[Sticky] [NA] The Kingdom of Vornair


Vornair will be an NA-East Combination of 2 Kingdoms

The map results are in (late post) and Vornair has decided upon a location! Enjoy our (artist rendition, topography not accurate) map! Please note that all duchies shown here are placed in accordance with the new rules for cluster placing. Multiples of these duchies will have multiple seats of power but from a meta standpoint we are treating them as a singular duchy. Lastly I will reiterate my prior statements. We will be announcing our newest approved Dukes to Vornair soon.

If you are not an APPROVED Duke of Vornair, meaning you are not listed on this map, and decide to place as a Duke into Vornair during domain selection then our community WILL TREAT THIS ACTION as hostile intent; you will be treated as a hostile entity in-game. Thank you!

Counts, Barons, and Gentry please consult the individual Duchy, County, or Settlement posts in the areas you are interested in being located to see what slots are available in that domain. However, there is a plethora of room in most Duchies for Barons and Gentry, County slots are filling up fast so we encourage you to engage sooner rather than later in your desired area.

Without further Adieu:

About the Vorn

The Kingdom of Vornair is an honor bound Kingdom. Vornair itself loosely translates into “Defense of Honor”. Honor is neither good nor evil. We understand the need for both good and evil to exist in the world, as without one, the other will lead to total destruction. Vornair is not altruistic itself, we will do what is right for our Kingdom and its people. We serve the interests of Vornair, at times that may mean that we help our neighbors, at others it may mean we harm them. It ultimately comes down to what is best for the Kingdom of Vornair overall.

Our Kingdom will begin KoE / the Elyria MUD having only recently formed (about 10 years ago). Prior to the forming, we were a smattering of tribes and clans who were only loosely affiliated. As the greater nations and Kingdoms started forming, some of our tribes and clans started losing lands from these larger, more organized forces. In the interest of protecting our lands and our people, the tribes came together to push the invaders back.

The rallying clan, the Rhyne Clan, led the most victories against these invaders by far. Utilizing their wit, ingenuity, and advantage of knowing their lands, the clans were able to rout the invaders and secure their borders. With the invaders pushed out and their lands secure, the tribes continued to look to the Rhyne clan for leadership and guidance. Their honor, dedicated leadership, and humbleness led the tribes to naturally fall in line under the leadership of Clan Rhyne. It wasn't long before they formalized their Kingdom and selected Clan Rhyne's leaders, Duchess Jordyn Rhyne and Duke Beinir Haert, as the first Queen and King of Vornair.

OOC Our Vision

Our vision for Vornair is to create a Kingdom where people can play the way that they want to play. Adam (King Evelake Rhyne) and Jordyn (Queen Lagertha Bjornstad) want to give out as much autonomy as possible to allow people to be able to create the environments that they need to play their way. From a Kingdom perspective, we put out very basic laws to protect our citizens, and then allow for each level of the law-making system to get a bit more granular with their laws to tailor the game in their areas to what their citizens want. Laws are there to encourage deeper story engagement, as they are made to be broken, and people who break them are made to be chased and potentially found and punished by guards.

The Vorn have no intentions of being a war-mongering society. Vornair will always try diplomacy and economic solutions first. However in the event that those solutions fail, the Vorn will go to war to preserve their people’s way of life, to acquire resources needed for their Kingdom and are unable to be acquired reasonably through trade or alliance, to punish another nation or group for perceived atrocities (griefer groups), or pull an area where the majority of the population of its people desire to be a part of Vornair into their rightful place. We have a number of PvP groups and people who will absolutely need something to occupy themselves with in this game and we intend to ensure they have that environment available to them. Vornair will engage in naval / exploratory expansion to the next continents as the game progresses as well.

Respect is earned in Vornair, not expected and definitely not required. Nobility is not viewed as sacred, or special. Instead, they are viewed as exceptionally able men and women who strive to prove their worth to their people consistently. The concept of regal nobility is foreign to most cultures our Kingdom.

Speaking of cultures, due to where we have set ourselves in our Kingdom’s storylines, every clan (family) has the ability to craft their own culture and backstories to their hearts' content. The only requirement is that if they are using someone else’s material or family in their story, that they get that person’s permission first. Please see our wiki for information on our clans.

In building this phenomenal community and Kingdom, we have gotten ourselves to a point that not even the studio had expected a community to get to at this point in terms of numbers. Due to the need for us to be able to support and provide a level of assurance to the people of our community, Adam has pledged to a second King tier to ensure we have the room for our members. We are currently sitting at 18 out of 24 duchies filled and the majority of our duchies are at their cap for locked in counties at this point, though there are still plenty of spots left for counties, baronies, towns, and vassals in the Kingdom.

Who are our Leaders?

Adam Burrfoot

Role: King

What experience do you have, both RL and in games, that you feel will help you lead the Vornair Community?

Currently I am an Information Security Officer for a large Financial Services provider and lead the Cyber Security Strategy for a Business Unit that covers approximately 20k employees and 40k+ devices in total. Additionally I am a Security Manager for a large Data Storage manufacturer and lead the Cyber Tools Architecture and Engineering team that runs a number of technologies and services covering 140k employees, and 235k devices in total.

I served in the Marine Corps for 5 years in Data / Intel. Meritorious promotion twice, hit Sergeant at my 3 year mark, and ended my last two years working as the Ops Chief for Communications Company MSOSG (Marine Special Operations Support Group).

I have been leading guilds / gaming groups for the last 15 years in order: Dark Age of Camelot, WoW, Age of Conan, Darkfall, SWTOR, and The Secret World (a few more but not as notable).

Most notable I ran a Sever First Guild on Kil'Jaeden called Roadrunners from WotLK until MOP. As well as The Wanderers in Darkfall.

Been kind of in game limbo since the NA populace of The Secret World moved on, and I havent found something worth investing my time and energy into, until now with CoE. So I am kinda going all in for it.

Further our newly established group VGC (Vornair Gaming Community) has now played in Albion Online as Vornair, as well as LiF:MMO as Ardent Maples. Both games we have done fairly well in, though our LiF:MMO presence is definitely our crowning achievement as a community thus far. We dominated the NA Server along with our alliance, and continue to do so against the Chinese, though we do expect the game to die soon due to poor developers / development. It was fun while it lasted.

How do you view leadership as it pertains to gaming, or gaming communities?

The way I look at it gaming leadership is all about taking on the responsibility and accountability for ensuring those members who follow you, as their leader, can have the environment that they are looking to play in. That requires that leader / leadership group to take on additional tasks / work / effort to create systems, organization, and communication channels to facilitate that environment / support their community members. Gaming should never be a job, however leadership will always be. The trick is to ensure you are balancing out the work load vs the ability / time to enjoy the game with the community you've built across a community leadership team that way everyone is both supported and feels supported rather than like this is a job / burden to them in their very valuable time off.

This is all my personal experience and opinions though, our other community leaders have a wealth of experience in and of themselves leading groups like Xeilias, PAX Gaming, Old Timers Guild, The New Outriders, Provibloc and a lot of other groups.

I hope that helps clear some of your questions up, and I am happy to answer any further questions at your leisure.


Role: Duchess

What experience do you have, both IRL and in game, that you feel will help you lead the Vornair community?

IRL, I’m primarily an outdoorswoman, educator, and artist.

The outdoors seem like a perpetuating enemy for gamers, full of bugs and uncomfortable temperatures and an extreme lack of Hot Cheetos. But I’m much too adventurous to stay totally indoors, partaking in hiking, backpacking, hunting, fishing, paddleboarding, wakeboarding, running, camping, archery, shooting guns, kayaking. I’ve participated in many races, won my Spartan Race Military Edition metal, and constantly moving onto the next thing, which soon will be a Half-Marathon. This stubborn determination and grit I’ve voluntarily adopted for my life has made me very, very difficult to knock down as a person and as a leader.

As an educator for high school, with several years “herding cats” (sometimes called “teaching teenagers”) before hand, I’m used to daily management of schedules, events, personalities, discipline issues, community, and culture. I’m also very keenly aware of people’s interests, strengths, and weaknesses, then try to foster the individual’s unique path, something I try to capitalize on in gaming communities.

As an artist, I’m constantly finishing one project to begin another. I run my own freelance graphic design side-business, only accepting projects I believe in and turning down the rest. I frequently plan and execute creative projects from beginning to end, something I’m all too familiar with in the sandbox games we tend to latch onto.

In my gaming history, I lost countless hours of my early gaming life on Stronghold and Stronghold: Crusader, then Guild Wars, and of course, WoW (in which I spent much more time in PvP Battlegrounds and in front of the auction house than anything else). For a time, I was hardcore involved in some small RP communities, MUDs, and some browser-based RPGs, where the story and legend were much more important to me than destroying the dungeon boss. For a time, I led a small team of friends who jumped around various MMOs in Beta, testing those games while feeling out for whatever might hold our attention for longer than a few months. Before the CoE community, I ended an affair with ESO, Planetside 2, Battlefield 3 and 4, and several others while part of another gaming community. Since I joined the CoE community, we’ve (Helgrim Enterprises) played quite a bit of Minecraft, ARK, LiF YO and MMO with the Vornair community. We’ve been proud of the accomplishment of recently passing our Two-Year Anniversary as a community, and hope to bring that solidity to our duchy of Aechena, as well as to the kingdom of Vornair.

How do you view Leadership as it pertains to gaming, or gaming communities?

Leadership in gaming communities is typically based on zero structure, little origin, and completely from scratch. How do you run a voluntary-based community in which anyone can simply log off and choose to not be involved? You inspire them. You provide a space in which they can reach their own goals and you support them in those goals. You build a community that people want to be apart of and feel welcome to be themselves. You make real friends and relationships. You keep the overall goals in mind and keep the vision for the group. You share that vision and bring everyone together. You protect your people and their collective goals with a fierceness that shows that you genuinely want them to succeed. And sometimes, you just do all the hard work no one else really wants to do. But the “community” part of a gaming community is really key, maybe even more than the game itself. We’ve all played less-than-enjoyable games for the community we were involved in for that very reason.

It means so much to me to be part of this community and to hold the faith of those who have chosen to put their gameplay experience in my hands. While this may be “just a game,” the people are still people. And they are reason why I’m here.


Role: Duke

What experience do you have, both RL and in games, that you feel will help you lead the Vornair Community?

I was in the navy for 20 years and bring that experience with me. I have been the leader of teams between 10 - 50 and part of base command structures. My primary job was Air Traffic Control which is labeled as one of the most stressful jobs in the world. Critical thinking and quick decisive action are hallmarks of the job. I am currently a pilot building flight hours to get the higher level jobs in the industry. I believe I bring an understanding of people and how conflicts grow from miscommunication and misunderstanding. I can lead in the field and work through the politics at higher level equally. I also understand that leadership in games is a lot different than the military or real world. Open communication is the key. I have been in gaming guild leadership roles for many different games. DAOC, Archage, Allods, WOW, Guild Wars 2 and SWTOR are a few games I have played and been in a leadership position. I am a member of The New Outriders(NOR) which is one of the oldest gaming guilds established in 1992. The guild has helped me learn, observe and practice the skills needed to run a longstanding organization in games.

How do you view leadership as it pertains to gaming, or gaming communities?

Being a part of NOR has taught me a lot about what leadership is needed in games. The number one rule to understand is we are all playing a game in our free time. People that take on leadership roles are expected to be more involved and also realize when real life is taking priority. There is no shame in stepping back from a leadership role as long as a replacement is worked out before someone disappears. Players come and go in these style of games all the time. A major part of leadership is to constantly keep up with recruitment to counter the outflow of players that leave a game for whatever reason. When it comes to leadership with-in the game, I will get as much input from my leadership team before making any decisions. It is my job as a Duke to get the most information I can to make a decision, but ensure I make the decision in a timely manner. Things move so quickly in video games, there is no time for long debates.


Role: Duke

What experience do you have, both RL and in games, that you feel will help you lead the Vornair Community?

Currently, I can't actually talk about my job. I'm not saying that to sound mysterious. I legitimately cannot do so. However, I am a former U.S. military linguist/analyst if that gives you any sort of insight. There are a ton of those who have backed or plan to play this game that are former military, so I don't necessarily believe that would make me any better at leading than others. However, I do have extensive gaming and MMO experience. I began playing what would be considered MMOs back in the mid 90s with text MUDs. I then continued on and played "The Realm", Meridian 59, and then finally settled long term in Ultima Online. I dabbled in most of the other major MMOs at the time (Everquest 1/2, Asheron's Call, Anarchy Online, Dark Age of Camelot, Final Fantasy 11/14, EVE, Shadowbane, World of Warcraft to name a few), but for about 7 or 8 years, I would always come back to UO. I have led at various times during this timeframe, from class lead to raid leader. I am a min-maxxer at heart, so I tend to try to tinker and find the best way to solve a problem.

Currently, I've been having a bit of an issue getting the same feeling as I used to about MMOs. Hearing about CoE got me excited again and I am hoping that it will bring that sense of wonder I felt during those Text MUD/Early MMO days.

How do you view leadership as it pertains to gaming, or gaming communities?

My goal in this entire endeavor is to facilitate fun for the members. However, there are usually too many moving parts to really handle myself. I like to lean on willing individuals to help accomplish common goals, which in this case, is the duchy and kingdom. I am NOT a micro-manager. I will manage certain aspects, but they are in the form of fairly broad guidelines/minimum requirements, but after that, everyone is free to spend their time how they want. Part of the fun is success, which is why I set base requirements, but it should never feel like a job. I personally may play it as a second job, but I don't have the expectation of anyone else to treat it as such because for some people, that's just not fun.

I tend to have a pretty chill attitude and level head towards most things. I am not a hurry up and wait type of person, as I heard that enough in the military. However, there are times that I can get riled, and when that does happen I tend to be very firm in my stance. I also like to take a lot advice/suggestions from members. I may not use all of it, but I like to hear different viewpoints in order to make the best decision for the group. There are also times it may just be a better idea I didn't think about, so being unwilling to hear criticism or suggestions would end up hurting us in the long run. I (and we as it pertains to the DOTR) will never make everyone happy, but as long as we as a group can accept the decision, and work together towards implementing it (and not bickering after the decision has been made), then we will be in the best position for success.

Nimb Zephyr

Role: Duke

What experience do you have, both RL and in games, that you feel will help you lead the Vornair Community?

I am a farmer born and raised. I have planted and harvested soybeans, wheat, corn and an assortment of others. I have helped raise cattle, sheep, hogs, turkeys and chickens. That was all before graduating high school. Upon graduating high school I went to school like many others and started a career. For me this was a Cisco Network Engineer. I quickly rose through ranks where I was hired and ended up with a team of my own and enjoyed a good decade working in my chosen field.

It was not long though that the old family craft caught me again and I was back to the farm. My great uncle had asked my dad to help him farm until the day he died and dad obliged. I came back, but this time working the books, taxes and paperwork, so that dad could farm without worry. This is an example of the many things I learned on the farm growing up. Everyone can help in one way or another you just have to be willing to work.

When I wasn’t working I played most major MMOs led many communities, participated in even more and have learned when to be patient as well as when to kick over the table raising a bit of hell. My longest played game would be Everquest for over 7 years. I’ve played almost every other major MMO since then.

I am a long term member of the multi gaming guilds The Older Gamers, and The Sinister Swarm. I host regular meetings, events, and offer rewards for participation within my Duchy.

How do you view leadership as it pertains to gaming, or gaming communities?

We are all adults, this is what we do for fun, we do not want a babysitter, nor should we need one. I’m here to help my people deal with everyone else who does not understand that sentence. I am 37 years old and I have been gaming since computers came as a pile of pieces you had to assemble with a soldering iron. I do not believe that grown adults want their play time dictated to them. I do believe that many want to help each other out, as long as it is not demanded of them. This is core to my belief when playing a game. We help each other out freely, but do not expect or demand what is someone else's’ that includes their time. Time is one thing many adult gamers find precious and dealing with drama is not high on their list of favorite past time. It is my job to purge drama and those whom would create it. I find that if you offer people a level of respect they tend to be very charitable to others both in game and out. Please feel to seek me out for any questions or concerns you may have.

More to come!


Our Kingdom-level body of government is an oligarchic body of government called the Duke/Duchesses of the Round, which are filled by the Duke/Duchesses. This is a system in which the Duke/Duchesses all have a set number of votes to be put towards a Kingdom-wide law, policy, regulation, or initiative. The Queen and King have additional weight on this council as well as the right to veto. Our King and Queen is assisted in their roles by a High Council system whose positions are based off of merit and knowledge in their given fields of expertise. Our Duke/Duchesses are assisted in their roles by their own Duke/Duchess Council system. This allows the High Council to have points of contact in each Duchy (Duchy) and keep the management of their respective areas workable.

Duke/Duchesses of the Round

The Duke/Duchesses of the Round exists only to make Kingdom-wide decisions / laws. Duchy-specific laws will be handled at their level by whatever means the Duke/Duchesses choose to manage them so long as the Duchy’s laws do not supersede the Kingdom law or directly affect the other Duchies. For further information on how each Duchy will run, it is recommended that you join our discord or our website and look through our Vornair Directory.

Each Duke/Duchess will choose a virtue to represent and in which they will strive to embody. The quality is an important attribute that should resonate with the Duke/Duchess, as well as be the same attribute by which their people respect and hold them accountable. These virtues show what our Kingdom truly values at its highest levels. While each Duke/Duchess is expected to embody their chosen virtue, they also expect the King and Queen to embody those virtues and hold them to that standard.

We have very stringent standards when it comes to selecting our Duke/Duchesses. We have consolidated this list into 10 key points that are considered carefully when choosing who will be running our Duchies when launching into this game. We believe these points are key to ensure we are getting folks that ensure the highest level of stability to our community overall. Those key points are listed below:

  1. Strong leader to the community at large.

  2. Sets a great example for others to emulate.

  3. Has a wealth of leadership experience that inspires confidence in their ability to lead up to 5000 people.

  4. Provides a different asthetic.

  5. Provides a focus that clearly sets them apart from the other duchies and brings something new to the palette of Vornair.

  6. Has the confidence of the council and Duke/Duchesses that they can and will run their Duchy self-sufficiently without any micromanagement from outside the Duchy.

  7. While being self-sufficient makes it clear that they will absolutely do what is best for the Kingdom overall.

  8. Has the numbers or at least inspires confidence they will get the numbers to solidify their holdings in the game.

  9. Adds a new perspective to the Duke/Duchesses of the Round, is not a "yes" person.

  10. Will get along well and build a solid relationship with the rest of the leadership.

Through these key points, we have selected 18 Duchies to build and start our Kingdom with, out of the 24 total Duchies our Kingdom will have. Please note that while we have 18 Duchy slots filled alot of those are filled by multi-duchies (1 person who pledged for multiple Duke packages).

Our current Duke/Duchess list will be maintained below. (Click on the Banners to check out their recruitment posts.)

Duke/Duchess of Valor

Held by: King Evelake Rhyne and Queen Lagertha Bjornstad

Duchy: The Duchy of The Rhynelands

Description: Bred for war and hardship the people of the Rhyne are a coarse people. Over the ages their people have become as steel, tempered by the mountains they call home, the creatures that dwell there, and brutal warfare for countless years. They are strong willed and passionate, and quick to gut someone to protect their own. To earn your clan’s respect (not demand it) and be remembered in legend and story is the utmost honor to be bestowed upon a Rhynelander. The Rhynelanders are meta builders, theory crafters, and guide publishers that will work to ensure that every member of the Rhynelands has what they need to meet and exceed their bars for success then set a new bar. Forever setting the bar. "Together, We Rise!"

Duke of Honor

Held by: Duke Copin Bälen

Duchy: The Grand Duchy of Erzhalden

Description: A bit rough around the edges, the inhabitants of the Grand Duchy of Erzhalden are a hearty and friendly folk that have an ardent drive to pursue knowledge and strength. Due to the duchy's exceptionally large land size, access to natural resources give their crafters and researchers resounding success in those areas. This in turn rewards the warriors who utilize the crafting and research in their engagements. Those who wish to continue this tradition of strength join the Erzhalden military. Working together, the people of Erzhalden move ever forward.

Duchess of Altruism

Held by: Duchess Aleerayn Aritaur

Duchy: The Conclave of Aritaur

Description: The Conclave is a warm, cooperative and supportive home for all types of adventurers. We thrive on planning, building and executing initiatives in a manner which is consistent with our Guiding Principles; above all, maintaining a Balance between doing the hard work while ensuring cutting-edge knowledge and research guides our hands. The Conclave is an economy-centric Duchy, designed to invest in and develop wealth-creating initiatives for the benefit of all our citizens, which in turn will provide for a well-trained and well-equipped military. While we work hard, we also play hard, enjoying mild to wild (PG-13!) roleplaying, and a sense of community that is unparalleled in the lands.

Duke of Dauntlessness

Held by: Duke Kellix Drayce

Duchy: Triton: Duchy of The High Seas

Description: Settled on the shoreline of Vornair, the Duchy of the High Seas is one built of maritime pursuits. Her bold and hardy citizens enjoy the water's bountiful expanse as an extension of their territory, and as such, are often highly focused in naval research, trade, and exploration. The people are borne of the sea, and will not feel at home again until they are back on the open ocean.

Duke/Duchess of Perseverance

Held by: Duke Morbis Alabast & Duchess PotatoMcWhisky Alabast

Duchy: The Duchy of The Stormlands

Description: Above all else, the Stormlands strive for excellency in all things. Through the perseverance and determination of our citizenry, supported from every level of the Duchy, we will become an economic, political and militaristic powerhouse that will be the envy of the entire server. Combined with a unique climate enabled by an equally unique relic, the Stormlands promises to be a premier option for any wayward travellers looking for a home.

Duke/Duchess of Assiduity

Held by: Duke Mythos Cardan and Duchess Danalith Cardan

Duchy: The Duchy of Fehu

Description: Often bards sing of Fehu as place full of danger and mystery, a place where few dare to go, and never come back. But, the reason they do not come back is because mead is sweeter in Fehu, courtesans are softer and nimbler than anywhere in Elyria. and the forbidden is but a whisper away. Fehu is place where word “sin” does not exist. Where you can lose your life on a wrong drop of dice, or find fortune on the pointy end of your blade.

Duke and Duchess of Wisdom

Held by: Duke Vorien and Duchess Cynn

Duchy: The Duchy of Fenixvalle

Description: History of Shinshearon

We started out a separate peoples…

A'chaillte (ah-khaltchay) The Lost

The word clan means family...or more literally, children. We are family. The children of our ancestors. We revered those ancestors and looked to them for guidance. We were peaceful. We worked hard. We made music and drank. All around us the energy of the land ebbed and flowed. The magic that flows between all things. We used it. We shaped it. It was as much a part of us as the air we breathed, the water we drank, the fire that warmed us, and the ground we walked upon. We were connected by it. The Sidhe walked beside us. The Fearie folk. Beings of mirth and magic. There was love and harmony. Between those of the clan and between us and the land. We strode through the mists. The smell of the moss was pure pleasure and the dew on our skin divine. Our temple was everywhere and we worshiped freely. There was no contention for we shared openly. But in those rare instances, the council of three would settle what small disputes might arise. And their word was final. For a thousand years there was peace. But all good things, as those unenlightened few would say, must end.

And so it did.

Duke and Duchess of Initiative

Held by: Duchess Rheika Hart and Duke Alaric Stonehammer

Duchy: The Trade Duchy of Helgrim

Description: Helgrim (Est. 2016) is a community of players focused primarily on production, crafting, commerce, and trade. Our central location in western Vornair is prime for multi-Duchy trade as well as Kingdom-Kingdom trade. We value community, cooperation, efficiency, progress, and innovation. Our leadership is composed of individuals who apply skills from real-life careers or degrees in sales, business, management, shipping, and logistics.

Duke of Persistence

Held by: Duke Nimb Zephyr

Duchy: The Duchy of Anemoi

Description: Within the Kingdom of Vornair, The Anemoi is in a great spot for those looking for Mountains, forests and lakes. If you are wanting to work with animals or their products, mining, or smithing you will be well at home. Every trade or craft is welcome and can easily find a safe haven within The Anemoi.

Our priority in recruits are people that are friendly, ambitious, sociable and willing to collaborate with the community.

High Council

The High Council positions are appointed directly by the King and Queen. They may be given explicit permission to act with the authority of the Queen or King. All High Council members can submit laws, policies, regulations, or initiatives for the Duke/Duchesses of the Round to vote on, and will attend meetings to speak as the submitter as well as advise the King on their areas of expertise.

To inquire about any of these positions please join our discord and message anyone in the leadership. For specific information on the responsibilities of each of the roles, click the image below.

Our Kingdom Website

We are a down-to-earth and grizzled group of players. If you are at all interested in our vision or our style, please feel free to drop by our website (link below), and register for our forums. Once registered join our discord server (link also below) and ask for your roles to be assigned. One of the leaders will verify that your account is registered on our site and set you permissions set up on both platforms.

There are a number of clan, tribe, guild, and company recruitment posts on our website as well so please head over there to check those out and see if you would fit in with any of them or perhaps you could be the first to head up a guild of your own!

Click the image below to start your journey!

Our Kingdom Discord

You can also just contact us on our Discord hang out with our people and get a feel for who Vornair is. There is only very rare occasions when the King is not the most active person on the Discord and he enjoys engaging with everyone who wishes to engage him. Everyone else is also an active and welcoming bunch. Plenty of company and people to talk to while waiting for the game and playing other games together.

We answer any questions we can on our Discord, click the image below to join up and hang out!

Our Kingdom Videos

Come view our Kingdom Q&As and other content we post to our Kingdom YouTube Channel by clicking the image below!

If you are looking to keep up to date on all CoE information and enjoy delicious accents, watch the Town Crier by clicking the image below!

Dont forget to subscribe to keep yourself up to date.

Organizations in Vornair

Click any of the images or links below to find out more about the Organizations based in Vornair!


Daemonscale Trading Co

Artcraft Outfitters

Blackstone Forge Society

Two Suns

Arcadia School


"Pledged to the betterment of the Studio and CoE through realistic, open, honest communication about what players can and will do with the mechanics you give them."

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6/28/2016 6:54:25 AM #1

Proud to be a part of this Kingdom and watch it grow! Also, the Bards Guild is happy to have a branch in the Kingdom of Vornair. :)

6/28/2016 9:53:44 AM #2

Congratulations and good luck, you have really good set up, like the norse motif.

6/28/2016 7:10:52 PM #3

Very happy to be a member of the kingdom!

FWIW, I was KS Backer #21 and wanted nothing but the best for this game.

6/29/2016 2:49:29 PM #4

Thank you Count Mythos, good luck to you as well.

"Pledged to the betterment of the Studio and CoE through realistic, open, honest communication about what players can and will do with the mechanics you give them."

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6/29/2016 2:50:05 PM #5

Proud to have you and the Bards Guild as a part of our Kingdom Idca!

"Pledged to the betterment of the Studio and CoE through realistic, open, honest communication about what players can and will do with the mechanics you give them."

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6/29/2016 2:50:53 PM #6

I am glad that you are happy to be here, and very humbled that you decided to come along with me!

"Pledged to the betterment of the Studio and CoE through realistic, open, honest communication about what players can and will do with the mechanics you give them."

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7/1/2016 12:44:18 PM #7

Additionally I would like to welcome all of our new Helgrim members to our Kingdom!

"Pledged to the betterment of the Studio and CoE through realistic, open, honest communication about what players can and will do with the mechanics you give them."

Come follow me on Twitch for CoE News and general hangout stuff n things!

7/2/2016 3:46:06 AM #8

Glad to be a part of it, High King.

7/2/2016 3:46:09 AM #9

Jodel Drake-Starr, reporting.


7/2/2016 9:59:13 AM #10

Fun never ends in Vornair Discord!

7/2/2016 10:41:19 AM #11

Absolutely huge to have Helgrim join us.

FWIW, I was KS Backer #21 and wanted nothing but the best for this game.

7/3/2016 5:21:29 PM #12

Thank you King Evelake! It is wonderful to be a part of the Vornair kingdom.

7/5/2016 7:25:02 PM #13

I am glad to have you here Jace!

"Pledged to the betterment of the Studio and CoE through realistic, open, honest communication about what players can and will do with the mechanics you give them."

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7/5/2016 7:25:41 PM #14

:-) That LiF channel is blowing up.

"Pledged to the betterment of the Studio and CoE through realistic, open, honest communication about what players can and will do with the mechanics you give them."

Come follow me on Twitch for CoE News and general hangout stuff n things!

7/5/2016 10:10:53 PM #15

Very interested in this Chronicler. Haha.