[Sticky] [NA-E] The Kingdom of Bordweall

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Here here! Hail Duchy of Bloodoak! Hail Bordweall!

"Magic is a fierce power only certain will be able to command. I will command it, born with it or not! I will ascend to a higher being, no king nor god shall stand in my way!" -Xidan Annasil

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Join us and have a fun time!


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Three cheers for D and the Bordweall!

Gaming, chatting, and downright fun every week.

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Hail to the King D! Much deserved acclaim and praise from the proud citizens of Nosléans!

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Hail Bordweall !!!

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Can I just point out how aesthetically pleasing this post is?!
Proud to be a part of Bordweall.

Count of Boros

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All hail the kingdom of Borweall!

Nice work on the advert D :)

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I'm glad that I'm a part of this kingdom.


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Good job mate, a post well done.

I'll be back when I see mechanics

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ty everybody - proud to have you all within the solid community that you guys are all a part of building

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Hail to Borweall! Hail to the King, baby!

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A seriously beautiful forum post, fit for Bordweall! May the freedom of our realms bring prosperity!

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Better than the other kingdom posts. Good luck folks.


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