[NA-EAST] County of Varskiv

Varskiv County - Duchy of Oceanus The Kingdom of Vornair

About Varskiv

Varskiv is a county filled with large shadowing forests speckled with prosperous settlements. Focused mainly in trade and lumber related products, the County of Varskiv resides near the sea to support Vornair's Draugr Fleet and the Duchy as a whole.

County Positions

The Deputy Baron

The Count of Varskiv can not be everywhere at the same time. Many tasks may be delegated to the Deputy Baron who is the second in command for all county related matters.

Deputy Baron: Open

Captain of the Varskiv Vanguard

The county will have a guard/militia force to help in defense and law enforcement on the county level. The Captain will be in charge of training and leading the force in the county's time of need. This force may also have to conduct battle at the Duchy and Kingdom level

Captain of the Varskiv Vanguard: Open

Master of Trade

The county will likely have large contracts to supply the navy and other organizations. To help control the import and export goods, the Master of Trade control all moving assets in the county.

Master of Trade: Open

Master of Production

The county will be producing tons of resources. Consolidation, scheduling and efficiency will be the concern of the Master of Production. Likely a master crafter themselves, the Master of Production will know what is the who, what, where, why, when of production.

Master of Production: Open


Evergreen: Count Alexander Drake

Interested in Joining?

If you are interested in living in the County of Varskiv drop by our Discord and have a chat!

Drake County

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Drake County

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Drake County

3/7/2018 10:04:48 PM #3

Hear ye hear ye,

With joy we announce the search for hardy Barons or Mayors to join the County of Varskiv. Many positions are open to join our friendly and relaxed County, so please drop a message or join the discord here:


Alexander Drake

Drake County

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