Elyrian Identity Center [EIC]

Image from Gyazo * Server: Angelica (NA-West)
* GM/CEO: Bedeude Laperriere
* County: TBA
* Duchy: TBA
* Kingdom: The Kingdom of Riftwood
* Discord Server: You may join through here.
* Recruitment: Open
* Current Branches: Âmede Saphirs

We're a group of scribes & operatives who have teamed up to help clients screen & verify the identities of characters they are debating about dealing business with or have joining their guild/organization/etc... We will be on both East & West for the NA servers, but starting on NA-W first.

We can screen documents for falsification, check backgrounds on characters, and perform contracts as well as possibly issue forms of identification.

We will be seeking assistance & feedback from others, especially from local & regional governments & their officials.

Exposition Plans

This Includes:
1) Traveling from kingdom to kingdom, creating our own company exclusive maps for our future employees to use.
2) Negotiating fair business practices for our employees' benefit for EIC & associated companies as well as employee compensation
3) Working with local governments to adhere to local laws & devising our Rules of Conduct
4) Start hiring first few employees & assist in becoming future trainers
5) Building benefit packages for employees

Positions Seeking

  • Operatives & Scribes - All Levels
  • Lead Scribe Adviser
  • Lead Operative Adviser
  • Office Adviser
  • Office Staff - Will Provide EIC services & services for our other companies

Job Descriptions

Field Operatives

Responsible for undertaking investigations and/or relaying important information to clients in a timely and discreet manner. Discretion is of utmost importance!


Responsible for scribe services including, but not limited to the following:
1) Providing Extra Copies of Documents/Maps
2) Creation of Contracts
3) Verifying documents for legitimacy & non-forgery
4) Creation of Identification Documents & Tokens of Proof - IDs & ToPs

Office Staff for EIC

Responsible for interacting with customers at our home and/or branch offices. Contacting and relaying information to staff members of the operative & scribe departments as well as management.

Office Staff for EIC & ESC

Same as above, but can also include selling insurance services & investment options for clients at our offices.

Services Offered

Contract Creation

Document Verification

Sensitive Document/Information Delivery

Identity Verification
Checking registrar of bounties, local & up, to verify individuals have no current, or past criminal behavior. If background check comes back with a bounty, additional information regarding the bounty is provided at a discounted price, if client requests.

Investigative Services
Individual And/Or Guild
Under Negotiation In Order To Adhere to Kingdom Laws

Fraud & Internal Affairs
* Fraud: Mercantile, Trade, or Impersonation
* Internal Affairs: Internal Theft, Espionage, & Illegal Activities

Tokens of Proof
* Identifies the owner either by settlement, family name, &/or guild. Does not include detailed information.

Extensive Identification Document(ID)
* Full Name & Alias
* Home Settlement
* County, Duchy, Kingdom
* Verified Merchant or Any Clearances

Bounty Information Services
For a scaled fee per bounty (based on the amount of the bounty), we will provide you all the information we may have on a wanted criminal including, but not limited to:

  • Partial and/or Full Name
  • Known Aliases Used
  • Picture(s) of Individual
  • Last Known Location
  • Known Associates
  • If they are known to use disguises &/or other discernible features

Employee Compensation Packages

All Field Op., Scribe, & Office Staff pay are subject to change

  • Operatives - Paid per job completed - 80% of job

  • Scribes - Paid per job completed - 75% of job
    Increased to 80% if own supplies are used

  • Office Staff - Paid per hour of staffing main office/branch office

  • Insurance Sales (Any) - Paid per policy sold
    Life Insurance - 40% of first month's premium, 2.5% renewal/month
    Property & Casualty
    1) Home/Renter's - 20% of first month's premium, 10% renewal/month
    2) Vehicle & Mount - 12% of first month's premium, 8% renewal/month
    3) Crop & Livestock - 10% of first month's premium, 5% renewal/month

Employee Benefits

  • Complimentary IDs

  • Company paid mount (After certain criteria are met)

  • Cash Bonuses

  • More to come...

Are only used for incentive tier levels for staff bonuses - not required to be met for regular work/casual workers

Elyrian Securities Center (ESC)
Our relation to ESC is that it is our sister company, our insurance is offered through them, and additional employment opportunities are available with them as well. Any & all staff hired are eligible to become insurance agents in addition to their regular job duties if they so choose. Additional training will be required & provided free of charge. Commissions for policies sold will be paid in addition to their regular wages.

Please leave any/all feedback that you think would be helpful!

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Field Operatives

Recommended Skills




Recommended Skills


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Updated 3/25/19:
1) Changed Company Logo
2) Reduced some explanations due to making the page look long & overcomplicated

Previous Updates:
1) List of Starting Location
2) Shorter Introduction
3) Simpler Descriptions
4) Changed "Bards" to "Operatives" - changed due to new suggested skill trees
5) Added Recommended Skills to Ops & Scribes Descriptions