House Yernbosque: Coin, Tact, Class

House Yernbosque

"Courage grasps knowledge, knowledge grows strength, strength commands a nation."

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Fortitudo, Scientia, Virtus

These pillars of House Yernbosque are of the same granite that the greatest of empires were cut from. Fed by the plentiful bounty of the earth, House Yernbosque has a deep connection to both their spiritual roots and their high ideals. They court the realms of diplomacy, economics, and culture with ease and grace.

Loyal Vassals to our Queen Rowena of Blackheart, The Yernbosque house creates the foundation for progress under its great nation. Helmed by the idealistic, young, Magvad Yernbosque. Haunted by prophecy and a deep mythos, we follow our heads and our hearts in order to glean new knowledge and create a brighter future for all who share our vision.

Ever seeking greater knowledge to bolster their strength, the Yernbosque family focuses on expedition, research, and other bardic capacities. House Yernbosque's primary business endeavor is architecture with our main production resource of lumber and lumber products. General business endeavors are of a two fold nature, while knowledge and information acquisition is the primary goal of the house, the use of our knowledge to create new markets with high profit return is the forefront of our economic strength. Thus, many younger sons and daughters of the family are raised as well-educated stewards to serve in such bardic functions from market creation to diplomatic courtship with the utmost of class. Being a house that strives for the very definition of the future, many members of the family focus on cultural pursuits in order to bolster their allies with a kingdom worth fighting for. However, the core of the family depends upon a backbone of resource creation and an education in such artisan crafts that is unmatched. The family is well versed in the art of war, and is not shy to defend their homes or fight for their honor with first sons typically in charge of such roles.

The family is seeking those that wish to join the ranks of this loyal House. Idealistic warriors; knights, men-at-arms, and other soldiers will all find a place among the ranks of the Yernbosque banner. Those interested in business will also find a place within the financial wing of the house operations. But most importantly the focus of this house is on the creation of knowledge, and the use of such to bolster their ranks and those of their closest allies. Finally, those interested in joining in as a member of the family itself are invited to voice their intrigue. As the world of Elyria pushes forward into that great night, you will likely see more and more of House Yernbosque at their place atop the precipice of progress. Will you join our ranks while you can shape the future? Or wait in the shadows as we create the light that moves our people forward? Do not falter. Decide with haste. Decide with tact.

A House as a Pillar

A great house cannot exist without the proper foundation, and the foundation for the sprawling house can only be that of the likes of a great kingdom. Many of our members hold positions of Baron and Count, this means land for our people is guaranteed. A count over the greater county and a Baron to claim our Compound, Keeps, and the Great City of Svellaros itself. It is our name that supports the lifeblood of a people and so we seek to defend that right and create the pillars for which the Kingdom rests. Our major focuses in research, economics, architecture and culture will all find plentiful rewards within the kingdom and these four elements establish the pillars for which the House will be known. Our familial architects will find support and economic stability in the stable flow of need from the kingdoms expansion, our connection with higher politics and a support network will bring opportunity economically and diplomatically. We will shape the very streets of Elyria together.

What are we looking for? House alliances, people to give child codes, potential members that can marry into the family, and so on.

Our Future Home

Why should you join a House?

Houses in Elyria function beyond a last name, especially the Yernbosque name. Families grant buffs with the largest one being the ability to increase your max skill points to the highest skilled family members level when near them. This means a family that plays together will grow in power. It's in this spirit and through these mechanics that we will optimize.

Being a part of the Yernbosque house means benefits and a greater whole to be proud of that you carry with by name, the highest form of alliance in the game.

What makes Yernbosque unique is our focus. We are not a catch-all, we plan to have a sponsored elite expedition team, a lumber business creating lumber products and housing, a storied past with lore to work with if you role play, and lastly we seek political sway. We want to be a large enough entity so that our opinions and statements can matter in the greater scope of the game, we can only do this as one.

For now we own and run fortresses and cities, but we seek only to grow further in our sway so that we can greater affect the world of Elyria and establish a lasting name that players can depend on. We want our children to mean something in the history of Elyria and we can only do that together.

Best way to contact us is our | ~ Discord Server ~ |

6/3/2017 3:42:49 PM #1

If the above has sparked your interest, more information can be found on our public document outlining: our connection with the Kingdom; our interests, pursuits, and hobbies; and of course, our economic and military plans...

Others who have the Yernbosque name: House Tree

Use this document to see what roles we need and how you may fit, you can also suggest a role to fill within the tree and day to day.

We are a House built on merit. We only grant positions when you have proven yourself competent for that position, in game or by submitting works and proof of ability

People We Need;

Marshall - Leader of the guard, lead trainer of our forces, and the one who makes sure the lands of our people are safe. This is the most important role to our survival. One of the two highest places of honor in the house. The guardian of our name.

Expeditionists - A key activity and most important pastime for House Yernbosque. We need explorers, researchers, and guards.

Scribes and Researchers - One of the pillars of the house is knowledge. We focus on knowledge of construction and design. Furniture, Architecture, etc. If you want to make a living in these areas we will be a valuable asset.

Artisans - The greatest asset to a house is assets...quality assets. We need skilled artisans who can turn quality goods into artwork and functioning products for the masses. From master woodworkers doing special orders to mass production during war. We need it all and we need the best.

Woodsman and Loggers - The true backbone of our house will be how we reap from the land below us. That land will be a vast forest and we need those who can reap the land responsibly, intelligently, and with tact and class. From laborers to supervisors. We will need it all.

Steward - We will need everything from food to lumber to support out compound. We will need someone to make sure the assets we need are produced, harvested, and used properly. A position of the highest possible honor within the house.

Chancellor - The necessity of this position is of the highest order, the head of the future for our house. Leader in deciding our inquiries and where we shall focus our efforts in knowledge. A position for only the greatest of mind in Elyria.

Merchants - We will need to sell our goods, make trade arrangements and much more. If you specialize in this kind of merchandise, we are the ideal business partners.

Siege-master - Our main contribution to the Kingdom will be our mechanization of war. Using our superior architectural knowledge we will branch into the art of war through the creation of siege machinery and defensive machines. This role will be in charge of that effort and represent us on that line.

Horse Trainer/Breeder - We would like to have cavalry be our main contribution of units to the Kingdom. We will need to have a horse farm on our main compound and will need someone to care and breed these horses to match the quality and numbers needed to sustain a battalion of cavalry for the army.

And much more...

And of course, if you'd like to join us in any of the preceding efforts as a member of our family we would love to have you. Just comment below with any role you'd like to provide or come on Discord and discuss where you might best fit in!

6/3/2017 3:43:02 PM #2

The best way to contact myself and our members: Discord Channel.

You can also post below! We are willing to talk diplomacy; alliances, economic integration, and so forth...and of course, we'd love new members who share our philosophy in the pursuit of knowledge.

I can be reached by PM on the forums or on Discord through PM if you just follow Discord information to our Discord server and PM me from there.

7/30/2017 9:56:00 PM #3

We are still recruiting, if you are curious on how that works:

We will be allowing anyone to join our Discord Network from now until nearer to exposition which won't be until two years from now. In the meantime, we would love anyone looking for a house of a similar type to join, get to know the existing people who are interested, and hopefully play other games together or plan for this game.

We have the full right to remove players we don't feel will fully commit to the house or could be connected with hostile organizations to our cause. This will be proven as we get to know each other and through discussion.

All current Discord titles are representative of position and that position is open until exposition where the one with the more merit for the position will be given the position.

If you have further questions I can collect them on Discord and I will make a followup comment here to clarify the larger questions as we get closer and closer to launch in the coming years.

9/1/2017 2:39:30 AM #4

I do want to clear up some information:

1) While the land around our compound will be focused on creation of lumber for the long term (most will clear cut the initial lands and try and ship lumber from far away...rising costs) That does not mean we will only have a lumber business. Yernbosques can do as they please but promoting business partners from within the house will increase output (shared stats in game) but also increase trust.

2) All npc members of the house that can be tasked with an activity will likely be revolving around family businesses or basic survival mechanics such as farming, husbandry, etc. Players are encouraged to focus on pvp (as they will have an inherent advantage over NPC's in this field) and trades that npc's cannot fulfill easily.

3) You can marry into the family later if you so please and are not required to start off with the family early on. Having you in the discord and within the community will help establish trust, and that's invaluable.

4) I personally would like the House to center around the city when it comes to the focus of our enterprise. This isn't required and you can have land elsewhere that benefits the house or be on the compound and help expand that.

5) The compound will be within a town so that food supply that we create can be shared as an area buff. The assumed location would be somewhere between the city and the duchy capital, between the city and Fennec Academy, or just nearest the city...depending on location based advantages available upon land selection. Most likely it will be on the road between Fennec Academy in Whisperwind and Svellaros City in Duskforge.

This is temporary information and will change as we gain more information about the game, systems, and test the game going into exposition.

1/6/2018 10:58:28 PM #5

The Yernbosque Imagery is not arbitrary, each element of the sigil means a great deal and represents a great part of what it means to be a Yernbosque.

The Sigil is made up of these Major Elements:

The Tree of Life- The very center of the House where the blood of our people fight and toil to allow the fruits and blossoms that come from our name their chance at survival.

The Fruit of Knowledge- The product of our labor, the very essence of why we fight to last another day, and the food for which we find nourishment.

The Tome Below - The Book is a reference to many concepts, the Book of the Dead, the Book of Life, and the very books that allow us to carry on our knowledge into the next horizon. This book where all Yernbosques are recorded is that which feeds the Tree of Life and allows us to carry forth into the next generation.

The Warden- The Stag and the Elk has always been seen as the protectorate of the forest, the warden of the trees.

In our greatest legend it is the mythical Stag that wonders across the land, the Tree of Life bursting from its head as the antlers. The Stag wanders toward the sun for all eternity so that the Tree of Life is never without the sun for which it thrives. It wanders to protect the tree but it is the tree that acts as the weapon.

Each Yernbosque is the stag that wonders, the stag that seeks to carry forth into the next horizon so to keep the Tree of Life and Fruits of Knowledge thriving. The Stag is the protectorate of the realm, the knowledge, and the people within this house. The Stag must survive for it is within its very body that the Tree of Life carries on.

The colors of the Yernbosque are then understood as the light of the sun; the Yellows, Oranges, and Reds of the sunset that the Stag stays underneath along it's journey to stay in the light.

3/5/2018 5:05:36 PM #6

Hey everyone, the sea is clear for our last name so hop on in our discord if you are interested!

5/21/2018 7:57:38 PM #7

We have achieved our main house name, we also now encompass a few vassal homes. De Camp and Mersque are just a few of the vassal houses born from high ranking members of our blood alliance. We hope more are willing to join our ranks and fight for the cause of a better Elyria.

4/13/2019 5:55:45 AM #8

With settlement selection around the corner there is no better time to chat and check us out? With a major city and three counties in our ranks we will be major players in our region. If your goals align it can't hurt to chat with us in discord!

5/6/2019 8:52:17 PM #9

With what has happened for D&SS, we have moved to Valyria! While we have no ill experience with Blackheart, we find Valyria is a much better land for our people and our goals.

We'll be updating information around our house accordingly.

7/28/2019 12:27:26 AM #10

We are going to be placing in a key defensive location within the deciduous biome, likely around a major woodland or in very fertile land.