[NA] Helgrim Enterprises

Helgrim Enterprises

Helgrim Enterprises is a merchant organization focused on commerce and trading. We aim to provide a wide range of high quality products and services to the people of the Kingdom of Vornair.

Our headquarters, The City of Helgrim, will be based in the County of Hartland, of the Trade Duchy of Aechena, in the Kingdom of Vornair.

Our Mission & Vision

To provide Elyria with items and materials through collaboration among crafters, traders, and other professions focused on strengthening the economy, and to provide a positive gaming experience for those players in those professions.

We aim for this goal by working together as 5 Divisions focusing on:

  1. Transportation and Trade
  2. Obtaining raw materials
  3. Crafting quantity and quality
  4. Sales
  5. Protecting our assets physically and legally

Helgrim Enterprises Membership benefits:

  • An active, tight-knit community
  • Priority support from a network of suppliers, buyers, and crafters
  • Greater efficiency in selling and/or operating
  • Company contracts and orders
  • Access to Helgrim-only buildings, stations, and other services
  • Name brand endorsement and recognition


The Council

Helgrim Enterprises is led by the Council, a group of skilled individuals that work together with their balanced personalities and backgrounds to, fairly and justly, provide solutions and direction for the Enterprise itself.

  • CEO
  • Division Heads


The CEO is responsible for managing the guild as a whole, maintaining overall vision and administrative tasks, handling external relationships, and serving as the guild leader.

  • Countess Rheika Hart

The Division Heads

The Division Heads are member-elected representatives of one of Helgrim Enterprises’ five divisions. They serve as Council members and actively participate in leading the guild.

  • Crafting Division Head - Danzo
  • Legal Division Head - Otsego
  • Seeker Division Head - Baron Kntrytnt
  • Wholesale Division Head - Viktor Galliand
  • Security Division Head - Count Alaric Stonehammer (Zero Skill)

The Officers

Officers manage day-to-day administrative tasks and act as moderators within Helgrim Enterprises. These qualified members are responsible for maintaining the community and structure to ensure Helgrim Enterprises runs smoothly.

  • Founder and Advisor - Ronin
  • Discord Manager and Marketing Director - Saraught Telnaeus
  • Intelligence Officer - Effect
  • Initiators (Below)


The Initiators are the front line of the welcoming party in Helgrim. Their duties lie in handling recruitment, monitoring the rosters, and conducting interviews.

  • Ctc9592
  • Baron Kntrytnt
  • Mayor Alifa Mrembe

Division Officers

Division Officers are division specific officers chosen by a Division Head to assist in day to day operations.

  • Baron Ahren (Joe) Fireforge (Crafting)
  • Mayor Alifa Mrembe (Seekers)
  • Abel Glass (Wholesale)
  • Mayor Meriel Cait-Sidhe (Security)

The Division Members

The Division Members are the heart of Helgrim Enterprises. These men and women run the show. With their drive and strong teamwork, the goals of Helgrim can be quickly and easily met. This ensures that the people of Elyria have friendly and affordable services provided to them.


Divisions are the backbone of the whole system of Helgrim Enterprises. Divisions place members together based on their primary occupation. This allows each division to have clearly defined goals and objectives that interest and support the members of the Division. The Divisions work together on a larger scale to accomplish the overall goals of Helgrim Enterprises.

In a player-driven economy, crafters are key. The Crafting Division brings together master craftsmen from all professions to fulfill orders, progress technology, and accomplish Helgrim’s goal of a stable economy. Helgrim helps connect crafters to buyers, suppliers, and trading hubs. There will be countless opportunities to advance a chosen craft. The Crafting Division is in high demand and there will be no shortage of jobs or income. Our dedicated crafters will put their hearts and souls into their professions.

The Crafting Division could include:
  • Alchemists
  • Artists
  • Blacksmiths
  • Candlemakers
  • Carpenters
  • Cooks
  • Fletchers
  • Glass Blowers
  • Leatherworkers
  • Masons
  • Papermakers
  • Tailors
  • Tinkerers

In a world that runs on contractual agreements, having the best scribes is a must. The Legal Division is a collection of advisors and scribes who write contracts and provide legal counsel for all divisions of Helgrim.

  • Scribes Responsible for drafting, reviewing, and editing any wholesale arrangements, payment agreements, and internal trading policies. They will also generate bounty tokens for contract breakers and give them to the authorities.

  • Market Analysts Responsible for studying the economical scenes, reporting and interpreting results, and forecasting trends based on those results.

  • Accountants/Bankers Responsible for keeping track of guild funds and making sure that they are used efficiently and effectively.The bankers are a subset of the legal division who handle the guild’s finances.

The Seekers are the great explorers and adventurers of Helgrim. A Seeker longs for the undiscovered truths of the world, be it turning over a stone to find a new insect, or turning over a dust-covered page from an ancient tome. A Seeker's expedition for knowledge is never halted, and that determination shines through in their division - a division solely dedicated to discovering and preserving all of Elyria’s knowledge and secrets.

  • Seekers of Land The Seekers of Land are explorers of the natural world. They travel anywhere from sunny fields to the darkest caves. Even the tallest mountains are but a small challenge to these Seekers. They find and map out the hidden wonders of the world. Neither the roar of beasts, nor the drums of war could ever stifle a Seeker’s drive for exploration.

  • Seekers of Lore The Seekers of Lore are the knowledge seekers of Helgrim. They seek the unknown truths of the world - studying in long forgotten libraries or digging up an ancient civilization to discover secrets no one else remembers. The scorn of fools, nor the weight of indignity could ever trample a Seeker’s appetite for the unknown.

  • Mainstays The Mainstays are the anchors of roadways and architecture. They mark the path of safest routes, and clear paths when needed. They serve as guides through the wilderness and help set up pathways to and from civilization. The Mainstays take note of areas of opportunity and warn others of dangers. All Seekers are required by principle to perform as Mainstays whenever needed. The work done by Mainstays helps bring order and safety to the chaos of the wilderness.

The Wholesale Division is a team of merchants and traders focused on securing and fulfilling contracts for Helgrim Enterprises. They work with the other Divisions to ensure orders are completed and delivered to the hands of customers. They also work to supply crafters with materials and blueprints.

  • Merchant Merchants work with customers to secure contracts for Helgrim Crafters. They work with crafters to get their goods sold, and transport products to markets and peddle their wares. There is always good coin to be made as a merchant.

  • Caravan Leader Caravan Leaders are responsible for transporting large shipments to customers or areas with high demand. They will hire and coordinate a team of couriers, explorers, and guards to ensure goods arrive safely.

  • Suppliers The suppliers are at the very beginning of our network. They are the ones collecting primary resources for our crafters to work with. Miners, lumberjacks, ranchers, hunters, and animal trainers are just a few examples of jobs under this role.

The Security Division consists of combat-focused defenders for the people and businesses of Helgrim. These dedicated individuals work in small, organized squads to ensure safe travels in the wilderness, guard trading posts, drive off bandits, and protect Helgrim from any threat that arises. Members of the Security Division often work on crafting, exploring, or merchanting in their spare time and will have access to Helgrim’s facilities and resources.

Typical Security Jobs
  • Contract Enforcement - Collect bounties on those players who would cheat the system.

  • Trade Route and Caravan Protection - Fight off bandit hordes and dangerous creatures.

  • VIP Escort - Protect high profile clients and nobles from the dangers that lurk in the shadows.

  • Rare Monster Hunting - Battle epic beasties to secure areas and collect rare materials.

  • OPC Guard Duty - Make money while you're offline.

  • Assist in Large Scale Combat - Help the Army defend our lands.

The City of Helgrim

The County of Hartland is home to the trading capital Helgrim, a secure trade city facilitated by Helgrim Enterprises. In the city of Helgrim, crafters, suppliers, merchants, and traders will find no shortage of opportunities to build businesses under the safety and security of strong, allied armed forces, as well as a defensive city layout. Helgrim members are free to live where they choose, but a Headquarters is offered. Hartland and the City of Helgrim work together with other Helgrim and Aechenan counties to pursue common goals in trade, crafting, and more.

How to join us

Send a forum message to the Initiators or come say Hello in our Discord and you will get a response shortly!

Friend Code: 6F1BD9

Media and Links

Helgrim Discord

Helgrim Website

DM21 Gaming Interview

Vornair Discord

Vornair Website

Q&A With Rheika Hart

Q&A With Zero and Telnaeus

Helgrim Member Counties
  • Hartland (Aechena)
  • Securitas (Aechena)
  • Dosi (Aechena)
  • Diar (Aechena)
  • Equestria (Aechena)
  • Oakenvale (Aechena)
  • Argentium (Aechena)
  • Hayden De'Auser's County (Stormlands)
  • Strix Umbra (High Seas)
Associated Groups & Allies
  • Duchy of Rhynelands
  • The Conclave of Aritaur
  • The Duchy of the High Seas
  • The Duchy of the Stormlands
  • Moonrest Astronomical Society
  • Adventurer’s Guild of Vornair
  • Galliand Shipping and Transport Company

1/19/2016 5:44:29 AM #1

We will need soldiers , scouts, cartographers, scribes, trade professionals, and eventually sailors. Loyalty and dedication will be rewarded as you will be able to move up through the ranks. Any lord who wishes to invest in us let us know. We will need to cover start up fees.

1/19/2016 8:56:07 AM #2

Ah Zygethia might want to do dealings with this group.

1/19/2016 1:02:32 PM #3

And we would love your business. Given you have the coin

1/19/2016 1:51:04 PM #4

As CEO I will thank u for your interest in our company. Having a King who supports us would be very important to the prosperity of our company. We can discuss the terms privately however I would be interested in basing operations in your kingdom if backed by your lordship. At Helgrim Enterprises we remember those who assist us and would remain loyal to your kimgdom, and we can discuss that later.

1/19/2016 2:03:16 PM #5

Your guild sounds like a branch within my own guild. The current position to lead this branch is vacant. If you are interested, let me know. Check out the link in my signature.

1/19/2016 2:14:17 PM #6

I have come across you're page. We would gladly aid you but as a business we take jobs that turn a profit. We hope to do business with you though at this point in time we do not wish to work exclusively with a single faction

1/19/2016 5:40:12 PM #7

We welcome business in Zygethia, as long as you aquire the deed to the plot of land you will be based on legally and pay taxes then you are free to conduct business.

We do however suggest you offer a discount to Zygethians, does not have to be large, a 15% should do it in exchange for opening up shop within our economy.

1/19/2016 5:53:35 PM #8

Any land we hold will be legally obtained it makes it easier to trade. We will discuss a discount but believe it is fair. As we will be trading in other kingdoms. But we will not trade weapons to nations who declare war against you. Long live the king!

1/19/2016 6:16:32 PM #9

Good to hear, we welcome your custom please contact Dilectos as he is the head of our Economic branch to work on the finer details.

1/19/2016 7:12:40 PM #10

I would love to join this group I feel like it would be very fun group to be a part of and help grow. I would love to see if I would be good for Internal investigations/head of security just let me know what your thinking.

Thanks Tutt

1/19/2016 7:18:48 PM #11

Ok pm me and I will interview you for the position.

1/19/2016 7:32:43 PM #12

Your company interests me greatly. I feel our goals are similar but on different scales. I would be very interested in holding a meeting with your leadership and explain our stance and how it would benefit your group more than let's say Zygethia would, considering their demands of guaranteed discounts that will adversely affect your bottom line and kill local profits.

Pm me.

Referral Code: 2813AC

1/20/2016 12:01:58 AM #13

We have been accepted into LING we will work with many nations but this gives us a start.

1/21/2016 9:02:08 PM #14

We at helgrim enterprises are welcoming KingTuttPro as the head of security

1/22/2016 4:03:21 PM #15

Chatroom is up.