[NA-East Vornair] Völsung County

Völsung County

Location and Loyalties

Server: NA-E

Kingdom: Vornair

Duchy: The Grand Duchy of Erzhalden


Speki virðing eða Afl (Wisdom Strength and Honor)

Völsung County lies in the far north, in the Grand Duchy of Erzhalden within the Kingdom of Vornair. The County and Clan are named after Völsung Ingvarson, grandfather of our Chieftan Hrothgar Valdarson. Völsung brought together the small local tribes of the north for the first time, and joined them to Clan Bälen in order to save our people and our homeland during the War of Many Banners.

We now stand united with Clan Bälen and the Kingdom of Vornair. We work to make our land strong and prosperous for our people, and each year we continue to grow. Völsung County is a place where all law abiding Menn and Womenn are welcome. There is much opportunity here for all. With our strong military and the aid of Clan Bälen and the Duchy of Erzhalden, it is a safe place for Vorn from all walks of life.


We are located in the Taiga Biome with coastal access. The county has an abundance of resources. There are rolling hills and small mountains in the north central and north west. 2 city sized settlements with coastal access in our northern coastal region. A more open and flat area in the central region, and large forested areas in the south.

There are 2 fairly large rivers running through the county with both reaching the sea via our northern coastal region. These rivers connect 5 of our 8 total settlements, and also reach a number of settlements in neighboring counties within Erzhalden, providing a strong source of regional trade.

Our Goals

The goal for Völsung County is to have a place for all Vorn to come and make a life for themselves. We want to build a strong and prosperous county. We want to make Völsung a place where all residents feel safe and secure. Regardless of who they are or what they wish to do, anyone can lead a good and prosperous life within Völsung County. It is our goal to have a strong military in order defend ourselves and ensure our way of life. We also want to be a reliable source of strength for The Grand Duchy of Erzhalden and The Kingdom of Vornair as well.

With 2 City's on our northern coast, we have the means to establish far reaching trade agreements and will aim to do so.

The 2 rivers which run through the county and out to the sea also connect 5 total settlements within the county, each reaching the sea via our northern coastal cities. This should create strong regional trade, both within the county and with our neighbors and it is our goal to see it done.

We also plan to host a variety of guilds and guild hubs throughout the County in our various settlements. Any guild looking for a home base or looking to expand and establish a guild hub, please feel free to get in contact with us on Discord!

We have also recently added the goal of having a fairly strong naval presence given our location on the coastline. Previously we were unsure if this would be an option. As we have now made our selection we will be looking to establish some naval leadership and a host of boat builders and those interested in sailing/naval service!

There is something for everyone within Völsung County. Our primary goal is to create a county with sustainability and opportunity for all menn and womenn who chose to call it home.


Herrar af Völsung (Lords of Völsung)

The leadership of Völsung County consists of the Count and Countess and the Herrar (Lords) of Völsung held by the Aristocracy (Barons and Mayors) of the county. This council is known as the Herrar af Völsung. The laws and policies of the county will be decided by this council. The laws of individual settlements will be decided on by their respective Herrar.

Ráðr af Völsung (Advisers of Völsung)

There will also be 5 positions within the county known as the Ráðr af Völsung. This will act as a sort of high council for for the people and bridge the gap between the Count/barons/mayors and the everyday citizen of the County. Each Ráðr will have a specific role to fill. These positions will be based off of a persons skill in that field and ability for the position. These councilors will be Chosen by the Count or Countess.

The Council positions are as follows:
  • Ráðr af Ófriðr (Adviser of War): The Ráðr af Ófriðr will handle the training and supplying of the military. He will ensure that all warriors within the county are receiving good training and have the supplies they will need in times of war. He will also oversee the defense of the county, ensuring that we are well protected and have strong defenses in place.

  • Ráðr af Leiðangr (Adviser of Naval Forces): The Ráðr af Leiðangr will oversee the naval forces of Völsung County. He or she will be responsible for maintaining Völsung naval forces, construction of new ships when needed, preparing rations/materials for Völsung naval operations and working closely with the Adviser of trade and Merchant ships to ensure safe passage to and from Völsung County. This may include long distance escorts, regional patrols, pirate hunting, etc.

  • Ráðr af Penningr (Adviser of Coin): Ráðr af Penningr will oversee the county finances. Ensuring that all county projects are able to be funded. They will handle the collecting of taxes (Should we have a county tax). They will also have the authority to give out loans from the county and be responsible for collecting on loans.

  • Ráðr af Kaupmað (Adviser of Trade - Barik): The Ráðr af Kaupmað will be responsible for establishing and maintaining trade within the county, trade to other county's and duchy's within the kingdom. Working with the guilds and organizations of the County and Ensuring it has the things we need to function. Stockpiling goods for future projects and emergencies. Also will help with maintaining the infrastructure of the county.

  • Ráðr af Jafnaðr (Adviser of Justice): The Ráðr af Jafnaðr will be responsible for keeping the peace within the county. Ensuring that any crimes are punished accordingly. They will have authority necessary to keep the peace and ensure that laws of the county, duchy, and kingdom are being enforced.

  • Ráðr við inn Yfimaðr (Adviser to the Chieftan): The Ráðr við inn Yfimaðr will act as a diplomat and personal adviser to the Count and Countess. They will be responsible for establishing and maintaining relationships with the guilds, barons, mayors and other establishments within the county. Ensuring that any concerns or issues are heard and addressed. They will also act as diplomat to other County's/Duchy's. Like all Ráðr positions, they will also work closely with and advise the Count and Countess in all important County matters.

  • The Ráðr af Völsung will also be be able to submit laws, regulations, policies to the Herrar af Völsung for their approval. The Ráðr af Völsung will need to work closely with each other to ensure they are able to fulfill their roles and be a voice for the citizens of the County.

Looking for Citizens! (Guilds or Individuals)

We are looking for guilds and individuals who are interested in making Völsung County their home. We have a number of barons and mayors pledged to the county at launch. There is plenty of opportunity for a guild or individual to establish themselves here and grow, and each baron/mayor offers their own unique incentives and opportunity for their residents. For more information please join me on the County Discord or you can PM me here on the CoE forums.


We currently have 2 additional settlements (possibly 3) open for perspective mayors. Anyone looking to claim a settlement within Völsung county should contact me on discord prior to their selection. If you claim a settlement that has been internally claimed by one of our mayors/barons, you will most likely not be met with open arms.

I encourage any mayors still looking for a home to reach out to me so we can discuss our options and where you could end up within the county.

Please note that I am not accepting any further Barons at this time. If you are planning to run a Barony then you should look elsewhere.

Sworn Barons/Mayors:

  • Skyggen Holde (Barony) - Baron Hjalmar Sorli Forum Post

  • Himinbjörg (Barony) - Baron Hadding Nordrivaldr

  • Vera-Borg (City-County Capitol) - Count Hrothgar Valdarson Forum Post

  • Kjalstead (City) - Mayor Holmgeirr Havardr Forum Post

  • Hørshåm (Town) - Mayor Ollobik af Hørshåm Forum Post

Sworn Guilds

  • Norður Fólk - Guild leader Hrothgar Valdarson Forum Post
  • Death From Afar Siege Guild
11/14/2016 7:30:30 PM #1

Völsung Húskarlar

The Húskarlar are the personal guard of the Count. They reside in Vera-Borg and are responsible for the safety of the Count.

In battle they will serve as the Counts own household guard, accompanying him into battle where they are well known for their skill and ferocity.

During peacetime, some of the everyday tasks of the Völsung Húskarlar may include: Patrolling in and around Vera-Borg to ensure the safety of the Capital and surrounding region. Escorting the Count in his travels within and outside of Vera-Borg. Working with the Dróttinn to ensure that defenses within and around Vera-Borg are in place and being maintained, and perhaps other small tasks as requested by the Count or the Dróttinn.

Being a member of the Count's personal guard will have it's benefits. Nothing is set in stone but I would LIKE, to provide those in my guard with a mount of his/her's choosing, the best equipment available to us, and (if it's feasable) a monthly income. Again, these are not set in stone, it is not known what will be possible. However regardless I will make sure that those who serve int he Völsung Húskarlar are rewarded for their service.

The Dróttinn

The Völsung Húskarlar are lead by the Dróttinn (leader). It is his or her's job to ensure that members of the Húskarlar are receiving proper training and know their responsibilities. The Dróttinn is also responsible for aiding the Count in maintaining the defenses of Vera-Borg. Ensuring that the proper defenses are being built and maintained. The Dróttinn leads the Húskarlar in battle, answering to no one but the Count on the battlefield.

Those interested in serving in my household guard please contact me on Discord or via PM here in the forums.

I am also seeking someone to fill the role of Dróttinn. If you feel you would be able to fill this role please contact me.

Skaut Vorðr af Völsung

Who they are and what they do

The Skaut Vorðr (border guards), are made up of huntsmen, rangers, adventurers, etc. They are those who live off the land and are at home in the wild. They also protect the land and the wildlife. In times of war they can fill many roles, such as scout, archer, forager, light cavalry and so on. They are the eyes and ears of the County. They go where others dare not and know the land better than anyone.

The Skaut Vorðr af Völsung will serve an extremely vital role for the County. It is my opinion that the huntsmen/ranger type is one of the most important roles in our community given it's versatility. They can provide food. They are knowledgeable about the land and how to best protect it. They protect the wildlife of the County to ensure extinction does not take place. In times of war they can act in a number of beneficial roles. They serve an extremely vital purpose to a County. Because of that, I have created the Skaut Vorðr af Völsung.

We need you!

Right now this is simply a branch within the County. It is my hope to find an individual who is willing to lead this group, and turn it into a fully functioning guild within the game.

If you plan to play a huntsman/ranger type we have a great need for you within Völsung County. The role this group can fill can not be overlooked and I feel, given our goals and our background, that you will be vital to the success of our County.

If you have an interest in joining the County and wish to join the Skaut Varðr af Völsung simply drop me a PM here on the forums or as always, join us on the County Discord. (link above)

If you have an interest in perhaps leading such a group, please get in contact with me and we can discuss that possibility.

Count Hrothgar Valdarson

11/15/2016 12:57:02 PM #2

Great post, well put together, Rostik. As said, all are welcome. Stop by our site to learn more.

Hjalmar Sorli, The Gray Baron of Skyggen Holde

11/15/2016 4:35:57 PM #3

Thank you Myshka.

11/15/2016 7:39:02 PM #4

Barons, Mayors and Guilds please feel free to contact me any time on Discord or via PM. I will happily discuss with you our County and our plans.

11/16/2016 4:50:11 AM #5

A big welcome to Holmgeirr Havardr of the City of Kjalstead to Völsung County!

11/16/2016 3:11:51 PM #6

Any guilds looking for a place to call home, i know all of our baronys/towns have some great incentives for its citizens. Contact me on Discord or via pm here on the forums.

11/16/2016 9:53:27 PM #7

Barons and mayors looking for a home but wanting more info can pm me here on the forums or join our discord and message me any time. Good incentives to join us as we are part of a well established duchy and kingdom.

11/17/2016 11:59:10 PM #8

Looking for mayors/barons and guilds from all aspects of the game. Whether you plan to lead a group of fearless warriors, a band of adventurers who explore and map out our world, a group dedicated to the advancement of knowledge or a trade/crafting guild looking to create and trade items vital to the economy. There is a place for you here and i will do everything in my power to help you succeed!

Join me on discord or send me a pm here in the forums for any info or questions you may have. I look forward to hearing from you!

11/18/2016 11:16:51 PM #9

We plan to be located in a mountain/forest biome where you will likely see some snow at times.

11/19/2016 6:16:58 PM #10

Added desired biome to original post

11/20/2016 5:21:14 AM #11

Updated 2nd post to include information regarding my household guard (the Völsung Húskarlar). I am looking for skilled warriors. If you think you can fill one of these positions please contact me on Discord or here on the forums.

11/20/2016 5:50:43 PM #12

Really looking for some specialized guilds to fill out these barony's and cities within the county. Please send me a PM or join me on Discord for more information. Lots of great incentives for those looking to join the county.

11/20/2016 8:07:24 PM #13

Another Barony will be added to the County in the near future. Waiting on name and information from the Baron.

11/21/2016 2:45:46 AM #14

Always looking for guilds and Barons/Mayors who are looking for a home. Please contact me via PM here on the forums, or join the County Discord. I would be happy to answer any questions or give you more information.

11/21/2016 4:09:15 PM #15

A big welcome to the newest citizens of the County. We are happy to have you here!