[NA-E] Shadowmist Guild, School, and Stronghold


A School, Guild, and Town for those with magical talents and commoners who mean to aid in the revival of all things magical and the personal growth of those who seek to understand such arts.

Why is this important? magic has become something of legend. Something to inspire writers and give hope to adventurers. It has lost the glory and the power to be a structural part of the world, which is something that we can not allow.

Mages are fading into history. magical creatures will go extinct. Magic, possibly the very force used to communicate with the Ancients, is dying and is taking its advantages and life with it. I have tasked myself to revive magic. However, power goes where attention is brought and I stand a better chance at success with many by my side. This is why I have formed this organization.

Why in the County of Aeilsir?

Many in the kingdom of Vornair have expressed interest in lore and mystical things. Whether through competition or collaboration, I believe we can achieve much to further those desires.

Concerning advantages for the kingdom, many others have chosen to focus squarely on other things and not bother with magic or the mystic arts. It is this where Shadowmist differs and embraces the stranger side of reality. Shadowmist already has a committed defense and economic security from the county. If the guild succeeds in restoring magic, then the kingdom as a whole benefits. If the guild does not, well then I have failed and I will pass this burden onto my next of kin.

Commoners can use a school/guild of magic? How does that work?

Many members of the guild will be commoners. The practices and work we do, on the other hand, have a mystical part to them. magic once inhabited all living things and many modern practices still use these techniques. Healing, alchemy, astrology. These and more have been touched by magic.

In other words: We will be offering workstations, equipment, space, teachings and such for professions that don’t have a heavy reliability on magic. There is much of the school and guild that benefits talents and commoners. Please keep in mind that magic is more than just waving your hand around and hoping a fireball shoots from it. It also plays a part in the simplest and most common aspects of life.

So... I am a talent/user of Magic. What now? Join! Or wait. Chances are we’ll find you. This is an organization made to bring back the days of magic, so talents will be more than welcomed. Not only will you be privy to much resources and information to aid you in your growth of power and knowledge, you may have a chance to become apprenticed to The Guardian and become the next leader of Shadowmist! Assuming you want and are willing to endure such a thing.

Can I be a member of other guilds? Yes. One of the main points of Shadowmist is to support collaboration and the occasional, friendly competition. Of course, being a member of the guild, we expect you to follow Shadowmist’s code and represent yourself in that standard. Being in another guild that supports theft or any other kind of criminal deviancy will not protect you from the consequences of breaking the code.

Can I be a member of the guild and be a member of a kingdom other than Vornair? It honestly depends on the approval of the Vornair officials and the guild council. Apply and we shall see.

Divisions of Shadowmist:


Magic is something to be protected and there are many that do not share the same views as the Academy. In this understanding, there are studies that benefit those who would protect Shadowmist and its members. In this division, members are trained to be hardened battle mages and are encouraged to grow in their combat skills.


Healing, Herbalism, Alchemist. The sciences and survival based areas of magic are focused here. There are studies that benefit those who would heal the weak and cure the sick. In this division, members are trained to be well rounded healers.


The path of enlightenment. Those that set themselves on this path seek to understand the wonders of the world, uncover the power of a time long forgotten, and chart the earth and heavens to aid us all.


Basically, all manners of crafting excluding alchemy. Those that wish to learn smith crafts, carpentry, tailoring, and such would fall into this division.


A fair part of Shadowmist is celebrating the holidays and achievements of our members. Part of good celebration is due to good music. The other part is due to good performance and visual art. Members that endeavor to learn Visual Arts and Musical Arts would join this division.

Ranks and Structure:

The Guardian(Mayor Kuthedk): A protector of lore and true history, a sentinel over the structures that support the world, and a guardian against all that would destroy the world and its inhabitants. He leads Shadowmist.

The Apprentice: There is no real authority here. It is a position of duty and respect however. An apprentice is chosen for their magical ability. No commoner is granted this position except for certain extenuating circumstances.

Mages: Fully privileged members of Shadowmist. A collective title given to all members and not its own dedicated rank.

(All positions below are obtainable by talents and commoners)

The Council: The Enchanters of Defense, Survival, Knowledge, Creation, and Expression act as the council and advise the Guardian on various matters.

Professors: Individuals tasked with representing and teaching a specific vocation to help and teach other members.

Enchanters: Leaders of each division in Shadowmist. They govern over their division of the guild.

Sorcerers: Officers of the guild. They report to professors, enchanters, and the Guardian.

Magician: Rank given by the Enchanters to highly skilled members. Usually promoted up from conjurer.

Conjurer: These are advance-level Mages that the Professors have deemed worthy of the title.

Evoker: This title is given to Mages who have chosen a division to follow and is given by a Professor.

Novice: A new member. This phase typically ends once they have chosen a division to follow.

Initiate: An applicant.

( All positions below are division specific vocations. )

Warlock: A defender of the guild and expert in combat skills. Combat Division.

Shaman: A healer of the guild and expert in survival skills. Survival Division.

Archaeologist: An artifact hunter of the guild and expert in knowledge skills. Knowledge Division.

Craft Master: A crafter of the guild and expert in most crafting skills. Creation Division.

Artisan: An artist of the guild and expert in most artistic skills. Expression Division.

Mage Code:

A mage will respect and abide by the laws and customs of his/her home and other lands.

A mage shall not use what is learned to harm another mann, unless protecting another law abiding mann or protecting his/her homeland.

A mage should protect his/her fellow Shadowmist member.

A mage should aid his/her fellow Shadowmist member.

A mage shall not steal that which was rightfully earned by another.

Do you have plans to expand?

Expansion honestly depends on the number of members we have and the agreements made throughout nobility and the lands. Until numbers begin to fill the halls, there is not much point dwelling on it. However, my apprentice believes that we should come up with some form of plan. To appease that, I would say that growth would depend on the amount of members. If we go past a certain amount, guildhalls may open.

What services does the guild provide?

The guild can accept contracts from citizens for various matters. The more popular ones are beast slaying and bounty contracts, which are usually undertaken by members in the Combat Division. Everyone deserves a good healer. Depending on the level of urgency, it may be no cost at all. Simple issues (simple to healers anyway) may cost a few coins. Healing of any kind is free to patrons of the guild.

Some may consider financing some studies within the guild, hoping that such research may benefit the common good one day. Overall however, the services of the Knowledge Division will change frequently and depend on who is researching and practicing what.

Then there are the alchemy and other crafting vocations. The majority of excess products would be delivered to trusted merchants who will sell them and return a fair portion of profit back to the guild in exchange for more product to sell.

Overall, wherever the academy is located, it will boost the defense, health, and crafted supplies in that area. I would imagine the same to be true for any possible guildhalls.

All work and no play?

Absolutely not! Shadowmist celebrates and rewards its members for their accomplishments and hard work. It may be a place of study, but it also has more than its fair share of revelries. Kingdom Holidays, celebrations of achievements, and ceremonies honoring those who have earned their rewards!


Achievement of Warlock, Shaman, or Archaeologist Title Ceremony: Determines on specific conditions.

Completion of Apprenticeship Quest Ceremony: Determines on specific conditions.

Naming Next Guardian Ceremony: Upon death of the current Guardian and according to his will.


Division Specialist: Members who have obtained the position of Warlock, Doctor, or Archaeologist is given this award.

Shadowmist ArchWizard: The Winner of the Shadowmist Tournament is given this award.

Beastmaster: Warlocks who have slain numerous dangerous creatures are honored with this reward.

Sage: Shamans who are recognized for their healing prowess are honored with this reward.

Artifact Hunter: Archaeologists who return numerous artifacts or return a truly substantial artifact are honored with this reward.

Quartermaster: Craft Masters who supply the guild and aid in its commissions are honored with this reward.

Maestro: Artisans who create masterworks and are recognized for their work throughout the land are honored with this reward.

Golden Heart: An individual who has gone above and beyond to support Shadowmist and its principals.

If you're interested in joining Shadowmist and seek a role in our community, please visit the discord below and ask for Mayor Kuthedk. I will respond as soon as I can. Feel free to leave comments in the section below and I will respond when I'm able to.

11/6/2016 9:08:06 PM #1

I have changed from Baron to Mayor because my liege and I both believe that Shadowmist will thrive better under a mayor rather than a baron. Sorry for any confusion and feel free to join the Whitehaven discord and ask for me and I'll respond as soon as I can.

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A very interesting notion concerning magic and the teaching/researching of magic. I believe that the school, guild, and stronghold of Shadowmist will be of great benefits to all Elyrians. Also, well done on the structuring.

May magic once again return to Mann.

Right now, I'm just a sloth. Just a motionless sloth. A sinful sloth. Please don't make me work. Can't you see how troublesome it would be to get up everyday and actually be productive? Just leave me be. Let me be a sloth.

11/7/2016 5:54:43 AM #4

I too being a baron to the duchy of Whitehaven would love to be an applicant and at the time of needing to expand if ever you are in need of space I am more than willing to provide accommodations

Baron to the Duchy of Whitehaven Code: CEC756

11/7/2016 6:51:32 AM #5

Lord doubleohderek,

As Lord and Guardian of Shadowmist, I eagerly await your application and humbly accept your offer of accommodations.

11/7/2016 7:59:48 AM #6

Also you can consider this a reservation of some sorts if you will.

Baron to the Duchy of Whitehaven Code: CEC756

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Posted By Doubleohderek at 01:59 AM - Mon Nov 07 2016

Also you can consider this a reservation of some sorts if you will.


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I'd like it to be known that this guild is very much so still alive.

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shameless bump

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A parchment compact with scent of an Amaryllis belladonna imprinted in ochre with an insignia comprised of an organic naturally occurring concoction of ester myricyl palmitate and Pyracantha berries corresponding as the hallmark of one Baron Azmodeth of Mount Umbral, from the county of Shade.

Within lies the follow words, penned in a fluently cursive common and duly signed.

"To whom it may concern,

I hereby express my interest in joining your order. Thank you for your time and very careful consideration. I will be waiting,

Explicitly, - Azmodeth, Baron of Mount Umbral "

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Please move to Luna Organizations also can you change it from stronghold to town in the title please?

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