The Bloodswords - The Military of Drakeolm Duchy

The Blood Swords

The Blood Swords are the dedicated Military and Security force in Drakeolm Duchy, in the NA-West Kingdom of Blackheart, that will be maintained by Archduke Fengo Darkholm. We are currently looking to grow our organization and extend an invite to any players wanting to get into a military role or job. Being in the dedicated force of the Duchy gives us unique access to many crafters, gatherers, explorers and merchants enabling us to outfit our troops with some of the finest crafted armor and weapons in all of Elyria. We are proud to say our forces will be well organized and structured. Our main goals in the game is to ensure the protection of all Citizens within the Kingdom's walls and to put a blade to our enemies when challenged.

Explaination of the Military and Security branches and ranks

Staff Officers

Responsible for administrative, strategic, operational and logistical decisions. May also function as battlefield generals but is not their primary role.

First Sword - The leader, Fengo Darkholm.
Blood Marshal - 2nd in command, Maghetti Kalvari
Lord Inquisitor - 3rd in command,

Battlefield Generals

The direct battlefield commanders who oversee field operations.

Primarch - Highest ranking frontline battlefield general.
Exarch - Rank 2 battlefield general.
Titanus - Rank 1 general responsible for battlefield command.

Legion Commanders & Sergeants

Steel Sentinel - A rank granted to a Drake commanding an overlarge legion.

Iron Sentinel - Legionary commander.

Bronze Sentinel – A sergeant selected to take command should the Iron Sentinel fall. Battalion Commanders & Sergeants

Steel Drake - A rank granted to a Drake commanding an overlarge battalion.

Iron Drake – Battalion commander.

Bronze Drake - A sergeant selected to take command should the Iron Drake fall. Company Commanders & Sergeants

Steel Wolf - A rank granted to a Wolf commanding an overlarge company.

Iron Wolf - Company commander.

Bronze Wolf – A sergeant selected to take command should the Iron Wolf fall. Squad

Blood Sword - Basic soldier


Infantry Divisions. “The Blood Wall” are our front lines in wartime; whether it's on the field of combat or manning the walls of our cities. Hand to hand combat will be an important skill for anyone seeking this role.

Mounted Division. “The Blood Drakes” is a section of the military that is equipped much like the infantry in heavy armor using a shield and sword/spear. Focusing on mounted tactics, formations and the mobility/strike power horses provide. This includes flanking enemy siege equipment and formation charge into enemy lines.

Skirmisher Infantry Division. "The Bloodshots" Every problem has a solution and the Bloodshots are our solution to ranged warfare. Whether its a bow, javelin, sling, or crossbow, this unit finds itself at the forefront of technology and training. As experts in skirmishing, screening, harassing, and other forms of ranged warfare, the Bloodshots are there to rain death unto the enemy with bloody intent and accuracy.

Light Cavalry Division. "The Wings of Drakeolm" The most mobile contingent of the Bloodswords, the Wings are a light cavalry unit tasked with all form of mobile warfare, from hit and run raids, horse archery, flanking, screening, pursuing, and support. Brought forth as a necessity, the battle brothers and sisters of the Wings spend a lifetime honing their abilities. Famed for their reflexes, wit, and deadly coordination, the Wings of Drakeolm executing orders without fail or question. The Wings serve only to protect Drakeolm, it's Duke and Duchess, and destroy those who would dare impede into the Black lands of the Blood.

Marines. “The Mailed Fist of Drakeolm” are military units trained to perform unconventional missions. These units will be well versed in Special Forces capabilities. These personnel are selected from the best of the best; a loyal and capable soldier should have no problem entering the special forces.

Scouting Division. “The Vanguard.” Used for standard scouting, counter scouting(small patrols looking to kill enemy scouts), and as a vanguard leading the way ahead of the army to secure important positions and drive away scouts.

Combat Engineers Division. “Sappers” is tasked with building, maintaining and operating siege equipment. They also act as the military's research and development responsible for keeping us on the cutting edge of war technologies, giving us that extra edge in combat.

Naval Division. "The Crimson Armada" Responsible for the development and maintenance of our military vessels, as well as the crewing and commanding of our naval forces on the seas and in battle, this division will be critical to our success at sea for both our military and economy. Whether patrolling our waterways, defending traders, transporting troops, securing beachheads, or fighting on the open sea, if it takes place at sea this division will be front and center.

Garrison/Guards/Patrols. “Red Cloaks” These units will act as a special reserves unit open for anyone to join, they play a central role in the law enforcement system. They monitor criminal activity, respond to emergencies, issue citations, make arrests, investigate crimes and testify in court as needed. In times of war these units may be called to the front lines if needed.

Intelligence/assassination. “The Scarlet Shadows” Units primary purpose is to collect, analyze, evaluate, and disseminate foreign and domestic intelligence, and to perform covert actions among various other things not to be mentioned in public.

Bounty Hunters. “The Scourge.” A unit tasked with the enforcement of contracts inside duchy Drakeolm. Highly mobile and dangerous, these troopers utilize forensics to identify crimes, collects bounty tokens, tracks criminals, and ultimately delivers justice upon them, dead or alive. And more to come.


The Blood Swords are ran by Fengo Darkholm, below him are several ranks and roles for each member to aspire to. All barons of the duchy will also be members of the Blood Swords as it is the military of the Duchy, the leadership will be spread across the duchy breaking it first down into groups of counties, and under that leader broken down into groups of cities/baronies and under them the normal foot soldier. One does not have to be a landed lord in order to achieve a higher rank but instead will be placed by merit and ability to lead. Something that also makes us strong is the ability to let every soldier question their leaders and allowing them to think, no order given will be taken lightly but nor do we seek blind obedience, you have a voice use it. In doing this we will have an army that thinks and an army that can adapt to the situation at hand.

Why the Bloodswords and Drakeolm is for you.

Compensation! Every member can expect to have theirs pockets and their bellies filled. No one serving in the Duchy Military will go hungry or want for private quarters. This does not mean that it is the only compensation but here in Drakeolm we will not make promises we won't be able to keep.
Diversity! There is a Meaningful opportunity to use a diverse set of skills from spying, assassination, foot and mounted combat, archery, siege craft, engineering, scouting, healing and many related support roles needed to make a military function efficiently.
Training! Drakeolm will be at the forefront of Combat Arts and is dedicated to bringing mentors into the training facility to teach. We have access to the Duchy’s Drakeolm Academy to ensure we are ahead of the game.
Room for advancement. This military will not operate itself, we are looking for competent generals, captains, and recruits to help fill important roles in the organization. The goal is for the Blood Swords to be feared in all of Elyria.
Opportunity. You may ask yourself why choose The Bloodswords over some other organization when there are so many to choose from. The answer is opportunity, here in Drakeolm you aren’t just another number to be added to the list, you are an individual with your own personality and needs understanding that we are here to offer you the chance to do something better and to have the chance to be apart of something bigger. We offer you our loyalty and friendship and extend a hand to those in need and a sword to those who stand against us. Your station in life has no impact on the role you can play here in Drakeolm pick up arms with us and rise to the top! Now that you know what opportunities lie ahead the real question is now, what will you do with it?

We Welcome Everyone!

The Blood Swords are not just looking for those with a high pledge, we are looking for everyone who wants to be apart of something special. A family of like minded people creating a home base for experienced and new players alike.

If you are interested in joining the Bloodswords or Drakeolm Duchy please feel free to join our Discord Channel and speak with one of the following:

Maghetti Kalvari#1068.

2/3/2018 1:21:01 AM #1

Drakeolm Duchy Gateway

2/3/2018 2:04:39 AM #2

Mors Ex Tenebris!

2/3/2018 2:09:53 AM #3

I can confidently say you won't find a better run duchy than Drakeolm. And with a heavy military focus through the bloodswords, whether you want to be a scout, spy, archer, infantryman, or a support role like engineer or healer, the Bloodswords has something to offer you.

2/3/2018 2:17:45 AM #4

Very nice presentation, Fengo. I look forward to seeing this group grow, and working with them.

2/3/2018 2:18:26 AM #5

Engineers as "support"? Heresy.

2/3/2018 3:23:04 AM #6

We shall be proud to see The Blood Swords among us in Wild Haven. Any day when the Red Cloaks are coming through, escorting tradesmen and travellers, it shall be a great day.

Together We Are Strong!

2/3/2018 3:39:54 AM #7

I look forward to swing the Bloodswords grow as the duchy did!

2/3/2018 4:17:52 AM #8

Can't wait to see the new troops in battle.


2/3/2018 11:24:31 AM #9

In Tenebris Nos!

2/3/2018 7:27:37 PM #10

The artwork for the page is stunning, well done!

2/26/2018 10:32:19 PM #11

I look forward to meeting all those who wish to join us in blood and brotherhood

3/5/2018 4:17:41 PM #12

Welcome to all those intrigued.

A bloodline soldier, looking for his battle.. (NA-West)

Friend Code: 81F39F

3/25/2018 1:00:31 AM #13

I'll be joining to train in heavy weapons as a Blood Drake. Will happily serve the Blood while spilling the enemies on the battlefield!

Melfice Czermoon, Mayor of Czermoon Friend Code: 111FC9

4/13/2018 8:48:07 PM #14

I am surprised we haven't gotten more combat engineers. It is such a cool and unique role.

7/25/2018 8:21:04 PM #15

In Tenebris Nos