(NA-E) B.A.S.E. Brotherhood of Architectonics and Structural Engineering

B.A.S.E. intends to be the premiere architectural firm in all of Vornair. Our focus will be on the rapid development of our member's skills, the cost effective and timely completion of client contracts, and above all general customer satisfaction. We will provide masterful architectural services to our customers, and once they are satisfied with the plans we have provided them, we will offer construction services to bring these buildings to life. We have systems in place to maintain high standards in all we do, and will rigorously enforce them. Reputation is everything in business, and it will be our foremost goal to keep ours pristine.

B.A.S.E. For the protection and beautification of your world.

We’ve been working hard to recruit interested parties from other counties and duchies around Vornair to consolidate research and development in the architectural field kingdom wide. This is not an effort to monopolize the field. It is our belief that consolidation will bring the greatest advantage to the kingdom as a whole. Raising the minimum standards of construction and design throughout all our lands, and providing affordable design work to its citizens. Our list of interested parties currently spans 8 duchies, and is steadily growing. Any interested parties should get in contact in order to be added to the list.

The goal is to get all architects in the kingdom working under the same blanket organization, operating as branches of BASE, but running their local branch a bit like a franchise if they want to retain more autonomy. In this way, people can feel like they are creating their own organization, while still reaping the benefits of being part of a larger organization. The shared research, logistical network, and man power are benefits that quite simply will prove invaluable to any group.

When a client signs a contract agreement a non-refundable deposit will be made relative to the expertise required for the job. This deposit ensures that the architect will be paid for their time spent working on a job and encourages clients to not make a contract unless they are certain they wish to carry it through to completion. On successful completion of a contract, the full payment will be due and the architectural design will be given on receiving the full payment.

All efforts will be taken to ensure that a person of suitable expertise will be assigned to any architectural job. It is the responsibility of the client to raise any specific requirements with the architect during the creation process. The architect will be responsible for discussing with the client any specific requirements or adjustments they may wish to make to the design and ensure that the client’s needs are satisfied.

Requesting a Job

Clients can request a job using a dedicated Google Form for the purpose. The form will ask that the client provide information about the desired number of floors and rooms, and any other specifics that they require. The specifics of the form will be decided upon when we have more information about the architecture system.

After filling out the form, the client will be contacted and set up with an architect to work on their design. They will be able to confer with their architect via forum, email or Discord in order to share design specifics, get status updates, and give feedback on revisions during the design process.

Cancelling Contracts

If a client wishes to cancel a contract due to circumstances not involving the architect assigned to their job, they should speak directly with their assigned architect in order to end the contractual agreement. If for some reason the client is unable to contact their assigned architect then the guild should be contacted directly. If a client wishes to be assigned to a new architect because of dissatisfaction with their currently assigned architect, the client should discuss this matter directly with guild management so that suitable arrangements can be made.

The structure of the guild is intended to resemble a corporation, where I am in essence acting as the CEO, and each duchy will have a regional manager to sit upon my board of directors. The board and I will discuss and set guild policy as a group, with the regional managers being responsible for representing the needs of the rest of the branch managers in their duchy during the decision making process.

Commissions will be accepted via google form, discord, in game, and any other means we find useful. These jobs will be handed out largely on a regional basis, barring extenuating circumstances, such as a direct request from the customer for a specific architect for their commission. Architects will be paid a % of the total fee for the contracts they complete, and that % increases as the worker rises through the ranks of the guild.

The guild will operate two ranking systems that will coincide. Members will have both a Prestige ranking and an Expertise Ranking and both rankings will be used to determine the kind of contracts that member will have access to. ((All rank names are subject to change. Expertise ranks will be adjusted when actual in-game profession rankings are known.))

Expertise Ranks:

Apprentice > Journeyman > Artisan > Master

Prestige Ranks:

Uncertain > Reliable > Trustworthy > Impeccable

Expectations for Workers

Guild members are expected to be actively pursuing Architecture skill during their membership with the guild. Assignments will be handed out based on an expertise ranking system that helps to assign guild members to jobs appropriate for their skill level. This system works to avoid unskilled workers getting contracts they can not fulfill and to ensure that complex jobs are given to the highly skilled and experienced architects. Expertise ranks will be monitored and adjusted when an individual architect reaches a higher skill level in the game. All architects are encouraged to work on improving their skill in between guild contracts and endeavour to reach the highest expertise they can. As a guild we will work with guild members to try and help them reach their potential by assigning appropriate level contracts to help lower ranking members get the experience they need to be confident moving forward.

Guild members will be subject to the prestige system and will be judged based on their contribution to the Guild as a whole. This means that individuals who consistently take on contracts and deliver satisfactory results will raise their prestige faster than those who do not. Jobs will be assigned relative to prestige levels as well as individual expertise which means that higher paying contracts will be more frequently given to individuals with high prestige, as it is assumed they have the skill and work ethic to complete them. It benefits both the member and the guild as a whole for the members to raise their personal prestige level, as more high quality workers means more incentive for clients to request work.

Merit-based Discipline System

The guild will work on a merit-based system in regards to allocating work contracts and reserves the right to change prestige rankings of guild members at any time based on performance. Workers who fail to perform good quality work will receive demerits. Members who break the rules established by the guild with regards to absences will also receive appropriate demerits. Members are encouraged to always try to be professional when dealing with clients and to work with their client to ensure that the final product is to their satisfaction. Individuals who consistently fail to meet the standards required for their position will have their ranking lowered.

Individuals who repeatedly have their prestige ranks lowered may be asked to leave the guild permanently. All effort will be made to pass fair judgment on members and to not punish individuals for circumstances outside of their control. If a member does receive a demerit or a rank change they will be notified formally and have chance to discuss the matter with a guild leader. All decisions made after this discussion will be final unless evidence is brought to light that was otherwise unavailable.


We will run a guild discord channel that will allow members to discuss matters affecting the guild. Potential clients can also use the discord to make contact with us, and to discuss their plans with their architect once receiving a contract. Official guild announcements will always be available to read in a dedicated channel within the discord for officially registered members.

Vacations and extenuating circumstances

We understand that sometimes real life becomes a problem and sometimes architects will be unable to take on contracts or fulfill obligations. If a guild member knows in advance that they will be unable to take on a contract during a period of time, there will be a formal method for reporting absence so that no contract will be assigned to the member in order to prevent any misunderstandings. If a guild member is already working on a contract and is unable to complete it due to an unexpected absence, the member is responsible for contacting both the client and the guild to inform them of this absence so that arrangements can be made to either reassign another architect to the project or establish an agreement to extend the contract appropriately in the case of small absences.

5/20/2017 9:14:55 PM #1

Nice write up on Architecture Guild Arisilde. If they allow cross county joining I will be interested in Guild.

5/27/2017 12:04:03 AM #2

Please Move to Luna Organizations

9/6/2017 10:59:11 AM #3

It's been a while since my last update, and things have been going extremely well. We've been taking on members are a fairly steady rate, now with interested parties all over the kingdom. We're looking at branches in at least 6 duchies atm, and expecting more down the road.

The goal is to get all architects in the kingdom working under the same blanket organization, operating as branches of BASE, but running their local branch a bit like a franchise if they want to retain more autonomy. In this way, people can feel like they are creating their own organization, while still reaping the benefits of being part of a larger organization. The shared research, logistical network, and man power are benefits that quite simply will prove invaluable to any group.

If you are in the kingdom of Vornair and interested in architecture, or if you are currently looking for a place to settle and planning to be an architect, I urge you to contact me and get yourself into our network. The bigger we are, the more we all gain from the partnership.