The Town of Hitch - (NA-East | Kingdom of Vornair)

# <strong>Hitch</strong>

Hitch is Seeking Citizens!

A Town in the Kingdom of Vornair

The humble town of Hitch, located in the High King's county of Penrith, is seeking those wishing to register themselves as citizens! All who are interested in becoming citizens are encouraged to send the brief application (at the bottom of the page) to me via PMs so that we can begin organizing and preparing for that glorious day when we finally get to see our fair little settlement!

I will create a town Roster based off the applications as well as PM citizens over time to give them any updates as necessary.

Management of Hitch

My goal with Hitch is to create a town in which its citizens are constructive and active members of the community. I want us to have a sturdy militia force, a town that is sensibly organized that promotes growth for its peoples, and is fun to be in with members of the settlement coming to know and interact with one another regularly.

A few points on how I intend to run the town:

  • Taxes - I intend to keep taxes as low as possible, while also setting aside some funds towards projects that better the settlement.

  • Service - For those not able to pay taxes, or would rather provide a service in its stead, there will be opportunities to serve the town in order to receive exceptions. Joining the Crimson Band, the local town militia, to ensure a safe and secure home front is one of many possibilities. Contracts fulfilled on the towns behalf are another option that would earn a person a voucher for their routine taxes.

  • Opportunity - Hitch is not only positioned in the heartlands of Vornair, but those who do their part in making our town a great place can expect me to work on your behalf to grow your business or open opportunities with other Rhynelanders and members of Vornair.

  • Enjoy Your Story - Overall I want you to enjoy the story you came into CoE to make, be it a literal roleplay story, or just another story of your exploits in the video game you have been keenly following and finally been able to dive into and pursue your interests in. Let me know what you want out of the game and I will be here to help make that happen. Work with me to make Hitch great, and I can work to make sure you get the most out of your experience as well!

Hitch’s History

The Rise of Hitch and Clan Caro-

Clan Caro rose during the turbulent times of the War of Many Banners, when the Deranged King marched into the Scattered Lands in his quest to dominate the world. Though they were simple merchants when the fighting first broke out, the circumstances of war found Valien Caro creating the refuge of Hitch for those displaced by the Xeilias Empire’s forces, with a respectable militia force determined to keep their new home safe. When Clan Rhyne, whose lands in which Hitch had been founded, called for unity among the clans the Caro’s were quick to accept, and Valien gathered all Hitch could spare to march off and join in the war.

The warriors of Hitch fought at nearly every major engagement, including the defeat of Xeilias forces after the Heimdallr’s sacrifice at Clogaust Pass, and the Siege of Archeon where the Empire was defeated. By the end of the war only a few of the original militia who joined Valien were able to return to him back to their home, but their service allowed for an entire generation to be born and raised in Hitch, not having to have suffered the horrors of war first hand.

Application - PM me the Following!

Character Name (If known):

Discord Name (don't forget the hashtag #'s!):

Profession (and Specialty if known):

Time Zone:

PvPer Preference (None, Low, Med, High):

RP Preference (None, Low, Med, High)


Any Additional Info:



11/14/2016 5:37:34 PM #1

Character Name (If known):Casimir (Surname TBD)

Profession (and Specialty if known): Captain of the Crimson Guard

Time Zone: EST

PvPer Preference (None, Low, Med, High): High

RP Preference (None, Low, Med, High): Med


Any Additional Info:

Hi I’m Khurgaz, Karik’s second, and captain of the Crimson Band

The Band originally hired to escort the caravan, they decided to hunker down with the caravan members over the winter and were convinced to remain at the trading post to offer continual protection. They were eventually absorbed by the town and became the official security force of Hitch.

11/19/2016 5:07:18 AM #2

I am glad to see more Mayors join Vornair. I spoke with some of your group, and you guys sound like amazing people. While we won't be in the same Duchy, I am excited to see you in our Kingdom. Beautiful post my friend.

11/20/2016 3:30:41 AM #3

Posted By DaTarian at 12:07 AM - Sat Nov 19 2016

I am glad to see more Mayors join Vornair. I spoke with some of your group, and you guys sound like amazing people. While we won't be in the same Duchy, I am excited to see you in our Kingdom. Beautiful post my friend.

Danka! Lovin' it in Vornair so far, looking forward to watching the CoE community boom and more fresh faces in the Kingdom, and hopefully in Hitch!

11/21/2016 3:43:05 AM #4

Character Name (If known): Hostilez Profession (and Specialty if known): Gathering profession either farming, fishing, mining Time Zone: East PvPer Preference (None, Low, Med, High): low-med RP Preference (None, Low, Med, High) med Goals: To own a decent amount of farmland and house. Become a valued member of a town

11/21/2016 11:55:00 PM #5

Good talking to you the other day Hostile and look forward to more people with an interest messaging me their information. Always happy to talk with people who are interested about what they would like to see in our happy little community.

11/23/2016 4:25:23 PM #6

More additions to Hitch, welcome welcome! Good to have more folks. Feel free to send suggestions for what you'd like to see happen in town!

11/28/2016 10:58:36 PM #7

Updated OP with Discord and Vornair website to get people on Discord together! Great community so don't feel shy, participate or not as much as you like on the discord.

5/27/2017 12:55:07 AM #8

Please move to Luna Domain

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gasp Adam just highjacked my thread! OFF WITH HIS HEAD! (it rhymes...hehe)

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Gave the OP a little update, looking forward to the coming year to be a great one for CoE.