[NA-East Vornair] The City of Kjalstead

North America-East Server

Kingdom of Vornair

Duchy of Erzhalden

County of Volsung

Clan: Kjal (

What is Kjalstead?

Kjalstead is a city within Volsung County underneath the leadership of Freyr Holmgeirr Havardr. A city with the goals to become one of the greats, to stand tall in the face of the harsh world of Elyria. Our goals are to become an industrial center for all denizens of the world, to become the heartland of innovation and creation where all walks are allowed to walk. To begin, our we hope to rapidly expand our territory and immediately begin charting it out for our dream to form a hotbed of creation. We plan to make use of city subsidized farms, shops, and manufacturers. With this joint growth, together, we can obtain the goal to make Kjalstead a major mark on every map.

Our goals are to hold international trader routes and to have open ports with all, in Kjalstead all will be welcome to rest under the Raven Banner and it’s mark should bring with it the mind of industry and revolutionary ideas. Early on we will need farmers so we can feed our coming city, but all types are welcome we plan to expand into refined product reproduction and that the Raven seal can be a mark of quality and bring with it pride to any who bear it.

We sit poised with a mass amount of exposition points to help cement our hold on raw resources, with this in mind we plan to work hand in hand with the citizens for the growth, where we give them the supplies to fulfill their dreams, and all we ask is they pay their dues and mark it with the Raven seal. We want you the citizen to feel connected and a part of our growth and history, do you wish to be the most recognized blacksmith in all regions, then come to our lands we will make sure you are supplied and fed so you can perfect your craft! Do you wish to be the engineering on the fringe of new heights of technology, join our academies and allow us to help you see the impossible come reality.

As always, things are subject to change as details on gameplay and game mechanics come out, simply because with all of the plans mentioned, there are plenty that go unmentioned simply because we cannot promise what we are unable to guarantee as of now. The one focus that we can reliably promise is our hopes to become a roleplay haven and capital along the games natural inclinations towards it, and most if not all of those currently working towards building up the town and its community up to this point were drawn from the ranks of experienced roleplayers and gamemasters across other games.

Survival, Whatever the Cost, We Shall Endure

Marthanais, Cibé an Costas, An mbeidh muid Mairfidh

Survival, Whatever the Cost, We Shall Endure| Marthanais, Cibé an Costas, An mbeidh muid Mairfidh| Pledged to Vornair, Pledged to Erzhalden, Pledged to Volsung, Freyr of Kjalstead

12/8/2017 5:49:44 PM #1

A fine write up for what is sure to be a bustling and well known trade hub in the world of Elyria.

We are proud to have Kjalstead and the Havardr family here in Volsung County!

Feel free to join Holmgeirr, myself and the rest of the County on Discord Here

We look forward to hearing from you!

12/30/2017 1:41:44 AM #2

I see Kjalstead is growing nicely Holmgeirr. You have brought in some very fine people to the Völsung community and I look forward to seeing even more join you in the future!

6/3/2018 1:47:39 AM #3

We've twenty in the Discord alone, not to mention the folks who haven't wandered their way over to the channel.

Survival, Whatever the Cost, We Shall Endure| Marthanais, Cibé an Costas, An mbeidh muid Mairfidh| Pledged to Vornair, Pledged to Erzhalden, Pledged to Volsung, Freyr of Kjalstead

6/3/2018 1:51:21 AM #4

This place is great. Good community and the Mayor really cares about us. I'd recommend stopping by the discord if you haven't already. I think this settlement is going to go far.

I really look forward to seeing how great of a trade hub this becomes.