[NA-E] Arenthian College of Military Technology

We plan to develop the college as a premier center of military technology and knowledge. The college will be a center for research and education, the hope is having both applied and academic knowledge will improve students experience and proficiency. Researchers and craftsmen will be able to cooperate and communicate, which will allow a continual advancement of knowledge and profession.

Our goal is to have a thriving research and crafting community at the college were cooperation, communication and innovation exceeds expectations and inspires learning and discovery.

Founding the College

Residing in Arenthia, in the Duchy of Weristarc in the Kingdom of Bordweall sits the Arenthian College of Military Technology.

Our origins reside with Elmond Lorien, a humble man with a fascination for tinkering and innovation. Nearly 400 years ago, Lorien aided Queen Zylpha Tymorica of House Bombastus. Through meticulous research and crafting, Lorien and a handful of intellectuals and craftsmen fashioned a now disremembered weapon. The weapon slew the Umberhawk, which once soared over the dusklands of Zylphania. For his dedication, Elmond Lorien and the group of intellectuals were rewarded with riches and coin. Although, appreciative of the honor, Lorien left and proclaimed the need of higher learning throughout the fallen Empire of Xeilias. After travelling and teaching throughout the realms, Elmond Lorien purchased a plot of land, settling in the City of Helmryk where the construction of the college began.

Even though realms have risen and fallen around the college, we remain, in our dogged pursuit of knowledge and crafting excellence.

Fields of Discovery

Discoveries lead to breakthroughs in knowledge and innovation, these are accomplished by those who are specialized, and work cooperatively with crafters and research from multiple professions. This specialization comes from learning professions or fields of study. A field of study is an overarching definition of knowledge which helps students in professional disciplines. The current fields of study are:

Anvil and Hammer

Education and crafting under Anvil and Hammer is concentrated on crafting and researching weapons and armor. With each crafted piece of armor and weapon, craftsmen instill their knowledge and abilities into metal and leather. Armies, adventurers, guards and their steeds will be grateful to these craftsmen, as their lives and livelihoods rely on the expertise of smiths and leatherworkers.

Arrows and Siege

Arrow and Siege is concentrated on crafting and researching archery and siege weaponry. Tinkerers and fletchers are those which construct the finest siege weapons used to devastate rival military forces as well as their defenses. Archery craftsmen will design precision weaponry used to surprise and overwhelm prey from a distance.


Alchemy is concentrated on crafting and researching incendiaries, poison and explosives. Those unable to harness the magical forces of the divines, are still worthy of the supernatural powers of alchemy. An alchemist can use their knowledge to topple a dynasty, cripple a city, devastate defenses or assassinate nobility.

Facilities at the College

Student Dorms - After a honing their abilities, voyaging and exploring students will have a room to call home during their studies.

The Skiving Scholar - The eatery and tavern on-campus. All students will be able to unwind, listen to bards and music. Relax next to a flickering fireplace with a bottle of rum or pint of ale, forgetting the tensions of the day and reminiscing about the triumphs.

Testing Grounds - The isolated, open outside area of the college where students and faculty will safely observe and test their creations and ideas. All discoveries and equipment can be tested as well as buildings and walls.

Lorien Library - The vast amounts of knowledge for every field of study can be found here, stored on the shelves and in bindings. If a student wishes to learn about a sword technique which constructed the Black Talon which fell a hundred men, how to use poison collected from the wildflower Ilrius x Elyrica a golden flower that blooms on the Lothian Mountains. It all can be found here.

Why Study at Arenthia?

The college has benefits for students and faculty, from the college's origins it is meant to be free and open place of learning for all. These are the benefits that will be available:

  • Tutorials and teachings from scholarly faculty
  • Free schooling for the following skill rankings: novice, apprentice, journeyman and expert.
  • College associated guilds with access to workstations for crafting and improving applied knowledge and ability
  • Free on-campus housing for faculty, faculty's families can live with them
  • Access to on-campus meals for students, faculty and their families
  • On-campus military personnel to protect students, faculty and property
  • Access to materials and expeditions
  • Relationships and connections with guilds and institutions
  • Multiple income possibilities for students and faculty

Joining the College

We are looking for herbalists, weaponsmiths, armorsmiths, blacksmiths, leather workers, tinkerers, carpenters, alchemists and fletchers - all with similar aspirations and goals as the college to join.

Those looking to join the college as students or researchers need only visit our community’s discord and make their intentions known.

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Ecclesia of Maesters

The Ecclesia is composed of the Grand and Lead Maesters, one for each field of study at the college. The establishment of the Ecclesia is to discuss and vote on decisions which affect the college. The Lead Maesters all have an equal vote to cast which will be used for the college's policies, initiatives and expansion. Lead Maesters are able to discuss matters with students, to better acknowledge and address the students' opinions and allow transparency.

Lead Maester of Anvil and Hammer

Held by: Naberius Dal Riata

Lead Maester of Arrow and Siege

Held by: Open Position

Lead Maester of Alchemy

Held by: Open Position

Faculty Structure

Grand Maester

Grand Maester is the head of the college and a member of the Ecclesia of Maesters. The duties of the Grand Maester are to establish diplomatic and trade relations between aristocracy, nobility and institutions. Also, the Grand Maester will oversee facility and faculty, vote and develop and policies. Grand Maesters are expert craftsmen, researchers and educators in their field of study. That have shown leadership, responsibility and communication throughout the community.

Lead Maester

A Lead Maester is a head of a field of study at the college and a member of the Ecclesia of Maesters, who will oversee facility and faculty, vote and develop and policies. These expert crafters, researchers and educators. Theirs is to be innovative and discover new knowledge and techniques as well as instill knowledge by holding classes, answering questions and creating an encouraging and thought provoking environment.


A Student is a crafter and researcher beginning their journey to become an expert of their chosen craft. Their aim is to enjoy and absorb the vast amounts of knowledge, experience and years of hard work that surrounds them.

Network and Associations

Kingdom of Bordweall

Duchy of Weristarc

County of Arenthia

County of Aeilsir

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This kitty knows whats up!

11/23/2016 5:42:04 PM #3

The cats will take over...

We welcome anyone who wishes to learn more, ask questions or become a student to join our discord. Our college continues to grow and improve, the more students and ideas we have the better!

11/30/2016 4:09:42 AM #4

Congratulations on your promotion to the Marquis of Science in the glorious duchy of Zylphania! I can't wait to see what you do in-game with your college and your pursuits.

12/1/2016 2:56:25 PM #5

Thank you Rheika! I am grateful for the position of Marquis of Science in Zylphania. I look forward to working with everyone to help spread knowledge and prosperity throughout the duchy.

12/2/2016 5:34:44 PM #6

The college is pleased to announce an affiliation between the Arenthian College and County of Arenthia with Volsung County!

We look forward to crafting for and learning with the military and people of Volsung!

12/3/2016 1:42:36 AM #7

I am excited to see how things take shape! We are looking forward to working with Arenthia and the College.

Count Hrothgar Valdarson

12/8/2016 4:22:11 PM #8

And we are glad to have you with us Count Valdarson!

12/9/2016 4:16:44 AM #9

Have you thought to research boats for naval construction

Friend code 2f398a I am bound to the Luna server

12/9/2016 2:56:46 PM #10

Hi Aubin Rivers,

We've definitely thought about including naval construction. However, we were waiting on interest level in the county and college community. If there isn't a guild or school that is teaching in the county, and our county's biome is fitted to naval construction than the college will likely adopt it as a new field of study.

Hope that answers your question.

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The Arethian College of Military Technology is proud to be a place where the art of crafting and researching military technology can thrive and prosper.

With policies such as the Institution Grant Incentive and Visiting Professor Program, we hope to be a center for knowledge in Zylphania and Vornair at large.

It helps that, for now, we have decided to make the college 100% free to those who wish to go there.

12/13/2016 9:04:39 PM #12

Update: Syllabus for Strategies and Tactics is now available

We will be adding more information about the other fields of study as information on game mechanics become available.

12/16/2016 1:12:38 AM #13

We look forward in gaining the most cutting edge weapons and tactics for the Dalridian Highlanders of Arenthia!

12/18/2016 9:05:36 PM #14

Thank you, Riaghailt. We look forward to making the Dalridian Highlanders some of the best equipment throughout the kingdoms.

Also, we updated the initial post to include a 'Frequently Asked Questions' section. In hopes to further explain how the college will work.

12/18/2016 9:18:43 PM #15

I wonder how this will work against liches or vampires.