[NA] Helgrim Security Company - Protect and Profit

We are currently working on designing our custom armor! Feel free to discuss with us.

What is Helgrim Security?

Helgrim Security is a private military order that specializes in defensive contracts. As our name would imply we are part of the Helgrim Association, the largest commerce group in CoE, with over 90 members. We will work closely with Helgrim to provide the protection they need to keep their business running smoothly. This gives us unique access to many crafters, gatherers, explorers, and merchants in need of protection and ensures we have a steady supply of jobs and income.

We are different from the usual "Mercenary Guild" because we aren't just attacking, killing, and fighting everyone for profit. We are a group of organized fighters using our skills honorably, to protect rather than destroy. Our contract with Helgrim Enterprises ensures that we can focus on defending our lands, our people and our clients from the bandits, murderers, and beasts while maintaining a profitable business model.

We have extensive PvP experience from Aion, ArcheAge, Ark, DayZ, Eve, Everquest, Guild Wars (1&2), Lineage 2, Planet Side(1&2), Rust, SWG, Tera, WAR, and other games. We aim to be an elite unit that focuses on teamwork and tactics rather than “zerging.” Most jobs will be completed by small tactical squads so we can work on multiple projects at once.

We will also be designing a custom armor set for Helgrim Security! We are currently discussing and planning so you would be able to have input on the final design.This will be available for leadership early on and then hopefully extended to all members as supplies become easier to obtain.

Helgrim Enterprises, and by extension Helgrim Security, have decided to settle in The Trade Duchy of Aechena located in The Kingdom of Vornair

So why would combat specialists want to work with a commerce guild?

  • Opportunities. Crafters, gatherers, and merchants will always have need for fighters. Helgrim Security will have first rights to Helgrim contracts requiring combat expertise. This means more adventure and more funding will be available to you than to the average freelancer and, when it comes time to spend that money on some upgrades, I can assure you it's never a bad thing to have a guild full of craftsmen at your back.

  • Just want to PvP and face-roll people? You can be sure that plenty of bandits will be trying to get their hands on our caravans. Want to fight epic beasts? Helgrim crafters are probably very interested in materials from rare monsters. Get paid to be a hero! Need a vacation? Sign on with a caravan heading to exotic lands and get paid to travel Elyria! Maybe you even want to do a little crafting on the side? Helgrim crafters would be happy to help you learn their craft and maybe even let you work in their shops. Whether you are casual or hardcore, interested in PvE or PvP, there will always be a job that fits your interests. Get paid to do the things you enjoy.

Here are a few examples of the services Helgrim Security provides:

  • Contract Enforcement – Collect bounties on those players who would cheat the system.

  • Trade Route and Caravan Protection – Fight off bandit hordes and dangerous creatures.

  • VIP Escort – Protect high profile clients and nobles from the dangers that lurk in the shadows.

  • Rare Monster Hunting- Battle epic beasties to secure areas and collect rare materials.

  • OPC Guard Duty - Make money while you're offline!

  • Assist in Large Scale Combat – When it comes to protecting a Helgrim town or providing support for our Kingdom, we plan to show up and show out. Normally security will work in small tactical units, but be ready for when we show up in larger numbers. Our organization, teamwork, and experience will make us a force to be reckoned with.

Unit Groups

Order: The Order is the entire Helgrim Security force. This is the grouping of all chapters and branches under Helgrim Security. In other games this would be the “Guild”.

Chapter: Chapters are the large regional divisions lead by a Chapter Master. New Chapters will be set up based on regional or continental needs.

Company: A company is the grouping of all the squads under a single Commander. Companies will generally cover a few counties.

Squad: A squad is a group of 3-10 initiates under the leadership of a Sergeant. This is the primary unit size for day to day activities.

Honor Guard: Honor Guard are squads whose squad leader is a Commander or Chapter Master. They do not have any special privileges and are not ranked above the other squads. They will operate exactly the same as any other squad.

Ranks and Responsibilities

Primarch: The Primarch is the Guild leader and is responsible for keeping everything organized. In the case of large important decisions, he will likely confer with the commanders or other Chapter Masters in a board meeting-type setting.

Chapter Master: The Chapter Master is responsible for keeping everything running smoothly. He will make sure the commanders and squads are receiving contracts, contracts are being completed, and review any reports made by the commanders.

Commander: The Commander will be in charge of keeping his squads active. He will offer out contracts to the squad leaders and keep track of squad activity. He will be in charge of setting up large training sessions for his squads and keeping track of progress. This includes addressing any performance issues. He will also be capable of leading multiple squads in battle situations.

Sergeant: The Sergeant is a squad leader. He will pick up contracts for his squad and be in charge of organizing and leading his squad. Any problems within the squad will be handled by the Sergeant. Sergeants need to keep track of each of their squad members, noticing their attendance and performance levels.

Soldier: These comprise the main fighting force of Helgrim Security. Soldiers will work in squads of 3-10 members working together to complete missions. Your job is to kick ass and take names. Your squad members are your brothers in arms and you will work together to build up teamwork, friendship, and trust.

So are there hardcore requirements that I'm going to have to force myself to meet by devoting days of my life?

There are a few basic requirements, but nothing hardcore.

  1. Obviously we want you to be active in the game and completing contracts here and there. As long as we can see you are active, we won't be pulling out the abacus and tallying up your totals.

  2. You need to maintain a decent level of competence in combat. Our clients trust us with their lives and their livelihood so we need to be able to step up when it matters. If you are constantly failing jobs we will look into helping you out based on the circumstances. Maybe you get unlucky and have huge bandit hordes every time you go out or maybe you just need a little training. Either way we will work with you to make sure you can be successful.

  3. We do expect everyone that's available to show up for large scale battles. These shouldn't happen often, but they can change the fate of an area dramatically. We want to make sure we are protecting our families, friends and homes when something threatens the peace.

  4. We will hold training sessions in order to stay sharp and practice our teamwork. We will probably be training quite often during alpha, beta, and at start of the game to learn the systems and meta and then gradually slow down to a more regular schedule.

So the Security Division sounds fun, but what about Helgrim Enterprises?

"Commerce Association" doesn't mean its full of evil merchants that will use us as fodder and twirl their mustaches while laughing maniacally.

Helgrim Enterprises is a fun, friendly group of people who enjoy crafting, gathering, exploring, or merchanting. Like us they are simply happy they can make money doing what they love. While there may be the occasional mustache twirl, I can assure you that security is part of the Helgrim family, and family takes care of each other.

I'm going to be a noble (baron/count/duke), is there any reason for me to join the security division or Helgrim in general?

We welcome all social classes. While you may (or may not) want to avoid close combat you can still support Helgrim Security with land management. Cheaper land and housing options will be available for security members in the County of Securitas and possibly other Helgrim owned counties. We will work to set up defenses and maintain secure trade routes through all of Helgrim's territory. Also, being part of the Helgrim family ensures that you have a top notch security team (wink wink) to help defend your town and lands. It's a win/win for everyone...except the bandits. Sorry, bandits.

If you are interested in joining:

Feel free to join us on discord: Helgrim Discord

You can send a PM to Ctc9592 or Kntry on discord to get started. If they aren't on, feel free to contact any of the officers or council for information.

If you have questions about the Security Division I'd be happy to answer in this thread or on Discord. You can also ask Telnaeus or Meriel Cait-Sidhe on discord.

If you'd like to know more about Helgrim Enterprises, please check out the recruitment thread here:Helgrim Enterprises

From the iron will of crafters, builders, traders, merchants, and workers of the Kingdom of Vornair emerged a Duchy unlike any other in Elyria. The tycoon guild Helgrim Enterprises, built from the sweat and soul of citizens and nobles alike, placed its roots in the Duchy of Aechena as the first and only trading company-founded Duchy. From a team of loyal, committed leaders came a strong community focused on business and trade.

Securitas is county dedicated to the protection of it's people. Famous for it's sprawling training grounds and grand arenas, people come from miles around to train or hire soldiers from Securitas. Securitas is also the Military Capital of the Trade Duchy of Aechena and many of the Duchy's troops are trained on these great fields. Members of the Duchy Military will have access to private training grounds and tutors, but there are also plenty of public training grounds for the citizens to use.

5/24/2016 8:48:56 PM #1

Cool, similar to us, could work together in the future

5/25/2016 12:32:49 PM #2

Nice, never hurts to have more friendlies. If we end up in the same areas I'm sure we will run into each other.

5/27/2016 9:09:03 AM #3

This sounds pretty good to me. I'm torn between being a crafter or fighter right now. I might hit you guys up closer to launch.

5/28/2016 12:42:44 PM #4

Thank you for your interest. I guess I should mention that we will have a county set up with the security division in mind. Offering defensive structures for Helgrim, training grounds, barracks, and cheap housing options for members. So if you are a Baron interested in setting a military outpost you would be right at home in our county.

6/3/2016 1:47:02 AM #5

Hey Zero Skill, I plan on Rping pretty hard as a guard. I think I would be a good fit for Hellgrim. Mostly Im excited about your focus on teamwork and training. I am pledged as Bloodline so I would love to help out any way I can in the first 3 months and onward.

6/3/2016 5:10:12 AM #6

Sounds like you'd be a good fit. Plenty of guarding to be done at the Security Division. And we will definitely be working on teamwork so we can avoid killing each other (friendly fire) and overcome superior numbers. Feel free to jump on our discord and talk with ctc or kntry about getting officially added to our group :) .

6/7/2016 10:15:10 AM #7

Any interest in setting up your headquarter or a branch in the Free City Nordhausen?

6/7/2016 11:16:56 PM #8

Thanks for the offer. Unfortunately our main focus will be setting up near Helgrim Enterprises since they will supply the bulk of our contracts. We will expand out from there over time so you if are nearby we may set up a branch in your city one day.

Also, welcome to the Security Division Telnaeus, Meriel, and Taco!

6/8/2016 12:51:25 AM #9

Well, you are always welcome.

6/10/2016 5:25:05 AM #10

Glad to see you made it over to the Helgrim Enterprises thread. You'll have more luck talking about location choices with them.

6/11/2016 1:34:34 PM #11

So i wanted to give a recap since joining HSC. I have been able to meet a close-knit group that welcomes new players and values my input. I couldn’t imagine playing CoE without them. Also I've made great connections within Helgrim Enterprises, so i won't be lacking for assistance at launch =) Thanks for welcoming me in!

6/13/2016 4:05:16 AM #12

We're happy to have you! Thanks for the kind words. We enjoy having active members that want to participate in forming the guilds core. The goal is for everyone to have fun while maintaining the organization and training required to fight effectively in a game like CoE. Obviously teamwork and trust are a big part so we like to include everyone as much as possible.

We are currently at 10 members (not a bad size for CoE pre alpha) and we will only continue to grow from here.

6/13/2016 9:54:58 AM #13

Very enticing group that I will be seriously considering joining up with. Worth dropping a comment on your forum at the very least to increase traffic and let more people see this thread.

Aspiring Lumberjack, NA-W

6/14/2016 9:30:30 PM #14

Thank you very much. It's hard to stay on the front page without spamming "bump" when everyone in Helgrim Security is too busy on Discord or shooting faces in Overwatch to chat here.

As for joining, just hop on discord and chat us up if you ever want to. As advertised, we are a friendly and fun group that's serious and organized when needed. With the backing of one of the largest (probably the largest) commerce guilds, I see us going far in the world of private security services.

6/14/2016 10:20:39 PM #15

Cool post, but only issue is that as a division of Helgrim, you don't need a separate post. This type of redundancy crowds up the forum.