[NA-E][Aechena] Securitas, County of Soldiers

The County of Securitas

Securitas is county dedicated to the protection of it's people. Famous for it's sprawling training grounds and grand arenas, people come from miles around to train or hire soldiers from Securitas. Securitas is also the Military Capital of the Trade Duchy of Aechena and many of the Duchy's troops are trained on these great fields. Members of the Duchy Military will have access to private training grounds and tutors, but there are also plenty of public training grounds for the citizens to use.

Who we need:

  • Soldiers - Willing to fight to protect your home and family? Sign up today. Access to training grounds and arena battles to hone your combat skills.
  • Farmers - Raise crops under our protection and help support the soldiers with food.
  • Crafters - Soldiers and fighters need gear and repairs. Plenty of business for an aspiring crafter.
  • Barons - Watch over outposts and strongholds and help keep our soldiers combat ready.
  • Citizens - Live in peace and security. Run a business or raise a family in the safety of our towns.

Benefits of Citizenship:

  • Security - A county based around training fighters and protecting its people.
  • Business - Steady source of customers as fighters always need equipment, repairs, medical attention, and sustenance.
  • Trade - Located in the trade Duchy of Aechena, near the Helgrim trade capital, providing easy access to gatherers, merchants, and crafters of all types.
  • Employment - Sign up with the Duchy Military, Helgrim Security Company, or other contractors looking for soldiers.
  • Training - Easy access to training grounds means ordinary citizens will be able to easily train up their fighting skills for protection while maintaining their other professions.

Interested in joining?

Securitas will be located on the [NA-E] Luna Server, in the Trade Duchy of Aechena, in the great Kingdom of Vornair. If you are interested in joining please contact me through Discord.

Aechena Discord as Zero Skill

Vornair Discord as Count Stonehammer, Zero

7/8/2018 9:03:55 PM #1

Helgrims security division will be taking Mercenary work I've heard, do you think you would take contracts outside the Kingdom, or stay inside of Vornair?

7/22/2018 9:37:22 PM #2

Depends on our location. If we are near the border and there are jobs in the other kingdom we would be willing to do them. If we aren't near the border then we likely wont be spreading our resources that far.