[NA] The Adventurer's Guild of Vornair

Adventurer’s Guild of Vornair


Mission and Vision Statement:

The Adventurer's Guild of Vornair is a player-run adventuring guild within the Kingdom of Vornair operating on the North American East (NA-EAST) server, Luna.

The goal of the Adventurer’s Guild is to maintain a safe environment for all citizens of the Kingdom of Vornair through the provision of player made quests for willing adventurers interested in becoming guild members. This can serve as a means of protection through mercenary quests as well as gathering assistance for crafters or tradesmen that are unable to acquire rare resources only through trade. It can also allow for the commissioning of maps for the community or information about land and resources through the discovery and exploration of the world.

Our core values are strength of character, mind, and body. We are seeking members that will prove their loyalty to the Guild and to the Kingdom of Vornair and have an adventurous spirit!

Our aim is to provide a launching point for players who want to experience the PVE content that this game provides along with the camaraderie and sense of belonging that comes from membership in both a close-knit guild and a large kingdom. It really is the best of both worlds.

Our Product:

We provide contracted services to the people of Vornair, such as:

  • Mercenary services (clearing dangerous locations)

  • Cartographical services

  • Resource discovery services

  • Resource collection services for rare goods

  • Other player driven tasks that are in demand

Rewards are based on level of danger and amount of resources required to complete each quest.

Funding and Assets:

Our primary sources of funding and assets will be payment for services and resources found within dangerous locations but will also include a surcharge to cover the costs of scribing and taxes for running the guild. Income may also be supplemented through the arena/coliseum within the same county, in which guild members may train and participate.

Guild headquarters will be located within Drake County in the Conclave of Aritaur in the Kingdom of Vornair. Additional branches will be located in strategic locations around the kingdom.


Dragon Egg

Jaxon Forge was never meant to follow in his father’s footsteps. From an early age he showed a passion for exploration and understanding the world around him, his courage often getting him into trouble. As a teen he would often sneak off to explore local caves. One night, as he tried to explore deeper than he ever had, long after his friends had abandoned him, he stumbled upon a strange metallic object. As he brought his torch closer to inspect it, he let out an audible gasp, echoing throughout the caverns. It could only be one of two things: a giant diamond, or a white dragon egg.

For years, Jaxon led a double life. He spent the day sweating over hot steel, bending metals to his will. But when he looked at his reflection in a new blade, all he saw….was a dragon. At night he would sneak back to the cave, where he set up a ramshackle campsite. He wouldn’t sleep, he just lay there, staring at the object, waiting….

Over time his red hair and beard grew long and tangled, his words jumbled from lack of sleep. His friends would no longer adventure with him to the caves, thinking he had lost his mind. But still he hammered on….still he returned to the cave.

Until one night, a night like any other, Jaxon turned the last bend in the caves and stopped in his tracks. On this night, the campsite lay torn to shreds and burned to a crisp. The object was gone. Someone had found and stolen his treasure. Jaxon fell to his knees, weeping, was he crazy? Was it just a diamond that he sat on for years, and had now lost forever? He crawled to a nearby precipice, planning to end it all.

Then he saw it, the shimmer reflecting his torchlight. A small shard of the object, like a piece of eggshell, had fallen into the pit. It was real! Shaking visibly, Jaxon donned his climbing gear and repelled into the pit to claim his prize. No other signs were anywhere, but he knew he was right all along. He had a renewed vigor. That night he returned to his home and packed his belongings, leaving a farewell note to his family before leaving, never to return again.

Jaxon set off on his mission to find this mysterious dragon. He was no longer Jaxon Forge. He began to introduce himself as Jaxon Drake, the Dragon Hunter, traveling from hamlet to village to town, following rumors of strange flying lizards. Over time, his name and story spread and young adventurers were inspired to follow in his footsteps.

Jaxon’s tale soon caught the attention of a minor Duke by the name of Vestan Krieger, who bestowed upon him the title of Chief Justice. Jaxon and the Duke’s daughter Erzabet fell in love, married and settled down in her estate in Sunset. The couple would go on to have many sons: Vestan, Francis, Jødel, Alexander, Mephistos, and Ferrell.

Duke Jaxon Drake could no longer risk adventuring on his own and began to send younger, more capable explorers to follow up on draconic rumors. This led to the formation of the Adventurer’s Guild. After spending years as an adventurer himself, the eldest son Vestan took up leadership of the guild and sent his brothers off to explore the far regions of the duchy.



Adventurer Division

Being an adventurer is a familiar life to anyone who has played MMORPGs in the past. The concept of accepting quests to explore dangerous locations, kill frightening monsters, or acquire valuable artifacts in exchange for rewards is not a new one.

Want to experience all of the content that the developers of Chronicles of Elyria have created for us?

Want to travel the kingdom and help keep ordinary citizens safe?

Want to find valuable treasure or even magic?

If you said yes to any of the above, then the Adventurer’s Guild might be right for you.

This is the basic membership level of the Adventurer’s Guild. All members of the Guild are referred to as Adventurers. Their primary responsibility is to train in combat-related skills so that they can be ready to take on quests.

Adventurer jobs, also known as Quests, may be requested by any citizen of Vornair. While some Quests may be undertaken by any available adventurer of sufficient skill, others may require specialized skills and will only available to members of other Guild Divisions. Example Quests for this division include monster hunting, ruin exploration, and artifact retrieval.

Bounty Hunters:

Bounty Hunter Division

Boba Fett, Rick Deckard, Spike Spiegal, Lobo, Samus Aran. These are names that epitomize the classic badass. What do they have in common? They are Bounty Hunters. They take on the jobs that others fear, whatever their motivation might be. For a bounty hunter, there is nothing more rewarding than bringing down the most dangerous targets: human or monster, dead or alive.

Bounty Hunters are specialists in tracking down criminals and other dangerous targets and performing the appropriate action based on the bounty provided. These individuals will be more highly trained in the deviant skills, such as stealth and disguise, than the average adventurer. They must be skilled in PvP combat and prove capable of capturing their targets alive.

While the risk is higher with these jobs, so too is the reward.


Gladiator Division

Fame, fortune, and glorious public deaths. All these things and more await you within the arena!

Each Adventurer’s Guild branch will feature an arena or coliseum. This arena will serve two purposes, both of which the Gladiator division will facilitate:


Members from all divisions will utilize the arena to practice PVP/PVE combat, non-lethal capture, and field medicine/first aid.


Members of the gladiator division will organize and participate in gladiatorial events within the arena. This will include races, combat (gladiators and animals), sporting events, training seminars, and musical concerts.

This division will facilitate all aspects of arena operation including entrance fees and gambling.

VAULTS - Valiant Armored Unit of Logistics Transportation Specialists:

VAULTS Division

The VAULTS team is an elite team of highly skilled and trusted adventurers responsible for the secure transportation of high-value goods such as: Taxes, Currency, Resources, Finished Goods, Rare Animals, Prisoners, and Foreign Dignitaries. This group will be associated with the Drake Bank and will provide their transportation security as well as consultation to all citizens on Bank and Warehouse Security.

Explorers and Cartographers:

Explorer Division

The Kingdom of Vornair is a very large place, and in order to identify potential adventure locations, we will need maps. These adventurers are highly specialized in cartography and may take on assignments such as:

  1. Locate valuable resources
  2. Identify and scout dangerous locations
  3. Conduct in-game census
  4. Create civilian and military maps

Bards and Skalds:

Bard Division

For every great adventure, there will be a bard to tell the tale. Adventurers who want to express their creativity through writing, song, or art should join this branch. They will have the inspiration of many great experiences, and both taverns and arenas in which to perform their craft.

Bards have a place at many different events, such as feasts, celebrations, and ceremonies. More combat oriented bards may join their comrades in the Adventurer’s division on gigs, inspiring them to greater feats of strength and offering combat support. More literary bards may document the deeds of themselves and others and stock the shelves of the local and kingdom libraries.

The Adventurer's Academy


Adjacent to the Adventurer's Guild Headquarters, we will be setting up an Academy for citizens to teach and learn combat and survival skills. Here adventurers, soldiers, and civilians can come together to research and learn the skills needed to defend themselves in the world of Elyria.

Defined Leadership:

The Adventurer’s Guild is overseen by West (Count Vestan Drake), who is the current acting Guildmaster. The Guildmaster is responsible for appointing the Division Leaders and overseeing the direction and strategy of the Guild.

Division Leaders will represent the members of their division and recruit members from within the guild. They will make sure that their members are well trained for their specialty and have all the resources they need to complete jobs effectively.

Members can ascend the ranks by proving their loyalty and service to the Guild and Kingdom, and by bringing forth new ideas and solutions. Titles and ranks may be assigned based on a variety of factors such as seniority, player skill, and performance. Higher value jobs will be assigned to higher ranking adventurers to ensure their successful completion.

Guild Master: Count Vestan Drake (West)

Guild Leadership:

  • Lieutenant Kaz Drake: Manages guild personnel, marketing, and sales
  • Quartermaster Darendile Hallowmere: Manages guild finances, quarters, and supplies
  • Dean Lokon Drake: Manages operations of the Adventurer's Academy

Our Community:

Our Adventurer's Guild was started in the Kingdom of Dol Aderyn and was the first guild of that kingdom. Our loyalty to our king and to our community was tested during the transition to the Kingdom of Vornair, to which we have performed a complete migration.

We are a tight-knit, fun-loving community of mature players looking to enjoy the PVE (and some PVP) content of this exciting new MMO. Many of us have even joined together as part of the Drake Clan so that we can experience all of the aspects of the game.

Together we are planning community pre-game and in-game events, such as Pathfinder and D&D Tabletop RPG campaigns (after all we are adventurers!) and kingdom-wide scavenger hunts and "amazing race" style challenges.

We look forward to welcoming new members and introducing them to the fabulous communities of our guild and our kingdom.

Recruitment Policy/Membership:

We are currently accepting applications for membership in both the Kingdom of Vornair and the Adventurer’s Guild.

If you have any questions or just want to speak with us about potential membership in the guild, please join our Adventurer's Guild of Vornair Discord Channel.

Any confirmed citizen of the Kingdom of Vornair may apply for membership in the Adventurer’s Guild. Below are the steps needed to apply for membership:

  1. Join the Kingdom of Vornair Discord Channel
  2. Register for citizenship on the Kingdom of Vornair Website
  3. Contact us on the Adventurer's Guild of Vornair Discord Channel.

Drake County

7/4/2016 10:54:24 PM #1

Really happy to see how this is shaking out, and proud to lead a branch!

FWIW, I was KS Backer #21 and wanted nothing but the best for this game.

7/5/2016 12:51:58 AM #2

Beautiful post. Glad to be a part of the Guild. Doc Glocke

7/5/2016 6:42:46 PM #3

That guild looks nice! I can see similarities with the structure with my guild, as we somehow do separation of skills too! But we certainly don't have as many wings as you gut have! Wish you my best luck!

7/6/2016 2:12:58 AM #4

Proud to be apart of these guys,awesome guild. Magni Drake

The Adventurer's Guild of Vornair

7/6/2016 10:44:10 PM #5

I'm very proud to call you guys friends and look forward to working with you on this.

Drake County

7/6/2016 10:45:25 PM #6

Good luck to you as well friend! Your guild looks very.... promising!

Drake County

7/8/2016 4:58:35 AM #7

Awesome guild. Keep up the good work.

7/8/2016 6:24:59 PM #8

A really good group of guys, I'd recommend checking them out if you're interested in exploring, monster hunting/capture, or friendly pvp. :)

Edit- My 150th post, w00t w00t!

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7/14/2016 2:29:56 PM #9

Glad to see the forums are back. I'll use this opportunity to announce our new Bard division leader: Thane Aemon Ivellen!

Drake County

7/14/2016 4:35:24 PM #10

Wow looks great!

The Adventurer's Guild of Vornair

7/14/2016 9:32:26 PM #11

Message from the Guildmaster, July 2016:

Now that the website is back up, and the store is soon to come, July is a big recruiting month for the Adventurer's Guild!

We have already solidified plans for guild branches in 5 of the 8 duchies in the Kingdom of Vornair, and are in talks for the rest.

In addition to branch leadership, we are seeking leaders for our Gladiator, VAULTS, and Explorer divisions. These are three of the most interesting divisions in our guild and I am very excited to see the directions that their leaders take them.

We are also interested in ideas and candidates for additional leadership positions, such as a CFO, Ambassador, and Supply Chief. Basically if you want to be a part of this guild, but don't really want to fight, there could still be a role for you!

Of course, we are always seeking more adventurers! We welcome players from all over the world who wish to be part of these communities and activities. Our members cover all time zones from North America to Southeast Asia.

Want to learn more? Just read all of our ideas posted here, and join our Discord Channel! Feel free to reach out to me anytime on Discord as well.

Best Regards - West

Drake County

7/15/2016 1:42:11 PM #12

A warm welcome to our newest thanes from Zylphania! Countess Meneswa and Count ColdHearth.

Just a few more branch leaders and we will be able to launch quests from any duchy in the kingdom!

Drake County

7/15/2016 6:51:04 PM #13

My response is a bit late but thanks for the invitation and here's to the success of the guild.

7/15/2016 7:03:21 PM #14

Friendly people in there come check it out

7/15/2016 7:39:03 PM #15

Going to build a (hopefully) fireproof Tavern for the best adventures to start from!