Vornair Logging and Forestry- Taming the Wilds

Vornair Logging and Forestry

Vornair Logging and Forestry

a logging guild within the NA-East Kingdom of Vornair

Join our discord channel or reach out directly to Carturs Arkwhite on discord (@[R.GRD] Carturs#9144) if you are interested in joining our organization. If you are looking to discuss trade, please PM Carturs Arkwhite.

About Us

Mission Statement-

We aim to provide the best quality timber and wood products at the lowest prices! We are not just “loggers” or “lumberjacks” but we are rangers of the forests we currently call home. We do cut down trees for use in production, but the entire environment we remove, we replace. We do not look to change the landscape, but work with it to find a balance between the needs of the kingdom and preserving nature^^. We are hunters, we make sure that invasive species are not introduced to the ecosystem we are working, we make sure that prey do not become too numerous, and predators do not decimate populations. Because often we will be on the edge of civilization, we look to protect our assets ourselves. We punish poachers and will not tolerate illegal operations on our plots of land. We are traders, we have no guarantee that roads will connect to our outposts, and we instead use the rivers or natural curves of the land to take our wares to market, when others simply cannot make the trip. We are explorers, with the prospect of new uncharted territory comes all the risk, and all the rewards. We are Vornair Logging and Forestry, and we are simply the best.


Vornair Logging and Forestry is a player-run logging guild within the Kingdom of Vornair operating on the North American East (NA-EAST) server, Luna.

The goal of Vornair Logging and Forestry is to provide wood resources to governments, businesses, and individuals in the Kingdom of Vornair,all the while replenishing the wood resources for future generations. We excel at population control and breeding as needed to keep natural populations healthy. The members of Vornair Logging and Forestry are also trained foresters, able to map and survey the surrounding area for resources, and to guide others around hazards.

Our core values are teamwork, cooperation, and conservation.


We will be located within Drake County, a 7x county in the Rhynelands, King Adam Rhyne’s 3x Duchy within the 2x Kingdom of Vornair.

Our exact location will be determined after domain selection, based on resource location and availability.

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Most logging operations will be done with a max of 80-20 clearing, Ex: if we determine that there is 100 trees per acre, then we allow operations to cut down and replant 80 of the 100 trees per acre, while leaving the remaining 20 untouched. A “full clear” or 100% clear is only approved for placement of new hamlets or outposts. A fee will be assessed for re-homing of any wildlife displaced if it is determined it will affect the natural population. This provision exists to make sure we do not exhaust all resources within the area.

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Our Product:

Our members provide wood resources to governments, businesses, and individuals for use in:

  • Buildings
  • Vehicles
  • Weapons
  • And more...

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One of the most in demand resources for the new kingdom will not only be food and water, but shelter. A home to call your own, we look to provide the lumber for your shops, to support your castle walls, and the planks to make your wagons. Without the foresters and loggers of Vornair Logging and Forestry, you will not have your homes, your walls will crumble, and your wagons would rot and decay. We aim to provide the highest quality timber and wood products at the lowest cost. If you are looking for a challenging career with the potential for huge wealth, join today. Accepting all loggers, craftsmen, hunters, explorers, traders, and surveyors. Please drop into our discord for more information and to speak about career opportunities.

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Defined Leadership

Guild Master: Carturs Arkwhite

County Leadership: Count Vestan Drake

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Our Community:

We look forward to welcoming new members and introducing them to the fabulous communities of our guild and our kingdom.

While Vornair Logging and Forestry is mostly focused on arboreal pursuits, we also welcome anyone interested in living a more “wild” lifestyle. Want to live out in the wilderness with fellow woodsmen? This may be the place for you! We welcome players to participate in other activities to support our business such as:

  • Hunting (local population control)
  • Cartography
  • Surveying
  • Fishing (location dependent)
  • Crafting (Leatherworking and Carpentry)
  • Exploration
  • Trading
  • Other professions as needed…

We are looking for partners to host chapter houses. These residential chapter houses will act as trading offices and warehouses for guild members and partners.

Recruitment Policy/Membership:

We are currently accepting applications for membership in both the Kingdom of Vornair and the Vornair Logging and Forestry.

If you have any questions or just want to speak with us about potential membership in our organization, please join our Vornair Logging and Forestry Discord Channel.

Any confirmed citizen of the Kingdom of Vornair may apply for membership in the Vornair Logging and Forestry. Below are the steps needed to apply for membership:

  1. Join the Kingdom of Vornair Discord Channel
  2. Register for citizenship on the Kingdom of Vornair Website
  3. Contact us on the Vornair Logging and Forestry Discord Channel.