[NA-E] Dawnshade Stronghold, House Gravesender

The goal for the barony will be to train and station the ducal military forces. We will be responsible for keeping the peace in the county and duchy and hopefully be a leader in that area. The most efficient way to attain this goal would be to select a barony at a major crossroads that leads directly to the county and duchy capitals. Additionally, I would like to host several crafters and breeders that would fill the needs of the soldiers stationed there and also help build the infrastructure in the areas surrounding the barony. To help with the construction of the infrastructure, I would like to select an area with a plains and forest environment to facilitate the easy access to resources. With the infrastructure being built, it will make the policing of the area much easier. To help aid in this endeavor, I would also like to focus on training up a light mounted contingent of emergency responders.

If we manage to get a crossroads position, I would also like to be a fairly large hub for trade. To help individuals on their way to their final destination, I would like to bring in merchants, innkeepers, and brothel services to name a few. This will hopefully bring in some extra money to help pay for the operating costs of the troops.

I, Baron Viktor Gravesender of Raumsdalr County, have sworn allegiance to Count Ivorr Hallvardur of Raumsdalr County and the Grand Duke Copin Bälen of the Grand Duchy of Erzhalden in the Kingdom of Vornair. I am looking for residents, crafters, and soldiers that match the proposed environment.

This will be on a NA-East server. The visions and other details will be updated accordingly. Further discussion is accomplished on Discord.

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Baron Gravesender is an awesome guy, passionate about the game and great to talk to. If any part of Dawnshade interests you join up, you won't regret!


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