[NA-E. Vornair, The Anemoi, County of West Zephyros] Grey Wolf Weald Wants You!

In the Kingdom of Vornair, in the Duchy of The Anemoi, within the County of West Zephyros close to the mountains is a town nestled in the woods teeming with animals waiting to be tamed or hunted, farmland waiting to be plowed, good grazing, caves waiting to be explored, wood, stone and ore waiting to be shaped by the hands of smiths, carvers and carpenters alike.

The Town of Grey Wolf Weald

Headed West out of the Capital City of Zephyros and across the bridge into the County of West Zephyros The Town of Grey Wolf Weald (formerly Flint Grove) can be found nestled at the foot of the mountains in the woods (taiga biome). Close to the “big city action” but not so close as to steep in it daily we are just off a highway and a "short" trip to the Capitol City of Zephyros. Grey Wolf Weald is perfect spot to explore, hunt, cave dive, start trading, or breathe and find your new home.

Grey Wolf Weald Settlement Information


With The Sunstone on the side of The Anemoi we will weather the Longest Night better then some with careful planning. We have just about everything you could want. Farmland, hunting, caves, stone, minerals, sand, wood, and importantly, great trade route access not only to Zephyros but to North Zephyros and beyond thanks to the nearby highway and waterways. Don't let the estimated wealth put you off as that's easily changed.

Persons Needed!

I need a Scribe and Steward to help keep track of the taxes collected. The position will include an income or come with a free home that will belong to the person filling the position for the length of their employ, or both. Haggle with me and let’s see if you’re worth one, the other or both. (I haven’t decided yet.)

Animal breeders, leather-workers, carpenters, blacksmiths, farmers, herbalists, a doctor, a healer and veterinarians. The town also needs rangers, tamers, hunters, healers, animal trainers and warriors as there will be a need for constables/sheriffs to keep an eye on the traders passing in and out of town and the occasional rowdy drunken brawl in the tavern to break up.

Grey Wolf Weald has a tavern and will need a tavern keeper, distiller, cook etc. It also has a Town Hall and its own well. The town I picked in D&SS has so many resources I know everyone who comes and puts in the effort will find a place here to be happy.

Where the trees thin is land good for farming or raising animals. Perfect for those wanting a more grounded-in-earth life. There is also excellent hunting which provides fresh meat for daily consumption, drying, preserving and storing. Something every town needs to survive year-round but also something needed to store up in root cellars for the Winter months when growing is hard.

I would like the town to have several smaller underground root cellars to store reserves instead of one building above ground, or one cellar for it all to protect our stores in case of attack, diseases, vermin etc. I will be looking for an architect or master builder to help lay these out and would like several trusted townsfolk to take up the responsibility of having one under their home. Maybe property taxes could be waived by the town in return for caring for the town’s food reserves provided they are cared for properly and well.


I have some thoughts on housing but until I get my feet on the ground and can cover every square inch of the place, I can’t make concrete plans. Owning fewer buildings to live, work, sell from will help when it comes to keeping taxes lower for the townspeople. Having your home above your shop and your garden in the backyard gives you added security for selling, less need to buy land right away, lower taxes, and more room to grow. The trees would block wind, height would keep you above the worst of the snow in deep Winter and added exits on the 2nd floor makes getting in and out still easily possible too. More on that later but see the image above and in this post for an ideas of what I mean.


We are right off a major highway just outside the Capitol City of Zephyros but in the County of West Zephyros so the potential to draw in traders is huge. I think a central market with stalls would be ideal given the weather in this area, this way townsfolk won’t have to walk as far whether buying, selling or both. Also, this great for passing trade caravans needing a temporary shop set-up to drop in and start buying and selling with us.

I will be working with our duke and counts, to get trading contracts in place as soon as possible to get our goods traded as far and wide as I can, and for the best possible prices, because your gain is a gain for the town and the better the town does the bigger, and stronger, we can grow.

Sirona School of Animal Medicine

Grey Wolf Weald is home of the Sirona School of Animal Medicine and will teach students how to handle all things mind, body, spirit, blood and bone related in animals and is looking for teachers too. I hope to also offer herbalism and apothecary as it applies. Sirona School of Animal Medicine is seeking guilds interested in opening new locations in and outside of town. We are looking for tamers interested in focusing on canines, beasts of burden, anything else that can survive the climate. We are also looking for animal trainers and breeders of pets. We welcome those still in-training or finished training at the county’s The Anemoi Hall of Animal Husbandry and the Bestial Breeding Program, and even the Fangs of Fenris


I am looking to host monthly PvP events, more if possible, and inviting surrounding towns to send in their own best warriors to compete. In time I hope it will become a circuit of towns and counties competing, that all towns will have a town champion, and each county can field a team made up of them that can be sent to festivals as a representative in larger events with larger prizes. All of this could fit nicely into a general kingdom plan for tournaments. Who knows? Maybe you get to show off your skills in combat or in 3v3 or 5v5 in front of the King!

This could be used as a way to settle disputes much the way the Vikings did.

Fresh meat, mead, and tales more outrageous with each telling will be shared around the mead hall to pass the long, cold nights. Won’t you join us!

Now for the more serious part

I think some important information to lead with here is that we are a double kingdom. Please read theKingdom of Vornair's write up to understand how this could work in our players’ favor. I also urge you strongly to read the write-upThe Anemoi posted because it is so informational and will help you get an idea of just how great our town will be.


1) Help each other especially when in trouble or in need.

2) Don’t be a dick. RP will always require negative and abrasive personalities and evil characters but outside of game you don’t need to be that way. However. If you are being a jerk ooc and I get complaints we're going to have a chat and I don’t have a problem with showing you the door. I know that sometimes we have a bad day but I won’t have others’ gameplay ruined by one person being a constant ass ooc.

3) This will be an RP community that is open to those interested in learning to RP and those who are heavy rp’ers. You’re welcome to be a hermit in the woods here too so long as we don’t get 3 of them.

4) We are inclusive. I want to caution all players that not all of us are great in every social situation so please resist knee-jerk reactions to weird/odd situations. I want this community to welcome players of all types, even the socially challenged due to illness, injury, or life circumstances. We can be inclusive while not running off good people who are struggling and need CoE as an outlet or as their door to the outside world. I ask this because I am one of them. [/end seriousness]

Contact: Lady Cimmera Reghrlich

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Ground has been broken on Wolf Weald Arena where it's warriors will be tentatively known as The Wolf Pack. It will tentatively be part of the Arena League of Luna and others

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Interesting Idea!

I Will be setting up a College of Animal Husbandry in Trausthafen Duchy at the Univerity of Weißerstein At WhiteStotne Hollow county. Perhaps we can connect and work together. Much success, Kriv

Contact me via Discord if you would like more information, or to coordinate breeding programs: @KrivAldent#7561

Head Beastmonger and Proctor Pferden Atem College of Animal Husbandry The University of Weißerstein at Trausthafen The Kingdom of Vornair, Luna