Elyrian Securities Center (ESC)

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  • Server: Angelica (NA-West)
  • GM/CEO: Bedeude Laperriere
  • County: TBA
  • Duchy: TBA
  • Kingdom: The Kingdom of Riftwood
  • Discord Server: You may join through here.
  • Recruitment: Open
  • Focus: Investment & Insurance Sales
  • Current Branches: Âmede Saphirs

    Elyrian Securities is here to offer Elyria’s first investment firm and insurance company on the Angelica (NA-W) server! Making sure you’re safe in Elyria is a tough job, whether you’re a simple farmhand or an aristocrat. Not only do you need to insure your life, but also your property. And whether you’re rolling in money or not, why not invest some of it to help out merchants and make back dividends on those investments?

Open Positions

  • Life Insurance Agents
  • Property & Casualty Agents
  • Insurance Adjusters
  • Investment Brokers

Free Training Will Be Provided

Life Insurance

Life insurance in Elyria is a bit different than from the realm of Earth. It is based on the likelihood that your next death will result in a perma-death. Our coverage will start out as “modified whole life” until we have enough data collected to make accurate predictions regarding term life insurance.

Insuring is a simple process, we just need your character’s first & surname, a beneficiary (your heir) to list, occupation, &/or your fame or IP. Based on your influence & occupation, we will compile a selection of quotes for you to choose.

Whole life builds cash value, the money you pay for your premiums builds up until you reach the amount of coverage applied (ex: 10,000g coverage = 10 months X 1,000g/month).*1

How do we make money if you basically get back the money you paid into it? The premiums you pay our company are invested, making us a profit & enabling us to be able to pay out claims.

Types of Life Insurance Offered

1) Whole Life - builds cash value over time
2) Modified Whole Life - builds cash value, but modified to fit your needs better
3) Survivorship - coverage for 2 or more people - when one dies, the policy pays out to the survivor

Options include a term period of your choice: 1st Life, 2nd Life, 3rd Life, etc…

1st Life = pays out upon first perma-death
2nd Life = pays out upon second perma-death
3rd Life = pays out upon third perma-death

Types of Property & Casualty Insurance

1) Homeowner's
2) Renter's
3) Vehicle/Mount
4) Crop & Lifestock
5) Flood

Frequency of Payment

i) Single-premium – one lump sum – lowest finance charge
ii) Monthly – average finance charge
iii) Weekly – highest finance charge

Method of Paying

i. Main office
ii. Branch office
iii. Approved agent collects premium in field*
iv. Approved courier collects premium

Approved agents would be required to register their entire identity (first, last, alias) to the company and which will go through a brief background check via our sister company, Elyrian Identity Center (EIC).

At the start of release, approved agents would be known and trusted associates of the company’s founder until sufficient verification methods are found & are bound by explicit contracts.

Missed payments

Subject To Change Upon Expo

Weekly – 2-3 days before lapse of coverage Service fee to reinstate after lapse
Monthly – 7-10 days before lapse of coverage Service fee to reinstate after lapse

Risk Assessment

Life Insurance

a) Current Age of Issue
b) Occupation(s)
c) Fame & Reputation

Property & Casualty

General Goods

Protects from on-person theft (pickpocket or knockout)
* Includes weapons, armor, & most items that can be carried on your person
* Can Cover Specific Pieces
* Or
* General Item Coverage


1) Assessed Value
2) Condition & Type
3) Security Measures
4) Location


1) Wagons/Carts
2) Assessed Value
3) Primary Usage


Covers All Goods Being Transported

* Per Trip
* Per Trade Route
* General Coverage (On-going, multiple run/route)

Crop & Livestock

1) Assessed Value of Crop X Amount of Expected Yield
2) Number of properties/farms to cover
3) Location
4) Livestock – optional

a) Assessed Value of Animal
b) Average lifespan of animal
c) Usage of animal
Animals raised for slaughter not covered unless caused by war, vandalism/destruction by others, weather/acts of nature, or disease.

Crop & livestock insurance is intended for farmers & ranchers who wish to protect against a loss of crops or livestock due to a bad harvesting season, natural disaster, or war.

Renter’s insurance requires information from payer & landlord/leaser with copy of contract showing original rent/lease agreement.

Insurance Agent Compensation

Insurance Sales - Paid per policy sold
Life Insurance - 40% of first month's premium, 2.5% renewal/month

Property & Casualty
1) Home/Renter's - 20% of first month's premium, 10% renewal/month
2) Vehicle & Mount - 12% of first month's premium, 8% renewal/month
3) Crop & Livestock - 10% of first month's premium, 5% renewal/month

3/31/2017 6:19:37 AM #1

Modified Whole Life

Nobility Tier

Aristocrat Tier

Law Enforcement Tier

Merchant Tier

Adventurer Tier

Farmer’s Tier

In order to submit and receive payment of your claim, the beneficiary that is listed in your policy must report to our in-world location. This provision is to reduce the likelihood of fraud.

5/27/2017 4:49:43 AM #2


Academic Bonds
-Issued by academic institutions

Merchant & Guild Bonds
-Issued by merchants, businesses & guilds seeking funds
-Fixed-income securities

Kingdom Bonds
-Issued by a kingdom to help finance the national debt

Municipal Bonds
-Issued by local counties and/or settlements

Mutual Funds
-Combination portfolio made up of a variety of securities.
-Pooled with other investors

Stock Options
-Issued by a guild or business giving partial ownership of them.
-Entitled to a portion of the company profits and sometimes shareholder voting rights

Hedge Funds
-Investments using pooled funds that employ different strategies to gain revenue
-Only available to accredited investors
-Large initial investment minimum
-Two And Twenty Fee Structure

Brokerage Fees

When you purchase a bond, you are lending out your money to a merchant/organization/guild/citizen. In return, they agree to give you interest on your money and eventually pay you back the amount you lent out. Will be enforced with contract(s) & bounties (if not paid back).

*1: Minus service fees

5/29/2017 7:30:53 AM #3

Love what you're doing with EIC & ESC. Very well thought out and, hopefully, executed.

Lovely work, Bedeude! Especially since its all on NA-W!

Vivere disce, cogita mori.

5/30/2017 7:26:21 PM #4

Ty! Hoping that we'll be able to expand into other kingdoms eventually