[NA-W] Great City of Svellaros


Made up of about 120+ NA-W members at conception we are a conglomerate of groups following the same call to improve the world of Elyria. We are the Golden Rose of Blackheart. We pride ourselves on our focus in industry and production. We are based within the Kingdom of Valyria. Our ideal is to be a neutral haven where a unique history and cultural identity can develop, but we understand the tides of politics and are not beholden to this neutrality if necessary to our survival. We are malleable, we shall flow with the tides and through hard work we shall rise above them as the Golden Rose of legend. We do not seek image and pedigree for vanity, we seek such concepts as stepping stones on our way to penetrating the deepest ideal, success.

Our Place in Elyria

Moniker: Svellarosi

Kingdom: Valyria

Duchy: The King's Duchy

Focus: Luxury Good Production (All Tiers of Production)

  • Initial Focus: Dyes and Dye Production (Alchemy and Agriculture)

  • End Focus: Vertically Integrated Production Engine

We are keenly interested in larger pre-existing communities from other realms and games. Whether these be communities built around love of strategy, love of culture and atmosphere, or communities who simply want the right place to spread their roots and have the taste to see our worth. While our list grows longer each passing cycle we always can create a home for those who are organized, who have lasted, and who have become rooted together. We pride ourselves on communication, even in the darkest of pre-alphas we stay on the same page. We do not seek to remove your identity, we seek to combine our identities in order to create a more diverse and powerful entity.

Joining the game alone? Don't feel left out, we are taking everyone. If you need a flag to fight for, invest in, and trust...we can be there for you. Come on our Discord and talk about where you'd like to be in Elyria and what you'd like to do. There are more out there with the same ideals and coming together under that banner creates strength.

What We Offer You and Your Organization

Safety is a guarantee, but what other cities lack is the understanding of economics and the market. We are a city of industry and as such we have place, and still are placing, the greatest effort into the foundation and fabric that this city will grow from. Things like: adaptive tax policy and taxation to balance growth vs benefits and necessities, establishing a built in and government backed communication network for industry so that competition and market equilibrium can be maintained and maximum gains can continue for our vendors, a regional strategy to maximize through specialization and reduce redundancy and increase the benefits for those who put in the work.

We are doing something different by treating this as if it were real place to live, and not just a fantasy town as a back-splash for quest givers.

Register at the bottom of our website homepage if you'd like to join us early on!

Website - Add yourself to the city registry here.

Discord Chat - The chat where everyone is.

The city of Svellaros is not just a place to live, it's a beacon. Everything, from the culture to the layout and people we allow in, feeds into a greater design goal. We seek to establish the most innovative city model to ever be developed in Elyria. This won't be an easy task but those who devote to the city and help create the foundation will reap the greatest reward as the city blossoms into the vision of the Golden Rose we see in our minds.

This is why we focus on luxury. We don't simply ask for luxury because of pedigree and self image. Luxury good production requires the highest tier of infrastructure to pull off at any meaningful scale. We, as Svellarosi, reach for the highest rung. In order to pull this off we will need a diverse network for trade, ample population for all tiers of production, and understanding of what infrastructure we can support and what we can develop in our niche. We will establish an awareness and timeline for goods to maximize the benefits of producing a good at a certain time and help establish trends that can be predicted. This will be done through culture, events, fantastical displays that bring in the right people at the right time.

The Svellaros Alliance

Members of the Svellaros Alliance were once all members of the city of Svellaros. As those who gain power leave for new horizons, they leave knowing they were always once Svellarosi. The Alliance was formed to remember that bond and to foster and promote the wealth of all who grew from the city and its streets. As a member of the Alliance you gain one of the greatest economic policy networks in the game, a community of vibrant and interesting neighbors who understand how to win and stay current without falling to the pitfalls of the average leader.

We cannot do this alone, join us. Join us and we shall grow stronger and lead the charge in a new era. We shall not lead by conquering lands and seas, but by conquering the hearts and minds of mann and having the strength and tact to do so.

The Colleges are the pedals of our great city on which we stand tall. They function as official unions for professions and laborers within and around the city. These colleges vote for Councilors whose council acts as a check against the Magistrate and the Mayor. The Magistrate is the lease holder of the land and is in charge of taxation, while the Mayor is the organizer and the one who is tasked with putting forth the greater vision of the city. The Council is a group of representatives from each College who help the communication line from citizen to government and also are in charge of duties linked to their college depending on the necessity at the time.

Colleges are a way to organize the general populace, to focus and specialize our work force, and ensure research and infrastructure can benefit the groups who take part in the colleges and the government of our society. By linking government involvement and economic prosperity we hope to have a more citizen-oriented government that works for the people within our lands and ensures prosperity for our city for generations to come.


5/30/2017 10:02:12 PM #1

Check the Website "City" Tab and then the "Jobs Board" Sub-tab to see what roles we need and how you may fit, you can also suggest a role to fill within the city and day to day on our Discord.

We are a City built on merit. We only grant positions when you have proven yourself competent for that position, in game or by submitting works and proof of understanding of the concepts you may encounter

People We Need;

Farmers and Craftsman - The backbone of our economy will be built upon farmland. The products we sow from our land will be shipped all across the kingdom and so we seek the very best and brightest. Those who will prioritize efficiency and quality over all else.

Military Minds - Leader of the guard, trainers, and the ones who make sure the lands of our people are safe each day. This is the most important role to our survival. They must have a PvP Guild background or connections with a large scale PvP guild joining the game. They will defend us in times of peace, and represent our power (with our backing) in times of war.

Scribes and Researchers - One of the pillars of the city is progress. We focus on knowledge of construction and textiles. Furniture, Architecture, clothing styles, etc. If you want to make a living in these areas we will be a valuable asset and the city will make sure you succeed.

Artisans - The greatest asset to a city is quality artisans. We need skilled artisans who can turn quality goods into artwork and functioning products for the masses. From master woodworkers doing special orders to mass production of tools and weaponry during war. We need it all and we need the best. Specifically we need master tailors who can shape and form the newest styles for the Kingdom and whose products will debut in fashion show events within the cities River Arts District.

Loggers, Miners, and Laborers - The true backbone of our city will be how we reap from the land we rest on. We need those who can reap the land responsibly, intelligently, and with tact and class. From laborers to supervisors to whole construction businesses, we will need it all.

Merchants - We will need to sell our goods, make trade arrangements and much more. If you specialize in this kind of merchandise, we are the ideal business partners.

Positions of Power in the Magistrates Government:

Steward of Commerce - We will need everything from food to lumber to support our city. We will need someone to make sure the assets we need are produced, harvested, and used properly. A position of the highest possible honor within the city.

Steward of Growth - The necessity of this position is of the highest order, the head of the future for growth within the city. Recruitment is their main asset as they will scout for talent and tend to their needs. They will head the efforts in making sure our grain stores are full and our economy has the local assets it needs to thrive. A position for only the greatest of minds in Elyria.

Council Members - Each branch of industry within the city has the ability to bring up a High Councilor who shall represent that industry for the Magistrate and those who are curious. Votes will be held closer to launch but those interested in the position can join early and have the advantage of being known in the community when the votes are tallied.

Siege-master - One of many of our contributions to the Kingdom will be our mechanization of war. Using our superior architectural knowledge we will branch into the art of war through the creation of siege machinery and defensive machines. This role will be in charge of that effort and represent us on that line as well as control our units in war.

And much more...

And of course, if you'd like to join us in any of the preceding efforts as a member of our city we would love to have you. Just comment below with any role you'd like to provide or come on Discord and discuss where you might best fit in!

Affiliated Groups:

Those who will call Svellaros their main hub of operations or to base themselves nearby in order to support the city and gain support from it.

Main Guilds:

Fortium Anima Contention

The Masterminds behind our great coliseum.

Avatars of Elysia

Protectors and Healers for the people.

Other Communities and Houses with the City:

House Yernbosque

One of the many Houses who will headquarter in our city to benefit in its growth.

Hazard's Inn

A group of Innkeepers with a bit more going than may seem.

6/3/2017 9:33:25 PM #2

The best way to contact myself and our members: Discord Channel.

You can also post below! We are willing to talk diplomacy; alliances, economic integration, and so forth...and of course, we'd love new members who share our philosophy of progress and economic superiority.

I can be reached by PM on the forums or on Discord through PM if you just follow Discord information to our Discord server and PM me from there (Magvad should be the name to search).

7/14/2017 3:04:16 PM #3

Just so everyone is aware, this is the new main post for the city on the forums. The old one has a comment section that revolved around pre-NAW content and could be misleading and confusing.

We will only be updating this post from now on. The other was moved without my knowledge and after I had already made this post, hopefully the mods will remove it eventually or lock it.

7/24/2017 4:58:40 AM #4

The City and House Yernbosque have a lovely Low Countries vibe (and it's not just the windmills!). Nice work.

9/1/2017 12:44:43 AM #5

We wanted a style for the city that unified the Alliance behind common ideals. Where do swords, scripture, and archives intersect? Not in many places, but all must reap from the earth to feed their people, to allow for the luxury of their trade, and so we seek to honor that in our imagery.

The windmill had always been a symbol of the ingenuity of man. A symbol that we place in our advertising because we want people who understand that intelligence can transform the working life.

Aesthetic also helps with immersion. While embracing castles and high society can seem exciting to some, it's in the working class environments of the countryside that the real power in this game will reside.

We want people who understand that hard work reaps reward and symbols of ingenuity that help ease that hardship are what people need. Swords and gold may win wars, and they are important, but it's these advances that led man from a life of hardship to a life of honest enjoyment.

10/28/2017 10:53:42 PM #6

Hey, me again.

I updated the post to be more direct...

I'm also adding a comment so that everyone knows that WE ARE STILL RECRUITING COMMUNITIES!

What that means is that guilds who need a headquarters can still have a home here. Many of our alliance are going to base themselves nearby but outside of the city, so don't be worried if you feel redundant. If you like the concept and want you community to try and see if this could be your future to us! We can always work something out.

If you are attached to lore, or a story for your group, we can write you in and make sure your story is a big part of the cities lore.

Please contact us through our discord. We are still taking pvp groups who want to be active in the area (defensively/in war). We are still looking for major enterprises to house in our city. We are still looking for major RP groups who want to adapt a RP community for the city to give it some life! (and so many more)

If you have any questions, contact myself on our Discord channel (link in OP).

11/5/2017 3:19:11 PM #7

The Alliance has an Official Post again, the change in forum caused a delay.

Check it out!

4/25/2018 8:22:48 PM #8

With the recent marriage of our Duke to the Queen of Darkness herself, the merger of our Duchy into the Queen's Duchy has just begun, we may rebrand to fit this new setting. Join the conversation before it's too late!

A possible sneak peek of an idea being weighed; "Queen's Arbor"

In the meantime, we will be located in Darkholm on the border of Whisperwind and be the sunrise that watches over the darkness of Darkholm.

7/25/2018 3:04:49 AM #9

As Economic Advisor to the Queen I'm actively looking for more economic minded people to create a community of like minds within our region. Having eyes and ears over the region will help us better promote growth and react to changes in the macro-economic sphere.

Even in this relative dead time in the greater community it's never to early to have a plan and create relationships.

5/6/2019 9:05:24 PM #10

We are now stationed out of the Kingdom of Valyria. With the changes in Domain and Settlement Selection we felt that Valyria would be our best bet for our people and goals, stay posted for more news.

7/28/2019 12:24:55 AM #11

We will be looking for a key location in the deciduous biome along the coast and on or up a major river.

9/21/2019 10:59:13 PM #12

We have our location, updated the main post.

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