[NA-E]Two Suns Ranchers Guild

Two Suns Ranchers

Two Suns Ranchers

an Agricultural Organization within the NA-East Kingdom of Vornair

Join our discord channel or reach out directly to Gimwon Drake on discord (@GamingWithCuddle#1294) if you are interested in joining our organization.

About Us

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Two Suns Ranchers is a player-run agricultural organization within the Kingdom of Vornair operating on the North American East (NA-EAST) server, Luna.

The goal of Two Suns Ranchers is to ensure the well-being of local citizens of the Kingdom of Vornair by providing a support network for those who deliver food, animal companions, mounts, and animal and plant by-products.

Our core values are teamwork, patience, and cooperation.


We will be located within Drake County, a 6x county in the Rhynelands, a 3x Duchy within the 2x Kingdom of Vornair.

Drake County

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Our Product:

Our members provide agricultural goods to local settlements and individuals such as:

  • Mounts
  • Animal Companions
  • Livestock
  • Meat
  • Hides
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Plant By-Products
  • Honey
  • And more...

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We started this organization in order to make sure farmers are taken care of and can provide food for the county and its citizens.

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Defined Leadership:

Guild Master: Gimwon Drake

Guild and County Leadership: Count Vestan Drake


We have partnered with the following guilds to share resources and provide goods and services:

The Adventurer's Guild of Vornair

Artcraft Outfitters

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Our Community:

We look forward to welcoming new members and introducing them to the fabulous communities of our guild and our kingdom.


Recruitment Policy/Membership:

We are currently accepting applications for membership in both the Kingdom of Vornair and the Two Suns Ranchers.

If you have any questions or just want to speak with us about potential membership in our organization, please join our Two Suns Ranchers Discord Channel.

Any confirmed citizen of the Kingdom of Vornair may apply for membership in the Two Suns Ranchers. Below are the steps needed to apply for membership:

  1. Join the Kingdom of Vornair Discord Channel
  2. Register for citizenship on the Kingdom of Vornair Website
  3. Contact us on the Two Suns Ranchers Discord Channel.

7/11/2018 1:34:56 AM #1

Proud to see a new organization come to life!

Drake County

7/11/2018 3:49:59 AM #2

This will be an amazing organization. We are already off to a solid start!

7/11/2018 6:26:07 AM #3

We had an unofficial talk today covering various topics on what our plans will be in the future. It was productive for the early stages. I am looking forward to others getting on board. We have the the official Adventurers Guild and Count in our corner. Anyone who wants to get their hands dirty while exploring the other parts of the game are very much welcome.

AKA Bartholomew Drake

Drake County

7/11/2018 3:04:10 PM #4

I joined yesterday! :D happy to be apart of this organization cant wait for the game to come out.

11/21/2018 8:35:33 PM #5

Happy to be a part of the Two Suns Ranchers Guild

My plan for my character is to train animals (Mainly dogs) and fight in the arena

I have 2 merged mayor titles which I plan to build farms on to grow crops and raise animals

Settlement Focus: Creature training and housing

Purpose : House, care, and train creatures. Mainly dogs

If anyone is interested in helping me send me a message :)

The Adventurer's Guild of Vornair