County of StrongMist(NA-E)


I am lookig for business partners and welcome any ideas

Discord: devislayer#9703

10/15/2016 7:07:00 AM #1


Love seeing how this CoE has brought people who want to see the economic develop and to build this game into something truly amazing. GTC is happy to work with StrongMist

10/15/2016 8:00:38 AM #2

Very nice post, it was an enjoyable read, I am glad to have you working with GTC. As a Director of Public Affairs, if you have any questions within the kingdom of Kairos, let me know! Hope you prosper in your endeavors.

"What you see is temporal and what you don't see is eternal."

10/15/2016 4:03:09 PM #3

If you have any questions about melons or Kairos, you can also ask me.

May Melon be with you.

10/18/2016 11:27:06 PM #4

Looking forward to be working with you

4/19/2017 6:54:51 PM #5

bump :O)