(Vornair) Mercava blacksmiths

About Us

Mercava blacksmiths otherwise known as 'Mercava' is a guild filled with skilled blacksmiths focused on creating reliable and effective weaponry and protection for the military, law enforcement, and citizens across Elyria.

Our Branches

Mercava has established branches in the following location(s):

Interested in forming a branch? Contact Nathecat via Discord!

How to Order

Guilds or villagers interested in purchasing a Mercavian product can visit our stores or fill out an order form online when applicable.* Upon submission, pricing will be confirmed and work will commence. For custom orders, you will be contacted by your blacksmith for details to ensure your expectations are met. When your order is complete, we will notify you for pick-up or have it delivered.

*Subjected to change based on game mechanics.

Partnered Clients

For Organizations and Guilds seeking quality weaponry and armor to carryout their duties would benefit tremendously by becoming a Mercavian Partner.

Organizations and Guilds partnered with Mercava would receive benefits such as:

Discounted Prices on all Items
Priority First Satisfaction
'First-Look' on all new Items
All Inclusive Delivery

Interested in becoming a Mercavian Partner or want more information? Contact Nathecat via Discord!



To increase productivity & efficiency, Mercava is comprised of two divisions: the Weapons division and Armor division.

Weapons division: The Weapons division will be focused on the creation of various reliable tools of weaponry.

Armor division: The Armor division will be focused on the creation of various reliable protection against weaponry.


Within both divisions, Mercava has created a unified positional structure which consists of relative responsibilities. Below are the positions held:

Note: Apprenticeship is a temporary position held for entry-level members with little to no skill until minimal experience is gained.

High Salary

We take great pride in creating quality items for their customers. However, this is not possible without our talented staff. Which is why all of our blacksmiths will receive appropriate payment for their hard work with an increase with every promotion earned. IN ADDITION, all blacksmiths will have the opportunity to receive bonuses as well.

Salary Breakdown

Our blacksmiths are payed commission for the work they provide. Individual orders (ind) and Group orders (grp) are based on a percentage.

Master: 80% (ind) 40% (grp)
Expert: 70% (ind) 30% (grp)
Weapon/Armorsmith: 60% (ind) 20% (grp)
Apprentice: 50% (ind) 10% (grp)

Note: Graduates of Arcadia College will begin as a smith in their division.

Member Benefits

Unlike many other guilds. Mercavian blacksmiths are benefited in a number of ways such as:

Training: Discounted training is provided for any member exclusively at Arcadia College. Graduates will automatically begin as a Smith in their division.

Payment: Your efforts don't go unnoticed. Which is why all members will receive commission payment capping at 80% in addition to receiving bonuses for their hard work!

Advancement Opportunities: With various positions available and numerous branches emerging, all members will have the opportunity to grow and prosper in their craft.

Community: Our members are filled with friendly blacksmiths who share the desire to create quality tools.

Job Security: No member will ever have to worry about being withdrawn based on their skill.


Our products are exclusively transported and safeguarded by DKM Couriers.

Our Clients

Mercava is well on its way of negotiating 'to-be' contract agreements with other growing organizations. If you're interested in our services or simply want to learn more about becoming a client, feel free to leave a message below or contact us via Discord.

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Contact Us

Interested in joining or want more information? Visit the links the below:

Learn more about Polaris County
Learn more about the Kingdom of Vornair

Or, message Nathecat directly via Discord or reply below!

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