Gold Trade Company


Hello, we are Golden Trading Company, or what we like to call GTC. Here at GTC we are creating a company that will not just facilitate trade but be a community for those of all professions. While our trade network will grow to reach all corners of Elyria we will also invest into those who supply the goods that allow this all to happen. The company will be broken down into sub-divisions comprising individuals of a similar profession. This will facilitate cheaply and readily available raw materials. While we will work towards bringing these goods to whichever market in Elyria that will generate the greatest profits margins for suppliers and traders alike. yea

We welcome other trade associations or groups to join us in our endeavors. All people of sensible mind and a true desire to work together are welcome.

We see a future where everyone contributes and works together in order to generate the greatest amount of wealth to be distributed among our members.

Who Are we?

ETC was founded by a small group of dedicated gamers from the Duchy of Val’Praem in the Kingdom of Kairos. We are very close to King Thared and have his full support. We are supported by both the Golden Bank and the Elyria Institute of Technology.


  1. To Earn A Profit
  2. To Advance Trading, Transport, and Merching Technology
  3. To Grow and Protect Our Trading and Transport Network
  4. Actively seek to increase Trade Network
  5. Grow new players and assist in their development


The council will be voted on by the head of each division.

(On its way soon!)

Current Divisions (More to Come!)

Divisions will be added as we grow and based on the interests of associates. Companies are welcome to join as well as anyone individual looking to build their own division.

*Trading *Earthworks Metal Industry *Breeding *Foresty *Prospecting *Godelief Clothing *Research and Development *Other Professions

Who are we looking for:

*Merchants, lots of them *Explorers *Guards *Shopkeepers *Anyone with a Creative Mind and Dedication to our company

Benefits of Joining/ What's in it for you

While we will be centrally located in the Duchy of Val’Praem we welcome those from through the entire world of Elyria.

  1. Profit and Effortless access to large markets As we build the size of our network your goods will find markets where they fetch higher prices. Even better this will all happen without crafters lifting a finger. We will get your goods there, We will guard them and We will find buyers. And you will earn a higher profit margin than without us.

  2. Community
    Hey, what can we say support is always a good thing. Whether this be trading tips for crafting the newest patterns or providing access to workstations we are here to help you succeed in your profession!

  3. Close connections to the Golden Bank It’s good to be close to the bankers, especially when you need loans or a place to store all that beautiful gold sitting under your mattress.

  4. Easy and Cheap access to raw materials It takes stuff to make stuff. We will encourage players to donate raw materials or offer them at the lowest price with a reward system. This will help advanced crafters find the rare material they need for cheap and the new player quickly level their crafting with access to large quantities of basic material.

  5. Access to all Guild Facilities We have plans in the works. So more on this in time we, this will be unlike anything any other groups have talked about. But this will include centers with crafting stations for all members to use and safe locations to safely store items.

Getting Involved!

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We look forward to lining all our associate’s pockets with gold!

5/27/2017 11:47:10 PM #1

This is what I need for my county looks good. I cannot wait for CoE to go live so we can strive for global trade.

Friend code 4BF4F8

5/31/2017 12:43:19 PM #2

Us at Seed for Seed look forward to trading with the great guild that is GTC :)

10/17/2017 3:27:57 PM #3

Looking forward to trading with everyone!