Ushimaelys University and Monastery

Ushïmaëlys University [Ush-May-Lees]

Located within the City of Ürshaal within the County of Ushïmaëlys in the Kingdom of Tylsia, the University is the brain child of Count Taymurâz Zakâr who acts as the University Administrative head. It sits as one of the two primary dominant structures in the city, guarding the north-eastern coast, while the main city castle overlooks the southern channel into the land of Lor Voskara.

The general University mission statement is:

  • To gather and protect all available knowledge about the world and it's workings with a focus on the natural sciences.
  • To further develop the philosophical and theological foundation of the Tae'asha'asra Al'Tifali faith
  • Advance the collective knowledge of the world at large through cooperation and promotion of knowledge and thought.

Academic Administration

While the university itself is owned and operated in theory by the Count, the reality is that day to day operation falls on a collection of University professors, one chosen from each of the Monastery-University Faculties. These people form the actual administrative body who decides on acceptance of admissions and university conduct, research goals and other factors that keep the university operating.

As such these individuals hold enough sway within the city itself that some of them even make it onto the Count's personal administration council and can be influential individuals within the city politics as a whole.

Academic ranks

Within the University-proper there are three roles that members can take up. All tribes and members of all kingdoms are welcome to participate, and sharing of knowledge with travelers and other schools and universities is encouraged.

  • Professors. These members sit on the board that manage the university along with the Count himself. Their purpose is to train and guide all new members as well as keep the university operating.
  • Journeymen. These members Actively go out into the world at large to gather knowledge, delving into dungeons, conducting field research, or simply transcribing texts from other collections for the University Library. The head Journeyman is also the university Librarian (and holds a special seat on the University board).
  • Students. Undertaking training and/or research, and generally contributing to both their own skills and the pool of knowledge at the university.

Monastic life

While it is not required to follow the Al'Tifali faith in any form in order to be part of the university, a large portion of the academic body of the university are made of up Monks and Priests from the Tae'asha'asra Al'Tifali faith, unique to the Waerd shrublands, most of whom live on the grounds and work to maintain the university as well as studying within its walls. Many of the Monks also serve as the guards to the University, protecting it from thieves and raiders alike. Following Waerd traditions, the university encourages membership from men and women (and any one of any other gender), and Waerd women tend to dominate the university Monastic orders.


The university is broken up into multiple schools that run courses on, and develop, the following areas of interest:

  • Fine Arts, promoting and developing the brightly coloured artistic styles common to the city. The faculty tends to have close ties with local crafters and acts as a defacto guild.
  • Archaeology and Adventuring, focused on supporting field work by Journeymen the faculty spends much of it's time supporting Dungeoneering Adventurers.
  • Natural Sciences, mostly dealing with agriculture, but not limiting itself to anything less than understanding every natural process in the world of nature.
  • Philosophy and Theology, one of the two largest faculties in the university, the teachings of Tae'asha'asra tend to dominate the aesthetics and thinking of the university as a whole.


Currently the University is run within the County Discord of Ushïmaëlys. As this grows it may be separated out with it's own discord however.