[NA-E][Vornair] The Duchy of Aechena

The Duchy

From the iron will of crafters, builders, traders, merchants, and workers of the Kingdom of Vornair emerged a Duchy unlike any other in Elyria. The tycoon guild Helgrim Enterprises, built from the sweat and soul of citizens and nobles alike, placed its roots in the Duchy of Aechena as the first and only trading company-founded Duchy. From a team of loyal, committed leaders came a strong community focused on business and trade.

(The following is written by Kntry von Haunt)

"Many journals and transcripts speak of their origin. Each more fantastical than the next. Pages filled with flowing script talking of wondrous journey and vast trade. Of wagon trains a mile long, all carrying the finest goods hands could craft and money could buy. It all starts with two families. Two rival families in the land of Vornair. One sought honor through battle of both steel and wits, the other sought order through speech and politics.

"Hail House Hart. A family rich with pride, initiative, and leadership. This family has birthed many heirs who have gone on to rule kingdoms, legislate laws, and breed the fastest of horses and strongest of oxen. A single Hartland creature is a sign of great wealth in most of Elyria.

"Salute Stonehammer. The Stonehammer family is a strong and proud family of warriors and tacticians. All is crushed before Stonehammer’s might. Great halls throughout their land were constructed from the bones of the earth in their honor. Where warriors could gather and sing of their many victories over their enemies.

"Eventually, the two families grew larger and covered vast amounts of land, no longer able to expand without creating war and strife between the two, they intermarried the families to share the land and further expand their own visions of growth. The Harts rule over the law, and govern their people, whereas the Stonehammers rule over the fields of battle and the expansion of land. Together they combined their land and formed the Duchy of Aechena, birthplace of Helgrim Enterprises, home of Hartstone, the bastion of Balance and Liberty."

Our symbol, the coin of night and day, represents our focus on the balancing systems of commerce. Twelve rays represent each voting count of the Council of Counts, a governing team of the highest standards. The name Aechena (ah-KEE-nuh) derives from the Greek Goddess Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom, War, and Commerce, whose symbol is an owl.

The Goals

To connect the duchies of Vornair through mastery of trade and commerce.

How do we plan to get there?

While every type of profession is needed, we are players focused generally on gathering, crafting, building, selling, transporting, and economy-based trades. We believe in building up the lowest standard and fostering a strong foundational team of citizens. Through our values and priorities, we believe we will reach out collective goals.

Our Values

Teamwork - Build relationships and work together.

Grit - Don’t be afraid of the grind.

Balance - Keep the larger picture in mind.

Commerce - Be an expert in your field.

Tribe/Biome/Placement Priorities

1: Placement

Above biome and tribe, we prioritize placement somewhat centralized in the kingdom with access to some kind of water source or among crossroads between populations hot spots.

2: Tribe

To support our style of gameplay and goals as a duchy, we favor the To’resk tribe, followed by Neran. However, we feel that it is important to remain flexible.

3: Biome

We are most flexible on biome choice, as we understand that while some biomes may be harsher than others, each biome is designed to have unique advantages and disadvantages that trade can help to balance.

The Government

  • Duchess

  • Lord Commander

  • The Council of Counts / The Council of Citizens

  • Barons/Mayors

  • Citizens

The Council of Citizens

These administrative positions answer directly to the Duchess and help ensure smooth day-to-day operations within the Duchy. Any qualified citizen can apply, regardless of nobility, by contacting Duchess Rheika directly in Discord. (Please note that we do not fill positions just to fill them. We are content leaving positions open while interviewing for a qualified and committed leadership member.)

Full Council of Citizen Position Descriptions

Lord Commander Alaric (Zero) Stonehammer

Chief of Staff Telnaeus

Administrative Assistant Ausek

Chancellors Rydel Sleak

Reaper of Souls (Recruiter) Alifa

Master of Economics [Open]

Master of Law [Open]

High Senator [Open]

Master of Academy [Open]

High Oracle Ctc

High Treasurer Otsego

High Chronicler Kntry von Haunt

The Duchess

Rheika Hart

My promise to my citizens and nobility: I will do my absolute best to provide you with the best gaming experience possible as a thoughtful, fair, and determined leader. I personally take responsibility for your gameplay and community quality within my lands. You should be able to pursue your own goals and play the way you want to, within reason, without discrimination, harassment, or being stifled by the political games of authorities.

My promise to my home kingdom of Vornair: I will serve as a leader for this community, doing my part to make the CoE gaming experience positive for all in the kingdom. I will prioritize teamwork and coordination with other leaders of the kingdom before personal goals in the spirit of the community as a whole, remaining "kingdom-first." Our end-goal and key role in the kingdom is to connect all the duchies of Vornair through trade.

The Counties

The Council of Counts represent the finest aristocracy of the duchy. Each involved noble serves not only as a leader of their respective counties, but also as leaders in the duchy, forming a voting council along with the Duchess, Lord Commander, and Council of Citizens to manage the duchy government.

Our duchy will put a high value on high quality counts, who will go through an interview process with the Duchess before being accepted as a count with a vote on the duchy government council. Approved counties on the council will be CAPPED at 12 (out of 24 total in a duchy) to allow ample room for counties to select favorable land and to expand territory during KoE. A max of 18 counties MAY be considered in total, though not all may be on the voting council or are able to be locked-in.

Count Requirements

Each count of Aechena is held to high standards as community leaders and government officials. Only counts who agree to the following requirements may be considered. Those who cannot may be considered for standby county status.

  • Duchy-first mentality. Teamwork over personal goals.

  • Mature, responsible, and logical.

  • Self-sufficient in managing your own county. No micro-management or hand-holding needed.

  • Verified count package.

  • Experience in leadership and willingness to improve.

  • Has a plan for recruiting members and ensuring success for the county and duchy.

  • Be actively involved in the duchy and development before and after launch.

  • Respect other counts as a team and work together with honesty.

Hartland, led by Duchess Rheika Hart

Securitas, led by Duke Alaric (Zero) Stonehammer

Oakenvale, led by Count Viktor Galliand

Diar, led by Count Aeritz Drednir

Equestria, led by Count Flog

Argentum, led by Count Rydel Sleak

(5/12 Reserved County Slots Available)

(4/6 Standby County Slots Available)

The Military

Our Primary Goals:

  • Protect the lives and possessions of our citizens.
  • Provide a large net of protection across the Duchy.
  • Be mobile and respond quickly to any threat.
  • Communicate and provide reinforcements quickly to trouble areas.
  • Keep business and trade flowing smoothly without interruption

Command Structure:

The main challenge in defending a Duchy is obviously the sheer size. Having all the troops in the world doesn’t help if the battle will be over by the time you get there. To alleviate this, the ranks and stationing of armed forces will be divided by location. This way reinforcements should never be too far away and military leaders can focus on localized issues instead of worrying about conflicts a 6 hour march away.

Lord Commander The Lord Commander is the leader of the armed forces, responsible for coordinating all areas of the military. By working with the Marshals he will make sure every county is properly protected from day to day threats and prepared to react to larger ones as a large cohesive unit.

Marshal Marshals will be responsible for a Province (a region of 4-6 Counties) and will likely serve as the General for one of those counties. They will cover counties in a local group so many will not be chosen until land selection. Responsible for coordinating their Generals and providing cross-county support where needed.

General Generals will be responsible for commanding and coordinating all troops in one county and providing cross-barony support where needed. If the Count is interested in military they can act as a General, otherwise a baron will cover that county as a general.

Baron Barons will run a stronghold settlement (Barony). They will be responsible for keeping their stronghold stocked and operational at all times. The Baron will maintain a garrison of troops, set up smaller outposts and lookouts, and coordinate patrols to provide safety to the surrounding area and nearby towns. Barons will be our first line of defense and warning in the event of an outside attack and is a very important position.

Captain Captains lead a Company (2-4 teams). May work out of a barony, lead a small outpost, or be a guard captain in a large town. Responsible for coordinating local teams and guiding them to proper objectives.

Lieutenant Lieutenants lead a team (2-10 Soldiers). May work out of a barony or be in charge of a lookout, forward outpost, or temporary camp. Teams may be specialized ie archers, scouts, shield wall, etc. Responsible for keeping your team combat ready.

Soldier Soldiers are the basic fighting unit. Trained in a variety of weapons, armors, and environments. Able to deal with threats both large and small by working in teams. Soldiers may be specialized by weapon types, fighting styles, job types, or terrain.

If you are interested in being part of the Aechena Military, or you would like more information, contact Lord Commander Zero in our discord.

The Guild

Our official guild of Aechena is the quality standard of all guilds, Helgrim Enterprises, a trading and commerce guild older than duchies and kingdoms. Through Helgrim, Aechena seeks to build a thriving community of free citizens who have a wide range of professional opportunities to live the life they wish to live in a capitalist-based community. To expand on this range of opportunities, we highly welcome and invite all guilds to play a role in this collective goal, ultimately boosting the Duchy and surrounding economies.

Guild vs. Government

As a guild-founded duchy, Aechena has a unique origin with unique challenges. We believe that the core of the kingdom’s economy in Chronicles of Elyria are the guilds, and that the relationships among guilds as well as their relationships with the government should be collaborative and symbiotic. Citizens and guild members are among the same, and a leader’s role in this community is a role of responsibility and service to the common player, rather than the other way around.

The Links

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Impressive write up, there is great structure and amazing friendships forming inside the duchy. Looking forward to being a a part of it.

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Thank you, Rydel and Jace for setting up our Duchy ARK server! (Please contact myself, Rydel, or Jace in Discord if you or your group would like to join.)

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The next meeting will be the day before the tomorrow of the day the meeting is on

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We have recently added Guilded as an additional way to group up and have fun together as a community. Join our Discord and check out our Guilded page!

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