Drake County [NA-E Vornair]

Drake County

Drake County

an NA-East County within the Kingdom of Vornair

Join our discord channel or reach out directly to Count Vestan Drake on discord (@Count Vestan Drake #5742) if you are interested in living in Drake County.

About Drake County


Drake County can be found in the Coast of Aritaur and is part of the Conclave of Aritaur of the Kingdom of Vornair and is run by Count Vestan Drake and a team of invested leaders.

We have merged 6 counties into one very large county and claimed a capital delving as our seat of power.

Come join one of the largest and most active homegrown communities in all of Elyria! Our coastal county is a land of opportunity for menn and womenn of all tribes and professions. We will create a mature and relaxed environment where people of diverse backgrounds, interests, and play styles can work together to create the game experience they desire. Here you will find a home and friends to help you find your destiny. Together we fly!


As part of the Conclave of Aritaur, Drake County is located within the Alpine Forest biome in Kingdom 2. We have claimed a large area that will feature coastlines, mountains, forests, and grazing areas.

Vornair Map

Drake Map


As part of Kingdom 1/2, Drake County will be made up primarily of Hrothi and Brudvir, with small populations of Neran and Kypiq characters. However, we have active plans to import Dras, To'Resk, Waerd, and Janoa as well as the lost tribes when they are found. If you are interested in playing a non-native tribe, we will help you make the trip to our lands.


As one of the founding members of Vornair, Count Vestan Drake is dedicated to the success of the Kingdom of Vornair and its citizens. He expects no less than a cooperative attitude with the Kingdom, Duchy, and County from all of his citizens. We will succeed by working together to protect the people and the resources of our communities.



Capital - Drakinspire

The seat of power and Capital of Drake County is the largest delving on the server, Drakinspire, headquarters of The Adventurer’s Guild of Vornair, and home of the Senate.


Other Settlements

Drake County has over a dozen committed mayors. More details on names and settlement focus will be published after Domain and Settlement Selection has completed. We are looking for additional independent mayors to join us.


We of Drake County are proud of the entrepreneurial spirit of our citizens. We are always looking for more organizations who want to call our county their home. Here are some of the organizations that are headquartered here:

The Adventurer's Guild of Vornair

Blackstone Forge Society

Vornair Logging and Forestry

Drake Banking and Storage

Two Suns

Artcraft Outfitters

Volund's Hammer

The Order of the Golden Hind

Government Structure


Our government is made up of many invested leaders who have been part of the community for years. It is broken into two primary branches: The Senate and the Mayoral Council.

The Senate

The primary governing body of the County is the Senate, made up of Counts and Mayors who have merged their titles in the interest of being a part of something much bigger than an average domain. Each Senator manages a government department that handles policy for the entire multi-county region. Both hereditary and elected Senator positions will be available, to allow for a balance between stability and fresh ideas.

Both the Count and the Senators represent the people of the County and we encourage every citizen to voice their ideas and opinions. Together we will work to develop a government that serves the people while ensuring that the County is an economic, military, and cultural beacon within the region.

The Mayoral Council

The Count will hold regular council with the Mayors and Barons of the County to discuss policies and laws that impact their settlements. The Count will represent their interests when discussing policies with the Senate.

Settlement specific policies and laws will be at the discretion of that settlement’s Mayor or City Council, so long as they do not conflict with those of the neighboring community settlements, County, Duchy, or Kingdom.

Our Focus



Our goal is to make the county as self-sufficient as our local resources allow us to be. We want to attract enough diversity in players to cover each market available to us, and then develop relationships with other counties to fill in the gaps and leverage our surpluses through trade.

We are looking for motivated individuals to join our community, either as part of the government or to form private businesses/schools/guilds for each profession.



We strive to create a safe environment for our citizens to ply their trades without fear. We will be investing a significant amount of EP, people, and time to protect our settlements, roads, and natural resources.

All citizens, from farmers to blacksmiths to architects, are highly encouraged to learn the basics of combat and survival. The ability to defend yourself against a single bandit or raise up arms with your allies in an emergency could be the difference between life and death or starting over your business from scratch. To that end, the Adventurer’s Academy of Vornair, located in Drakinspire, will provide basic lessons in combat and survival to anyone interested.

Players interested in a combat-focused lifestyle will find many options available to them in our county:

The Adventurer's Guild of Vornair is a player-run adventuring guild headquartered within the county. Their mission is to take on player-created quests to explore dangerous areas, eliminate hostile threats, or simply travel among caravans to keep people safe. Whatever a citizen needs done, can probably be accomplished by an adventurer. The Adventurer's Guild of Vornair

The Department of Defense will oversee the County military, with the help of local Barons. Army and Navy personnel will focus most of their time training, drilling with Duchy military players and NPCs, and preparing for the inevitable battles to come. They will coordinate with the Duchy military.

The Department of Homeland Security will oversee Law Enforcement within the County, with the help of local Mayors. Most of the boring jobs will be handled by NPCs, but players may be interested in serving as a Sheriff, Criminal Investigator, or Immigration Officer, to help keep crime down in their local area.


Drake Coliseum

One benefit of such a large county and combined resources is our ability to take on much larger-scale projects. Our plans already include a grand Coliseum, jousting tournaments, theme parks, hotels and casinos. What these all have in common is tourism, which will bring more people to our settlements and businesses.

Have an idea for a large project? Come join us and make it a reality!

Religion and destiny will play a big part of many players’ lives in Chronicles of Elyria. While Vornair may not have an official religion, our county will make every effort to utilize those mechanics for the betterment of our people. We plan to build massive cathedrals and monuments for whatever religion is prevalent in our society. We will also employ astrologers to help our citizens identify and chase down their destiny. Together, we can make sure that our community has many chapters in the story of this game.

Role Playing

Role Playing

While our community at large does not typically role play, we are accepting of those that do.

Our History

Jaxon Forge was never meant to follow in his father’s footsteps. While his skills with a blacksmith's hammer came naturally, it never really felt right to him. From an early age he showed a passion for exploration and understanding the world around him, his courage often getting him into trouble. As a teen he would sneak off to explore local caves. One night, as he tried to explore deeper than he ever had, long after his friends had abandoned him, he stumbled upon a strange metallic object. As he brought his torch closer to inspect it, he let out an audible gasp, echoing throughout the caverns. It could only be one of two things: a giant diamond, or a white dragon egg.

For years, Jaxon led a double life. He spent the day sweating over hot steel, bending metals to his will. But when he looked at his reflection in a new blade, all he saw….was a dragon. At night he would sneak back to the cave, where he set up a ramshackle campsite. He wouldn’t sleep, he just lay there, staring at the object, waiting…. Over time his red hair and beard grew long and tangled, his words jumbled from lack of sleep. His friends would no longer adventure with him to the caves, thinking he had lost his mind. But still he hammered on….still he returned to the cave.

Dragon Egg

Until one night, a night like any other, Jaxon turned the last bend in the caves and stopped in his tracks. On this night, the campsite lay torn to shreds and burned to a crisp. The object was gone. Someone had found and stolen his treasure. Jaxon fell to his knees, weeping, was he crazy? Was it just a diamond that he sat on for years, and had now lost forever? He crawled to a nearby precipice, planning to end it all.

Then he saw it, the shimmer reflecting his torchlight. A small shard of the object, like a piece of eggshell, had fallen into the pit. It was real! Shaking visibly, Jaxon donned his climbing gear and repelled into the pit to claim his prize. No other signs were anywhere, but he knew he was right all along. He had a renewed vigor. That night he returned to his home and packed his belongings, leaving a farewell note to his family before leaving, never to return again.

Jaxon set off on his mission to find this mysterious dragon. He was no longer Jaxon Forge. He began to introduce himself as Jaxon Drake, the Dragon Hunter, traveling from hamlet to village to town, following rumors of strange flying lizards. Over time, his name and story spread and young adventurers were inspired to follow in his footsteps.

Jaxon’s tale soon caught the attention of a minor Count by the name of Vestan Krieger, who bestowed upon him the title of Chief Justice. Jaxon and the Count's daughter Erzabet fell in love, married and settled down in her estate. The couple would go on to have many sons and eventually succeed her father as Count and Countess.

Count Jaxon Drake could no longer risk adventuring on his own and began to send younger, more capable explorers to follow up on draconic rumors. This led to the formation of the Adventurer’s Guild. After spending years as an adventurer himself, the eldest son Vestan took up leadership of the guild and sent his brothers off to explore the far regions of the duchy. Years later, they returned, bringing with them grand stories, massive treasures, and deeds to all the lands in the region. Together those lands came to be known by the family that brought them all together: Drake.

Will you help us build the next chapter of this story?

How to Join

If you have any questions or just want to speak with us about potential citizenship, please join our County Discord Channel.

Drake Sword

Drake County

7/4/2018 2:25:17 PM #1

If you are a mayor wishing to place in our county, we have room! Please contact me before placing so that you do not cause any issues with your future neighbors. I look forward to meeting you!

Drake County

7/4/2018 4:09:51 PM #2

Wonderful post, so proud to be a part of this blossoming county!

7/5/2018 3:02:59 PM #3

Great post! And I'm glad to be apart of this county

Drake County

7/10/2018 2:11:12 AM #4

Happy to be a part of Drake county.

I plan to play as a Baron and train animals for the arena

Settlement Focus: Creature training and housing

Purpose : House, care, and train creatures. Mainly for arena use but I would like to train them for races or things like circus lion tamers too.

If anyone is interested in helping me send me a message :)

The Adventurer's Guild of Vornair

7/11/2018 1:45:07 AM #5

We are proud to welcome Two Suns Ranchers as our newest organization!

Drake County

7/19/2018 7:57:04 PM #6

I've added several new organizations to the fold as well as provided more information about our RP community, Eolas!

Drake County

7/22/2018 10:36:58 PM #7

Glad to be part of this Multi-County Project!

7/26/2018 12:43:08 AM #8

I'm proud to be part of Drake county. Thanks Vestan :)

7/29/2018 9:56:31 PM #9

Now a 7x County!

Drake County

8/12/2018 8:18:49 PM #10

Added information about our new D&D group. Join us to adventure in Elyria today!

Drake County

9/19/2018 11:00:17 PM #11

There is still lots of room in our D&D game if anyone wants to join!!!!

Drake County

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Join us now and take part in our discussions around map voting and domain selection!

Drake County

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Glad to be here!

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Join us this week and have a say in Round 2 of map voting!

Drake County

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Added sections on location and tribes

Drake County