[NA-E] Order of the Sun & Moon

Thanks for taking the time to look into this order. To start, this will not be your conventional guild, rather this will be a school of religion, a monastery if you will. This will be to further the religions of Elyria, learning and teaching the beliefs of Angelica & Luna, and writing about them and the entire pantheon therein.

Accepting additional alliances

The Order of the Sun & Moon is a monastery devoted to the Twins (Angelica and Luna). This order seeks to further the understanding, knowledge, and teachings of the Twins. We will be a center of religious education, allowing people to further more than just their skills, but the beliefs as well. Under our tutelage followers will learn patience, sacrifice, generosity, dedication, and grow with knowledge and skills required to grow the church and the faith.

Beyond religious rites and practices, devoted members who wish to work more directly with the order can opt to join the official order, which functionally works as a farmer's order, specializing on alcohol, vegetables & fruit, as well as livestock. These people will either be monks of the order, or dedicated members of the faith with no other refuge to train their craft. Wards of the state will be welcomed to join, but anyone else may join as a member to train their skills and research with us.

The Order of the Sun & Moon will cater to those who wish to exist within the belief structure, those who wish to shine as beacons of the Twin's grace. While some organizations strive only to improve skills, The Order of the Sun & Moon will also strive to improve the community. Anyone who wishes to see the community they are in grow with a more direct connection to the Twins will find peace within the order.

Additionally, skills will be a major part of our order, allowing for it to maintain structure within itself. We will need farmers, crafters, and teachers to pass those skills down to future generations of the order, people who will pass along their understanding. We will be providing services to the community that allow us to integrate religion with our community, allowing those who follow the beliefs a place of sanctity.

The Heirarchy of the Order of the Sun & Moon is split into two categories, based on how people interact within the order. All culminating under the leadership of The Holy One, there are two main sects, the Monks and the Priests. Monks of the order are those who have dedicated their entire lives to it, choosing to work for the order and in turn their research is protected by the order. On the other hand, the Priests and followers of the faith are only members for the religion. They do not dedicated their lives to the church, but wish to follow it's teachings in their own homes. While not less worthy than the Monks, these are not considered full members in most regards, but are given many of the same benefits.

Holy One:

The Holy One is the main leader of the church and the order. The Holy One is expected to make sure there are no disputes, and that the order always strives to improve. Generally speaking, when all else fails, the Holy One should be available to resolve all issues in one way or another, and should be a shining beacon in the order.


This is the leader of the monks within the Order of the Sun & Moon. This singular person should be, above all else, the perfect example of a monk, and should always be willing to teach at all times, simply by demonstrating how other monks should live. This person is in charge of the order's monks, and generally as such, in charge of the research and development of the order. This person in responsible for making sure the farmers and crafters who have joined the order as monks perform their duties, and decides how the research should be pushed. Reporting only to the Holy One, the Abott is able to make most decisions autonomously, and push forth the true needs of the monks.


The Monks of the Order of the Sun & Moon fall into three categories. Virtue, Faith, and Follower. There is no official ranking, but from that list, Virtue Monks have dedicated more to the order than Faith Monks, and similarly Faith Monks more than Monks. These titles simply recognize the monks for their works, but do not bestow additional rights upon them. However, it must be noted, to attain the title of Abott, one must be a Virtue Monk, and to obtain Virtue, they must be a Faith Monk. This means that one must advance in stages. Obtaining the various titles is considered a very important deal, and will usually be celebrated in a humble manner.


The Cardinal is to the church what the Abott is to the monks, a leader. He or she must be always striving to be a shining example of faith in practice. Similar to the Holy One and Abott, the Cardinal is a leadership role. The Cardinal takes time to manage the Bishops and High Priests to maintain an order. It is the job of the Cardinal to be the eyes and ears outside of the church for the Holy One, gaining information from other lands through use of their Bishops and Missionaries. The second major role would be the eyes and ears among the followers, making sure their needs are met and services are properly provided by High Priests and Priests.

Bishop/High Priest:

These individuals are similar to departmental managers, and can have multiple people in their ranks. The different Bishops and High Priests usually specialize, but by no means required to. The main difference between the two, is that Bishops are often the ones who are willing to leave town, and bring new people to the church. On the other hand, the High Priest is the one who manages the local land. They are the ones who coordinate groups of priests for various tasks. When the church expands, the Cardinal is often asked to leave the main location to build the next church, and a Bishop or High Priest is selected to replace them. A special note on Friars. Technically falling under the leadership of High Priest, they are priests that specialize in performing duties for the church with the explicit intention of a donation being made. Friars can do anything from providing services or goods, to simply asking faithful to provide toward the church's benefit. This role is one that a priest may opt in to or out of at any time, but relinquishing the title of Friar removes them from further consideration of that role.


The deacons are members of the church who have shown interest in aiding the church, but do not directly wish to be leaders. Deacons are often asked to perform simple duties, such as spreading the word of upcoming events, or coordinating groups of members during said events. Deacons are also people who contribute regularly, such as by those who perform an annual tithe. This role has no true authority, but is a role that should be considered respected by all members. Deacons do have one advantage, of being considered VIP members, should an event run out of room for more to join. Slots will always be reserved for several Deacons, regardless of what is happening.


By far the easiest thing to obtain, the rank of follower. Simply by attending a single event and making the choice to join does one become a Follower. Followers have no responsibilities within the order, but do have the expectation to seek self-improvement through good works. Followers who wish to work with the order's crafters are welcome to, but are asked to respect those that have spent more time involved. Anyone who is a Follower can request services to be performed by the church, but should they do so, are asked to consider donating in thanks.

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The main function of the monastery should be obvious, to meet the religious needs of those interested. This however, does not complete the entirety of the list. While we do not know for sure just how many skills we will be able to support, there are goals for what we will be hoping to have in our midst; * Farming Plants/Animals * Alcohol Production (primarily wines) * Cooking (primarily simple foods to support homeless and members) * Glass Blowing (primarily for bottle production) * Carpentry (primarily for barrel production) * Other, various forms of personal skills each member might bring, such as scribes, candlemaking, beekeeping, etc... We want our members to focus on the needed skills, but having a hobby skill is not discouraged with current knowledge of the game. If provisions allow, we may even support a small library, or provide religious texts to a local library if another one is opening.

While making plans, we take into consideration our lower degree of concrete knowledge of what the game will allow, but I have been assured by our local Count, Count Abbott Lark of Pevensie in the Vornair Kingdom, that we will be backed by his support. This means that we will be operating under the benefits of a supportive high ranking office holder, who seeks to improve the order, and those who follow it, in growing our skills and helping the county with religious needs.

Below will be a list of services we definitely will be providing, some right from the start, some may come with time and negotiations, some may not come at all depending on game functions.

  • Weddings will be provided to two people (of any gender identities) who decide to bond their lives into one Holy recognized marriage or union (depending on their preference). Depending on game function, these weddings will either be official, or more of an official blessing from the church, friends and/or family.

  • Funerals are a sad time for all, but with proper handling, can be time to mourn the passing, and celebrate the accomplishments of those who we follow in life. We will provide shelter for those who wish to pass into the Akashic Records within holy walls, allowing family and friends to visit if desired. Upon a passing, if possible, we will provide a funeral service, and either ceremonial or actual cremation services (depending on what is available in game).

  • Reformation is something criminals are often offered. Those incarcerated, may be permitted, based on game function, to ask for a holy figure to come and speak with them while incarcerated. Should this be possible, we will provide such service when available upon request of the incarcerated.

  • Blessing a home or business might be a way to ask for the Twins' mercy or prosperity. Have you or your family just moved or opened a new business? Maybe asking the church to bless it would bring better luck or fortune, We will also provide personal blessings, and may even draw from other real cultures, like shinto shrines in Japan providing random luck (either good or bad) for the year.

  • Confession will be provided to those who have a guilty conscious, and wish to ask the church for help. Committed a crime and want forgiveness from the Twins? Fine, come ask and you will be forgiven by them. However, while we will not make attempts to arrest you (as we're not the town guard), we will, for your penance, ask you to pay for your crimes or wrongdoings in exchange for that forgiveness.

  • Holy Quests are a rare, but worthy treat provided to those who have followed the teachings. Knights and warriors who seek to improve the order will be able to do so by going out in the name of the order, bringing back to the church artifacts found. In doing so, you would be entitled to high praise from the church, and be able to retain a portion of the findings as payment.

  • And more... Depending on the exact abilities in the game, we may provide a huge list of other tasks, and should we have people with talents appropriate, may even provide those as services. Costs will usually be based on expectation of the church, or by available donation. Those who regularly tithe may not be asked to pay anything as thanks for the regular donations.

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  • Dec 12 2016 - Order of the Sun & Moon officially formed
  • Dec 17 2016 - Location negotiated, Vornair Nation, Erzhalden Duchy, Pevensie County
  • Dec 22 2016 - First chapter of the religious text completed
  • Feb 02 2017 - Hey we got interviewed by our Kingdom for YouTube

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Q&A Session

Kingdom of Vornair Interview

With me, Father Robin Ezequiel

And special thanks to the interviewer: Jarl Morbis Alabast

12/17/2016 6:05:28 AM #4

Updated for official location!

12/17/2016 11:42:29 PM #5

Pleasant people, awesome group. Welcome to Pevensie County!

12/18/2016 4:34:01 AM #6

Thank you Rysaiah! I'm happy to be a part of such a friendly county! You guys have been nothing short of great since even before I joined officially.

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Bump for an early Merry Christmas to everyone! And happy holidays for those who don't celebrate Christmas!

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Update: Seeking monks to work the fields, spread the faith, and build up the order itself. Those interested should come into our Discord. If you're interested in other roles, stop on by.

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I'm glad to see you have decided on vornair for your location :)

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This reminds me of Pokémon. Good luck though!


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Update! We had a Q&A interview with the Kingdom of Vornair! Lots of great questions asked, and if you'd like to listen in:

Kingdom of Vornair Interview

With me, Father Robin Ezequiel

And special thanks to the interviewer: Jarl Morbis Alabast

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Please move to Luna Organizations

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