The mission of Polaris County is to provide a safe haven for those wandering the lands of Elyria. 'Fortitudo, Vigilantia, Res', meaning 'Strength, Vigilance, Prosperity' are the core values and goals the county of Polaris strives to achieve for its citizens. We do not seek warfare but will defend ourselves if provoked. We are a county with prime intentions to enhance the way of life.

'Follow the Star.'


Governed by Count Nathecat and it's County Council, our motivation is to always pursue the betterment of its villagers. Out focuses are but not limited too; manufacturing, trade, and agriculture. We're filled with an active and friendly community all preparing to begin our legacy. For more information, please visit our discord.


We are located within the Kingdom of Vornair which is the only double kingdom in the NA-EAST Server. We're further located within the Grand Duchy of Erzhalden in which we are a triple duchy.


The county is expected to be located within the Taiga lands with the dominant tribe being Brudvir.


If you have the capability and desire to hold an official county seat. Feel free to notify the Counter via discord. Our current open positions are as follows:

Treasurer: The Treasurer is responsible to manage the counties finances such as; the printing and minting of legal currency; collection of county taxes; management of the counties income & expenses; and advises the Countier on matters of fiscal policy.

Justiciar: The Justiciar is responsible to enforce the law including; ensuring the safety of its citizens against threats foreign and domestic; provide official leadership in preventing and controlling crime; seek punishment for those guilty of unlawful behavior; and advises the Countier on judicial matters.

Grand Dean: The main purpose of the Grand Dean is to strengthen the mind of the people. As well as; maintaining and gathering information on schools; overseeing research & development; and informing the Countier on educational matters.

Marshal: The Marshal is responsible for the coordination and security of the counties military and intelligence to deter war and ensure the counties safety as well as to inform the Countier on matters of county security.


Anyone who is willing to enjoy Chronicles of Elyria. We are filled with active friendly members who are preparing for the release of CoE while sharing laughs along the way. If you're interested in learning more or wish to just visit us, feel free to visit our Discord.


Springville: Titled the Capital of Polaris and home to the Arcadia Academy. Springville is tasked to lead and manage the county. Comprised of various guilds, no villagers hands will be left idle and every hands in the direction of bliss and good fortune.

Springville forum

Fort Royal: Compromised with a magnitude of elite firepower by the Royal Guard, Fort Royal is crowned the oldest and longest running fortress in the county with the purpose of protecting its citizens from all threats.

Fort Sunstone: Coming Soon..

Jongatown: Deep in the heart of Polaris County lurks Jongatown; A rough and tumble frontier settlement catering to those who prefer a more rustic life on the edge of society. Originally founded as a trading post for prospectors seeking riches in the nearby mountains and for hunters stalking the abundant woodlands, Jongatown has since grown into an almost respectable hodgepodge of families who have banded together for safety, profit, and common purpose.

Jongatown forum

Raven Hearth: A small farming village on the edge of Polaris county concentrated on agriculture and breeding. We are peaceful and quiet or at least appears to be. Perfect location for the boys to become men and men to become warriors.

Yamato: Focused on the prosperity of its citizens, the town of Yamato is notorious for their academic research and crafting. Whether you wish to enhance your knowledge or craft, Yamato is where to call home.


Polaris County is filled with various guilds ranging from blacksmithing to farming and is constantly encouraging the creation of new ones. Want to join, create, or simply learn more about our guilds? Please visit our Discord!


Still wondering if you should join? Here are some benefits to consider:

Size: We're located in the Kingdom of Vornair which is the only double kingdom in the North-American East server. As well as within the Grandy Duchy of Erzhalden in which is a triple duchy.
Community: We're filled with active friendly and supportive members via discord.
Exclusive Biome: The Brudvir biome is limited to only one duchy in the entire continent in which Polaris County will be located in.

Our trailer

Follow the Star..

Need more information or wish to join our county? Visit our Discord!

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Learn more about our Kingdom

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