Völund's Hammer Tinkering Guild

Volund’s Hammer

Vӧlund’s Hammer

A Tinkering/Smithing guild within within the NA-East Kingdom of Vornair

Join our discord channel or reach out directly to Aughir Nos on discord (@Vyndra#2209) if you are interested in joining our organization.

About Us

Vӧlund’s Hammer is a player-run crafting organization within the Kingdom of Vornair operating on the North American East (NA-EAST) server, Luna.

The goal of Vӧlund’s Hammer is to advance the technology and mechanical knowledge of theKingdom of Vornair by researching and creating new technologies to be used by the kingdom for its advancement Our core values are perseverance, knowledge, and creativity.


We will be located within Drake County, a 6x county in the Rhynelands, King Adam Rhyne’s 3x Duchy within the 2x Kingdom of Vornair.

Drake County

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Our Product:

Our members provide technology and blueprints for technology like:

  • Transportation
  • Weaponry
  • Defensive Mechanisms like portcullises
  • Siege Engines
  • Traps
  • Locks
  • Keys for the Locks
  • And more...

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This organization was started to create a place in our County where tinkers can gather and research new technologies.

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Defined Leadership:

Guild Master: Aughir Nos

County Leadership: Count Vestan Drake

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Our Community:

We look forward to welcoming new members and introducing them to the fabulous communities of our guild and our kingdom.

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Recruitment Policy/Membership:

We are currently accepting applications for membership in both the Kingdom of Vornair and the Völund’s Hammer Guild.At the moment we are also looking for people to work as Division Heads and oversee some of the guild’s different areas of focus.

If you have any questions or just want to speak with us about potential membership in our organization, please join our Völund’s Hammer Discord Channel.

Any confirmed citizen of the Kingdom of Vornair may apply for membership in the Völund’s Hammer. Below are the steps needed to apply for membership:

  1. Join the Kingdom of Vornair Discord Channel
  2. Register for citizenship on the Kingdom of Vornair Website
  3. Contact us on the Völund’s Hammer Discord Channel.