[Sticky] [NA-W] Kingdom of Ashland

What you can expect:

Ashland is home to several duchies, each with their own unique cultures and leadership styles, enriching the kingdom as a whole. Whatever your play style and goals may be, you can find a place in our kingdom in one of its unique duchies.

The Kingdom of Ashland was initially formed as a coalition of duchies that evolved into a kingdom for the safety and security of the whole. Today, our duchies still each maintain their own unique ideals and culture.

Through a voting system and much discussion, the King and the Dukes determine the goals and the operations of the kingdom. The King leads these discussions as a mediator, and in the event of a tie or a divisive topic, he will determine the best course of action. The King is the lord of the Kingdom, and the Dukes are the lords of their Duchies. Together, with mutual respect, friendliness, and cooperation, the Kingdom of Ashland will prosper.

  • Security. Whether you are a solo player looking for a group or a place for your group to call home, we provide that security and stability for you.
  • Companionship. A close knit community and a big kingdom at the same time, we provide the structure for you to have fun and rewarding relationships with other citizens of Ashland.
  • Freedom. Flexibility to choose what duchy is right for you.

Who we are looking for:

We are currently looking for counts and barons.

If you are seeking one of these leadership positions, ask yourself,

  • Do I thrive on challenge and significant responsibility?

  • Am I self-reliant, self-confident, adaptable, and flexible?

  • Do I work effectively on teams and individually?

  • Am I open to critical feedback? Do I learn from it and adjust?

I will not forget that this is a game we are playing, but I do take leadership seriously, because you are like a non-profit leader and if you do not do your job then you are next to useless. You help make the players you are around have a better or worse experience, so in a way you are in charge of people’s fun. And we are here to have fun right?

The amount of positions for mayor and count/countess positions are limited, any other type of citizen/gentry is unlimited. We need and want just about any role that is out there.

Code of Honor

  1. Loyalty. You are free to associate with who you like, but do not forget where your loyalties lie.

  2. Respect friend and foe. Maintain a level head in all situations. We earn respect by giving respect in all venues of communication.

  3. Courage. Escaping/Engaging against the odds; Never be cowardly; although never fear to attempt escape if outmatched, or if the tide of battle turns in the enemy’s favor. Likewise, do not feel obligated to engage if you know the target force will overmatch you. Logic and loss prevention are always to be kept in mind. A skillful escape is just as impressive as a well-earned victory. (This is flexible as we don’t expect crafters to go fight in pvp)

  4. Communication. Active communication and availability is very important for teamwork and keeping information up-to-date. Everyone, especially those in a leadership position, are highly encouraged to be in Discord while playing so they are easily accessible.

  5. Inflammatory subjects. Do not, do not, do not talk about real life politics or religion. It is the wrong platform. If you are so bound and determined to argue political issues online, then go to a political blog or news site. Same goes for religion. We are here to game, not make our lives more stressful. (Does not apply to in game politics and religion)

  6. Punitive Action. Ashland trusts and relies upon all its citizens, and expects its citizens to reciprocate. Any Ashland citizen who violates or dishonors the Codes, or otherwise transgresses against the Kingdom, may be punished by the King at his discretion. The severity of the punishment will match the severity of the transgression.


Ashland Discord

About me:

My first name Sev comes from a character in a older game called Republic Commando, my last name Kimura is my real last name. I am a mmorpg veteran from everything like Ultima Online, Star Wars Galaxies, World of Warcraft, Eve Online and the survival game Ark. I want to play COE because, simply put, it should be fun! I like the mix of old school mmo ideas with what Caspian has in mind. I’ve been disappointed by countless mmos and I’m willing to gamble on COE's success.

The main reason I became king, was to keep the fantastic group of people that I had found together. We started as a ducal alliance and at the time there was a lot of uncertainty, so I wanted to provide the foundation for us to flourish and we have. If that is not enough for you, then here are some more reasons:

  1. I want to make a big difference and be remembered by players as a good leader and fun guy to play games with.
  2. I want to leave a legacy, make my mark in the world, and help provide a place where others can do the same.
  3. I like being a strategist and tactician.
  4. I enjoy doing “behind the scenes” work that others do not want to do, so they can enjoy their play time more.
  5. I am adaptable.
  6. I want to provide a place where my citizens can enjoy their time to the full extent they are capable of.
  7. I have respect for others and put their needs above my own; (the good of the Kingdom before my desires).
  8. I have a deep empathy for other people, which helps me rule better
  9. I am honest with my people. I serve them and I will lead them.
  10. I remember that this is a game and I think it will be fun.
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11/15/2016 1:55:54 AM #2

A great Kingdom consisting of great people. We will do amazing things with our world.

11/15/2016 1:59:04 AM #3

Huzzah! Long live the King!

11/15/2016 2:05:15 AM #4

Nice to see another King on the rise.

Good luck, I wish you well.

11/15/2016 2:05:16 AM #5

Very glad to be a part of Ashland, thank you King Sev Kimura.

11/15/2016 2:24:01 AM #6

Welcome to Elyria, your Majesty.

May your Kingdom be immersed in prosperity, and may you be blessed in everything you do.

In Tenebris Nos,

Rowena Darkholm

"When you feel you don't belong, you me" -Rowena Darkholm, Queen of Black Hearts

11/15/2016 2:39:22 AM #7

Welcome to the Dance in the West, King Sev and the Dukes of Ashland. I very much look forward to our future interactions.

11/15/2016 3:32:01 AM #8

It is an absolute pleasure to tie the fate and fortune of the Duchy of Sanctaphandri to the vision and thoughtfulness of King Sev.

Best wishes to all in this kingdom, this server, and this game. History awaits.

11/15/2016 4:44:59 AM #9

The Haverlands is proud to call Ashland home! :D

11/15/2016 4:50:37 AM #10

... just in case anyone doesn't know, Asthalon is bringing BACON! (and eggplant)

11/15/2016 5:26:08 AM #11

Yay! \o/ I'm proud to say Halvmåne is apart of Ashland!

11/15/2016 5:51:10 AM #12

I am honored to be a part of this kingdom!

11/15/2016 10:05:24 AM #13

This group looks exactly what I've always dreamed of. I wish you the best of luck and hopefully our peoples can grow together in the future. :) Sadly you have no more room for dukes....

Friend code: 2D42A1

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Aka Manto Hyosube Master Brewer of the Brewmaster Guild. (

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Congrats! (no idea why there are two posts... :-/

Aka Manto Hyosube Master Brewer of the Brewmaster Guild. (

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