[NA-East] Vornair School of Medicine

General Information:

The Vornair School of Medicine is a branch of the larger Vorn Academy and directly associated with the Great Heathen Army of King Evelake Rhyne I in the Kingdom of Vornair. Instructors, students and civilian contractors are welcome to live and work within the County of Sanguine. The School and County are RP friendly and are interested in all play styles. We are especially interested in those willing in provide medical care to the military of Vornair during larger scale battles and in defense of the Kingdom borders. We hope to train about 20 physicians and combat medics to support the various needs of the Kingdom.


Dedicated to improving the health and well-being of the soldiers of The Great Heathen Army and the citizens of the Rhynelands by taking the hard learned lessons from the battlefield and advancing these skills through research, innovation, and scholarship.


  • Advance the knowledge and treatment of battlefield wounds and disease.
  • Prevent and treat all common maladies and diseases that afflict Mannkind.
  • Transfer the knowledge gained through highly trained instructors using the preferred placement concept. Using this method, we will identify the key skills of an instructor and then place them in a position to capitalize on their talents.


  • Doc Glocke is pledged as a Brewmaster and is the leader of the county, Sanguine. He is also a Major in the Heathen Army and Head Maester of the Vorn Academy. He is real life doctor who wishes to lead a successful county with a focus in Research, Development, Education, and Medicine.
  • Drefan – Lieutenant in the Heathen Army and XO, enjoys playing combat medic in MMORPGs for years and will be assisting with the management of the facilities.


  • Kingdom of Vornair NA-East
  • Duchy: Rhynelands (Royal Dutchy)
  • County: Sanguine
  • Barony: Fort Glockenturm


Care Under Siege

Planned Facilities of the School:

  • Rhynelands Hospital – This fixed army and civilian hospital will be the primary treatment facility within the Rhynelands and a place where students will hone their skills while treating those in need.
  • Mobile Army Surgical Hospital – A squad in the Heathen Army, this unit will travel where needed in support of the army and to aid civilians when disaster strikes.
  • School of Medicine – This campus of the Vorn Academy will focus on research, development, and training of military and civilian personnel in the areas of Survival, Alchemy, Tinkering, Scholarship (Bardic), and Herbalism. This should lead to a specialization in medicine.
  • Medical Library
  • Apothecary

Personnel Needed for the School and Stronghold

  • For the school we are looking for alchemists & survivalists (further mechanics pending). Likely need a slew of supporting professions like herbalist, farmers, glassblowers etc. We aren't going to limit ourselves to the "goodly" arts either, since likely some of the research will somewhat parallel to the shadier elements such as: necromancy, poisons, lich type work. Depending on supply and demand we may also get into the production of medicine and medical supplies.

  • For the Stronghold we are looking for adventurers, fighters and explorers. We will need a captain of the guard, animal handlers/breeders, scribes, quartermaster etc.

    So come for the community building and stay for the free healthcare!

Network and Associations:

10/11/2016 2:52:36 AM #1

Ah, yea someone thinks like me. So, depending on game mechanics, I'll be a herbalist researcher/ forester. I'll probably need some company when i go out. So teaming up with the army ant to shabby. PM whenever. I do have one nefarious thing i want to do later in the game though. To an enemy town of course. Master Merchant

10/11/2016 9:52:50 PM #2

Thanks for your interest. Hope to talk with you soon.

10/11/2016 9:52:50 PM #3

Thanks for your interest. Hope to talk with you soon.

10/13/2016 1:21:22 AM #4

Looks like a grand school. Look forward to seeing doctors attend the school from all over Vornair!

10/17/2016 10:39:55 PM #5

A wonderful project, I look forward to hearing how it will flourish and thrive.

11/5/2016 4:22:49 PM #6

Looking forward to seeing medicine flourish in Vornair and Elyria!

12/20/2016 9:07:05 PM #7

Do you lot have a discord? :D

- Shmuck

5/27/2017 12:30:19 AM #8

Please move to Luna Organization

"Pledged to the betterment of the Studio and CoE through realistic, open, honest communication about what players can and will do with the mechanics you give them."

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6/20/2017 6:29:10 AM #9

Looks like my character's early lifetime will include medical training. I intend to put my nose to the grindstone and learn as much as I can for the sake of the Duchy of the High Seas!


6/22/2017 7:58:31 PM #10

Looking forward to crafting medical supplies, alchemy potions and herbal treatments. I'd be happy to also help treat wounds on the battlefield; I'm not much of a front-liner but I'm a hell of a backline support!

All I need is a towel, everything else can be answered by 42

7/4/2018 12:18:48 PM #11

I plan to be in medicine, both human and animal, and husbandry among other things so I'll be doing some traveling it seems :) I'm from The Stormlands and The Anemoi but this is definitely what I'm wanting to learn then take back and teach

7/12/2018 1:06:27 PM #12

Hey, Cimmera

I am sure we will be working together very closely to improve the health and happiness of both Mann and beast within Vornair.

8/5/2018 10:54:51 PM #13

I am hoping to master the art of healing first, I also wish to learn a bit about defending myself and country in times of need. I would be honored to be accepted into such a fine learning center as this.

5/21/2019 12:23:02 AM #14

Was planning on being a Kypic Shanty Pirate in the Vornair Drauger Fleet but ive come to be tight on funds and the whole seafaring permadeath thing... SO I am thinking of making a Landlubber Alchemist/Medic and learning what I can from the Vornair School of Medicine and then maybe helping field expeditions or operating between the Rhynelands Hospital & the Mobile Army Hospital.

Already joined the Vornair Kingdom and on the Discord just up in the air as to where I should spawn. Whereabouts in The Rhynelands will this School be located so I have an idea of max distance I should spawn from if you can PM plz?

Figuring out which Tribe will be available/having a family nearby (preferably one that farms alchemical plants) Im also unsure of. Hoping I can choose Dras from family nearby and not turn into a frozen barbeque in the cold UV rays of the northern sun... If not maybe a Kypic if available and if not just go Brudvir (not sure how good they would be at Alchemy/Surgery)

Character creation & joining an 'existing' family just seems untenable, I don't get how the Devs will make everyone playing a NPC to turn OPC from a family with the trade they desire in the spot that they hope for.

All else fails is there a way to have an orphaned Dras join a alchemical farm family? I hope lol