Port Town of Squall's End

Squall's End

Baron: Nicoli Skyoere

Biome: Tropical Rainforest


Duchy of Cremoria - Cyneric Torrin (Dread Legion)

Evendusk County - Cathorian Evendusk

Solaris Confederation


Squall's End will be all in purposes, a port town. The idea is to facilitate the transfer of goods from one town to the next. I envision multiple transport companies/guilds would use our city as staging area for their goods before their sent out to various locations. In that respect we will also house dedicated storage areas for the Dread Legion for future distribution to varying cities. A harbor will be built to facilitate sea based goods transport and troops as well. It is also the staging point for warship construction and deployment.


Our location should be somewhat centralized within the County of Evendusk, preferably along the coast for more oceanic exposure. Should ocean view property not be in our future, the next best option would near the largest river body available that would give the best route to varying locations. Hopefully, being an outlet to an ocean body.


Although I will not discriminate against any other professions taking up root in Squall's End, I will focus on establishing warehousing facilities, stables and breeding areas for beasts of burden, farms to feed said animals along with a grainery for long time storage, carpentry and blacksmithing, and a large area for staging outgoing caravans. Something in the lines of a large open plaza like area. When ships are made available, I will put great emphasis on building a harbor when the research is made available. At that time I would like to have wharfs built to build ships for water based transport and the buildup of the Navy.


Taxes will be in accordance to Duchy and County Law.


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