[NA-E][Vornair] DKM Couriers

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We encourage business owners, guilds, and entrepreneurs of Vornair to join our selfless effort to bring the kingdom the best method for delivery as it aids all players. With the push of the community, our dream of providing the best service to the kingdom a reality everyone can benefit from.

Our Mission

We want Elyria to be a fun and interactive world to enjoy. Through our services we hope to make the game more enjoyable for every player in the kingdom. We will work hard doing the grunt work to help you have a better gaming experience.

We understand players are going to communicate with one another out of game, but how would you send out a contract? How are you going to get your goods to market? Don't waste your valuable game time traveling vast amounts of distance putting yourself in unfamiliar territory and directly in harm's way.

We take pride in being able to deliver your goods or letters faster and safer than any other service.

We provide the most expedient logistic services across Vornair at competitive rates. We can and will ship anything you desire.

  • Want to advertise your goods or for work in your town?

    We can advertise in town and to neighboring towns for you!

  • Want to address the guards in your county or duchy with an order?

    We can get the word out for you!

  • Want to sell your newspaper?

    Let us deliver it for you!

  • Want to send a friend or customer in a neighboring town or province some armor but don't want to lose time and money by taking it yourself?

    Let us carry it on our routes!

  • Need someone to collect taxes for you?

    We do that!

  • Want to gather resources or sell goods from/to neighboring cities to expand your market?

    Let us help!

In short, we deliver:




We offer many different options for delivery services and are willing to work with you to meet your needs on your budget. We promise to NEVER price gouge our customers.

Are you wanting to earn extra coin for minimal work?

"Don't Kill the Messenger" Courier Services boasts exclusive contracts with other businesses/guilds in Vornair. Job opportunities await for: security, various levels of management, and couriers. Office managers manage contracts and money for their city while couriers and security are given the option to hop between towns if they don't want to live in one place. No matter what type of character you want to play there are options for you in DKM Couriers in various levels and positions. Join the Discord by clicking on the image below. Adventure awaits!

"Don't Kill the Messenger" Courier Services boasts the following documents:

  • defined pay scale with money trickling up, not down

  • scalable design (to make business expansion easy and offers a referral system reward)

  • delivery protocols to ensure reliability, safety, and expedience

  • employee handbook

  • defined policies and procedures

  • logistics organizational structure with no guild dues (DKM Couriers is an association)

Branch Management Perks

Division, region, and branch managers are individuals capable of organizing delivery contracts and packages for couriers, capable of meeting the needs of local businesses through exclusive contracts, and able to run their own business in parallel out of the same building. Those capable of maintaining a branch receive the following benefits:

  • A free building to use as a personal storefront to be used in parallel with the branch, increasing traffic into your personal business

  • 15% of the revenue generated from deliveries goes into your pocket

  • Branch managers with businesses who are actively involved in research pertinent to the transit industry can expect to receive additional income/help for research. Such groups are favored before outside researchers.

Courier and Security Perks

Couriers and security for DKM Couriers can expect to receive the following benefits in addition to their regular pay:

  • Choose the deliveries you want to take

  • Fixed rates of pay for various types of deliveries with occasional additional incentives for higher priority deliveries

  • Free temporary housing for those on a contract or on the way back from a contract with the option for permanent residence for qualified couriers (depending on availability)

  • The option for a completely nomadic life while making a living through an established and respected organization

  • The freedom to take deliveries you want and refuse those that don't interest you

Up to 100% of the revenue earned stays on the local level with the couriers, security, and office manager. All income that trickles up will be used to open additional posts, provide resources for underfunded posts, and act as research income that will benefit the kingdom. All invested research will be given freely to the public for use.

Interested in working with us? Send me a PM or join our Discord server by clicking the image below!

Check out our Elyrian Directory page here!

4/15/2017 1:30:22 AM #1

Networked Associates and Partners

Current and future areas of service

5/25/2017 5:33:02 AM #2

Because everyone needs a good messenger service.

5/25/2017 9:37:10 AM #3

I mean a dwarf is doing it so i have to by Dwarf Law support this :)

5/27/2017 1:55:49 PM #4

Thank you Countess Rythcorm and Count Zevor for your continued support :)

7/30/2017 5:22:51 AM #5

We're looking at a two year period until the game is launched. Growth thus far has been great and I only expect things to get better as we start to play the MUD, Alphas, Betas, and Exposition. Looking forward to meeting and playing with members and nobility soon.

8/9/2017 8:04:16 AM #6

The Forge Bound Association is happy to have established contact with DKM and are planning to utilize their services when/if available!

"Diplomacy is the velvet glove that cloaks the fist of power"

8/19/2017 9:11:12 AM #7

S.K.O.V. (sterling kennelmasters of Vornair) will be a most loyal customer on your account I assure you. o7

-Sagittent in Obscuro-

8/20/2017 4:51:28 PM #8

Thank you, Hammerhart. I will gladly return the favor. Looking forward to reading your post in the coming weeks and looking for the revisions afterwards.

8/23/2017 10:32:23 PM #9

I'll be doing deliveries and pick ups in Zariel's county of Iskar which shall be a beautiful mountain valley full angry drunken Hrothi inventors, hope to see you all their!

Seneschal for the Hrothi County of Iskar, Recruiter for the Duchy of Aritaur

9/24/2017 4:27:30 PM #10

Discord updated with categories. Business structure and handbook have been created. Wages and taxes have been calculated for each delivery. Routing protocols have been established.

11/21/2017 11:20:12 PM #11

Updated the reserved post to add associates and partners.

2/8/2018 3:02:45 AM #12

Updated first two posts somewhat.

3/17/2018 1:04:35 AM #13

Now offering low cost advertising! We can aide in getting the word out about you needing help with work or trying to advertise your wares in-town or to neighboring towns! The perfect way to increase your sales.

Also offering mail-orders for your wares or delivery of your wares/resources to neighboring towns to be sold in shops.

4/15/2018 2:38:38 AM #14

Just added DKM to Mercava's page! Looking forward to doing business with DKM!

4/18/2018 7:58:35 AM #15

Posted By Nathecat at 8:38 PM - Sat Apr 14 2018

Just added DKM to Mercava's page! Looking forward to doing business with DKM!

Likewise with the Mercava Blacksmiths.

"Don't Kill the Messenger" Courier Services boasts exclusive contracts with other businesses/guilds in Vornair to meet their delivery needs as well as:

  • expansion protocols (to make business expansion easy and offers a referral system reward)

  • delivery protocols

  • employee handbook