

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