[NA-W] County of Montlake


When we first set eyes on the lands of Elyria there will be a vast frontier of thousands of square kilometers laid out before us. Some of us will seek to claim land, some to join established settlements, some to forge their own path in the wilderness, and some to go wherever their hearts may lead them. Many will join friends and fight the forces of nature together, some will fight each other, and some will fight all on their own. But as we all spread, grow, and thrive across the lands, as if we were a part of some larger beast, we remain connected by one thing: the golden veins of commerce.

The adventurer who runs out of arrows, the farmer in need of a new beast of burden, the landowner seeking to build with foreign stone, and the Duke seeking to equip his troops all share a need that can be satisfied by those with the drive to prosper in the frontier. And those needs can be satisfied in one place, if the effort is made and the location is good. A trade hub which imports goods from afar, from different biomes and of different rarities, can be the nexus around which a diverse crafting community forms, in turn providing quality goods for export. This is the goal of the capital city of the County of Montlake: to provide a single destination for the Duchy of Sanctaphandri and the Kingdom of Ashland to buy and sell goods of all kinds and provide a source of quality crafted goods, especially arms and armor.

Our Place In Elyria

The County of Montlake is a part of the Duchy of Sanctaphandri, and in turn, the Kingdom of Ashland. At this stage little is known about the terrain or physical location of the County, Duchy, or Kingdom but our Duke has stated a preference for something on the coast and something preferably not desert or tundra. Land selection is mostly speculation at this point but I will say that the intent is to obtain a County in a central location, with a port if possible.

Recruiting Merchants

Does a giant pile of gold appeal to you more than swinging a piece of iron back and forth? Are you patient, dedicated, and brave enough to travel to the ends of the kingdoms, through potentially hazardous lands, to seek out good deals and rare products? Can you step back from a transaction to see the big picture of the golden webwork of veins running through our economy?

If so, Montlake may be the county for you. In the capital city of the county there will be a large area designated as a market square and the primary focus of early Exposition and afterwards will be to fill it with goods from around the Kingdom and beyond. The primary motivation is not just to make a profit but to develop traffic through the market and to keep local crafters supplied with any exotic materials required. Long-term planning for future profits will determine our course of action. Rather than going from market to market seeking the best deal at the time we will focus our efforts into investing towards a stronger central hub, for example selling some goods at cost if necessary in order to bolster local supply in the short term.

Recruiting Crafters

Do you enjoy creating things more than destroying them? Do you have the drive, passion, and motivation to practice and achieve mastery of your chosen craft? Can you thrive in competition, become better for it, and show Elyria things never before seen?

If so, Montlake may be the county for you. With a trade hub in the capital city you'll have access to all the ingredients you'll need to pursue your craft at the reasonable prices that competition brings. With traders nearby demanding your crafts, selling them will be much easier, enabling you to focus on your craft and build up your wealth for you and your family. In addition, a certain amount of time after release when everyone has had a chance to develop their skills, crafting competitions will be held with land and cash prizes on offer.

Recruiting Armsmen

Do you enjoy hunting the things that go bump in the night? Does the prospect of mortal combat give you a thrill of excitement? Do you have the courage, dexterity, and fortitude to stand up against all aggressors with your Duke and draw a line in the sand?

If so, Montlake may be the county for you. Wealth and prosperity often brings the darker side of jealousy and envy. The acts of the petty will seek to disrupt the peace and the Duke will need those who can rise up to stop it, with force if necessary. When the County, Duchy, or Kingdom is threatened the Duke will call upon us to serve against the aggressors. Rest assured we will be equipped to deal with the threat with the best the local crafters have to offer.

Recruiting Mayors/Barons

Recruiting for Mayors and Barons is temporarily on hold until more information is known about the number of towns in a county.


If any of the above has been of interest to you and you'd like to apply for a position in the County or if you just have questions please stop by the Discord server (no mic required):

1/3/2017 1:24:32 AM #1

Bravo Count Montorzi a fine post indeed. It is an honor to have Montlake County in the halls of our community!

1/7/2017 1:28:53 PM #2

Still recruiting, feel free to stop by the Discord and say hi!

1/11/2017 7:33:16 AM #3

I can confirm that the leader of Montlake is a literal angel, and this county is... aces gr8.

1/16/2017 3:53:33 PM #4

Looks great mate, 5/7 :)

3/11/2017 7:07:22 PM #5

Congratulations to Count Montorzi on joining the Great House of Seleucid, ruling house of the Grand Duchy of Sanctaphandri. It is my absolute pleasure to call you family sir Montorzi.

3/18/2017 4:12:27 PM #6

Dang, Monty! When did you get all those new mayors?

3/22/2017 2:51:36 AM #7

Updated the thread and launched the new website. Stop by for a chat if you see anything of interest.

4/2/2017 5:52:06 AM #8

Still recruiting.

4/3/2017 12:22:37 PM #9

The opening picture is stunning...who does your art work?

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4/3/2017 7:36:45 PM #10

The piece was a commission by ooki88 who also did some other work for Ashland. I thought it came out great too.

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