The Skovgaard

Our Goal, Mission and Motto

We as rangers will be the ones who forge ahead and report reconnaissance back of enemy movements. Treacherous bandits that pillage highways and merchants, frontlines of a raging battle, and any monstrous creatures that threaten the well-being of the Freeholders of Zylphania and Ultimately the Kingdom of Alesia - the Skovgaard protect, ever vigilant, ever prepared to strike. Day or night, we are ready.

Ancestral Pillars

The Skovgaard is founded on the ancestral pillars of Loyalty, Justice and Professionalism.

Loyalty The history of the Skovgaard dates back to the fall of the Empire of Xeilias. During this time of unrest, suspicion and violence plagued these fabled lands. The founding rangers came together to uphold the liberties and freedoms of all citizens, protecting and maintaining loyalty to their community. A bond of trust, admiration and respect between rangers and citizen grew, and was spurred on as bandits fled and peace was found. However, the greatest loyalty is to our fellow rangers, who fight and devote themselves to the cause and the lives of each other. When called upon all of the Skovgaard will answer, to protect their home and family.

Justice A great importance is allotted to justice, it is a pillar of prosperous and thriving community; with justice comes potential for all. This mindset uplifts all play-styles, providing citizens, merchants, guilds and organizations the opportunity to thrive in all aspects.

Professionalism A mission provided by the Commandant or of a Noble or Aristocrat, the Skovgaard will always follow through. To honor our ancestral pillars, it is the duty of the Skovgaard to have lawful, respected relations with our communities. Allowing the Skovgaard to never fail in our efforts to uphold the law and justice that is deserved.

What we’re looking for

We are looking for dedicated people who want to further the success and story of the Skovgaard. Someone who values the ancestral pillars of who the Skovgaard are. The Skovgaard needs those who are loyal, honorable and desire the life of a ranger. Training is needed and awaits those who join in the Chronicles of Elyria.

The Skovgaard is a group focused on archery, intelligence gathering, law keeping, special operations, adventuring and roleplaying. I, Varin Ragnvald Commandant of the Skovgaard, look forward to Chronicles of Elyria, enjoying our time together in creating a community and establishing ourselves as prestigious and honorable Rangers.

History and Formation: (Too be revised.)


The Royal Rangers

The Royal Rangers, are the founders of the Skovgaard that have desired to protect home and family since the birth of this organization. These rangers oversee and protect settlements within the County of Chasleos, to maintain the laws and peace of the land. During times of war, the Royal Rangers serve as scouts, saboteurs and guardians of the realm. The Royal Rangers are the embodiment of the ancestral pillars, highly skilled and efficient at all times and in all duties.

Training and Becoming a Skovgaard

Apprentices are brought in at a young age, but adults will be accepted as well. Most times, our Rangers are orphans or young boys whose families allow them apprenticeship if they show promise. On rare occasions, noble boys and girls will be taken in as well.

Our apprentices are dedicated. They train through months of promising missions and further their responsibilities and skill set leading them too the next phase. During the Ranger Gathering apprentices are tested, their skills and abilities battle-hardened against the teachings of their Craft-master. Succeeding through these trials apprentices receive their Bronze Oakleaf. Continuing their years of training Bronze Oakleaves can obtain their Silver Oakleaf through completing successful missions and maintaining the ancestral pillars of the Skovgaard.


Bronze Oakleaf - After completing the trials of the Gathering.

Silver Oakleaf - Those that have graduated from their apprenticeship, and are considered full-fledged Skovgaard, tradition dictates that the older and more experienced guide the young.

Gold Oakleaf - Retirees and those who have served the Skovgaard with distinction. This can also be for those who have lost the ability to perform active duty. They will help the Commandant of the Skovgaard in documenting our history, passing on their knowledge to the younger members within the Skovgaard, and relaying orders and messages to others of the Skovgaard.

Duties of the Skovgaard

  • Intelligence Gathering
  • Law Keeping
  • Fletching and Bow-making
  • Exploration
  • Hunting and Monster Slaying

These duties and obligations are integral to the culture of the Skovgaard, instilling the knowledge and life of a Ranger. However, the life of a Ranger is an individual path, best understood and undertaken with the playstyle and affinities of the Ranger and their band.

Starting Out and Onward

Starting out The Skovgaard will be based in the Freehold Commune of Ƶylphania. With the Royal Rangers we gather before exposition releases, we shall work towards the goal of making ourselves sustainable. Through endless training in the arts of the bow, hunting wildlife for practice and sustenance and ensuring the protection of the local populace.

For Rangers that do not have access to Exposition access, by the time the full game releases we plan to have our core members trained sufficiently to pass on knowledge to train new apprentices.

Friends with Benefits

-Unparalleled training in marksmanship, survival and other skills of a deviant nature.

-Unmatched companionship amongst like-minded individuals.

-Custom made equipment, crafted by the very best in the Freehold Duchy of Zylphania.

-Reside in your own personal accommodation provided free of charge, secluded within a County in Ƶylphania.

-A completely optional, but focused roleplay group.

If you have any questions or wish to join please contact me via Discord DMs my name is Varin Ragnvald also known as ZombieSniper, also feel free too hop into our Discord and chat amongst the other members and guests.

Discord Information:

5/31/2017 2:52:49 AM #1

We are proud to have the Skovgaard in Arenthia! I look forward to visiting their annual gathering and watching their prowess and skills grow.

All those looking to be a Ranger, should join the Skovgaard!

6/2/2017 4:01:21 AM #2


6/3/2017 12:41:41 AM #3

What color tent's it gunna be?

Big T

8/17/2017 6:38:01 AM #4

The Skovgaard is still actively looking for potential members! Those who have a passion for Archery or wish to protect the laws of the land make yourselves known. Want to get to know the leader? I'm on practically everyday to answer questions.

On a side note I've recently found a nice article on how archery combat might work in theory. How do you think jousting is archery's mirror (according to Caspian.)

8/25/2017 2:04:22 AM #5

Varin A.k.a. Zombiesniper is a great guy with unique set of ideas for his organization. Definitely a place to look at if you're venturing into archery or aspiring to become a scout or forester.

With that said, the Blaidds of Helmryk are honored to have the Skovgaard aiding us as well as the other divisions of the Dalridian Highlanders in keeping law and order throughout the hold.

11/20/2017 11:31:11 AM #6

Well, i'll help you out with somethings. I'll join, but me joining is mainly to help make a universal map. Especially for finding out where plants are. Some of the groups i'm working with are interested in cataloging new plants for use in studies and cultivation purposes. if something is found of value, we want to know where it can be found. So i'm joining groups in different areas and we are looking to exchange maps. It's also really important to find out where the roads are. I also intend on being a master bowman. So, i might be able to train people. We can talk about it later. Master Merchant

11/20/2017 11:47:44 AM #7

What races will you have in your group ? what races are you looking for? Master Merchant

11/21/2017 9:16:08 AM #8

I'm glad to have you with us Nurarihyon whether you join or work with us in other areas :) I eagerly await to see how well we will be able to train with the bow... I hope they make it detailed enough to be the masters we want to be haha. As for your question about what races I'll have in my group... I am currently gunning for Neran myself however we will accept all those who are able to wield a longbow and other weapons of their choice!

As a side note to everyone else. We will be making revisions to the recruitment post in the near future. Stayed tuned!

11/26/2017 2:23:20 AM #9

The eagerly awaited update is upon us! I am proud to announce a new branch within the Skovgaard called the Keepers of Order and further in-depth explanation of how we run as an Organization. We have also gone ahead and added a new piece of Lore to our ever growing history explaining the most recent happenings and lastly we have updated and listed our Core values or Ancestral pillars as we like to put it!

1/18/2018 5:56:43 AM #10

Greetings everyone, A small update. We are still in Zylphania but now precisely located within the County of Castillion. Lead by the most Excellent Duke Barnebas Bombastus.

4/16/2018 5:06:21 PM #11

Looking forward to working with Skovgaard!

12/20/2018 5:38:29 PM #12

Its been a while everyone so some news for you all... With our recent move to Alesia under the Duchy of Zylphania we have slightly restructured once more as is always the case with moves like these... Also with the longest Night upon us and a Holy quest in the midst I just want to say that the Skovgaard will give its full support to the Efforts of the order of unwavering Light...

12/27/2018 1:27:45 AM #13

Feedback given and opinions shared and debated I have made yet another update to the original post. The highlight of these changes circle around the Royal Rangers which are now Founding members! Also a cool motto in my opinion was added. Lastly grammatical errors and changes in the wording have been made. I guess Should probably make this a thing in my original post one day that these changes can happen often as we progress towards a more finished game! But who wants to look at a really long post. I mean look how long it is already!