[NA-E][Vornair] The Duchy of Aechena

Aechena has returned to the original name of Helgrim.

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11/6/2017 6:11:28 PM #1


"Pledged to the betterment of the Studio and CoE through realistic, open, honest communication about what players can and will do with the mechanics you give them."

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11/7/2017 12:52:00 AM #2

Come to Aechena.

We have cookies!!

11/7/2017 1:02:55 AM #3

Congratulations on the duchy!


Alt text - can be left blank

11/7/2017 5:43:28 AM #4

Aechena has arisen! Praise the Moon!

11/8/2017 4:55:22 PM #5

We dont just have cookies! we have homemade cookies!!!

12/3/2017 1:14:09 PM #6

AMAZING... Duchess congrats

Count Dante Rhyne The Black Fox of Vornair


12/26/2017 2:20:57 AM #7

Impressive write up, there is great structure and amazing friendships forming inside the duchy. Looking forward to being a a part of it.

2/2/2018 8:47:10 PM #8

Thank you, Rydel and Jace for setting up our Duchy ARK server! (Please contact myself, Rydel, or Jace in Discord if you or your group would like to join.)

4/6/2018 7:07:44 PM #9

What's this? A merch store? Praise the Moon!

6/3/2018 10:53:47 PM #10

Hey wait, I know these people!

Long live Aechena!

6/25/2018 7:49:07 AM #11

Don't lie on the fourms RydelSleak. I have no idea who you are.

7/7/2018 7:18:12 AM #12

I can't believe these people allow me to be here. Suckers...

7/7/2018 2:17:16 PM #13

When is the next duchy meeting? Looking forward to hearing from new folks in the community.

7/8/2018 1:37:00 AM #14

The next meeting will be the day before the tomorrow of the day the meeting is on

7/10/2018 8:00:41 PM #15

We have recently added Guilded as an additional way to group up and have fun together as a community. Join our Discord and check out our Guilded page!

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