Bhon Luaithre

Bhon Luaithre

(from the ashes)

A County of Feann in the Kingdom of Al-Khezam

About Me

I am Sanguinesh Blackwind. I have been a member of the community since December of 2015, and an official registered member on the website since February of 2016. I have been gaming since Pong, and playing MMO's since the mid 1990's. I enjoy sarcasm and joking. A LOT. Many people consider me a troll, I won't dispute that. It's a matter of perspective. One thing I can assure you of: I am 100% committed to my people and working to better our situation in Elyria. My community consists of the people of Feann and the Kingdom of Al-Khezam.

Bhon Luaithre

The most important thing anyone should know about this county is that everyone will be expected to work together for the betterment of us all. This doesn't mean you can't pursue your own interests, but simply that you will be expected to contribute to the community and assist others with their goals just as they will be expected to assist you. Together we grow strong and prosperous, if not we fail before we begin.

The main focus of my county will be the pursuit of knowledge and artistic mastery. Scholarly pursuits, art in all its forms from drawing and painting to architecture, I hope to provide the resources and environment necessary to advance them all as far as we can.

Do not mistake my love of wisdom and aesthetics for a "carebear" nation. I will be not only a count, but a baron. The lands of Bhon Luaithre will host a substantial military presence as provided for by the Duke, but also bolstered and subsidized by myself. I do not plan on seeking hostility, but I will be prepared when it arrives.


These things both offer different benefits for different reasons, but ultimately, I cannot guarantee anything specific. Several of us in Feann will be migrating in non local tribes during KoE, so odds are that non-nobility will have their choice come exposition and launch. I would personally like to place in a forested mountain area with river,ocean or lake access, but again nothing can be guaranteed. In the end, I will make the best of my available options to excel in whatever location I get.


Free Public Schools

I plan to set up free basic schooling for all residents of the county (both PC and NPC). These schools will provide a basic education in reading, wring/linguistics, and arithmetic in as much as they are relevant to Elyria. I will personally fund this endeavor at the beginning, assimilating it into the tax structure as the county develops.

Institutions of Higher Learning

I would like to establish two "colleges". The first would be for artists - painters, sculptors, etc.. in order to promote the beautification and splendor of our community.
The second would be a "Historical Society" of sorts, seeking out and preserving the history of all Elyria much like archaeologists. I will be working with Scylurus and his Mindfire organization on this project and will update this as we work out the details.


A museum(s) of art and history will help bring the benefits of these two schools to the general population. This may be contained in one location or as two separate entities, depending on the scope of each.


Balla-cloiche (Stone Wall)

As with all baronies, I will receive funding from the Duke to establish and maintain a significant military. I will subsidize this as needed in order to ensure that all of the county is defensible and secure. A council of Barons and Mayors will be established in order to work out the details and share the responsibilities of keeping the military staffed and functioning cohesively to keep our citizens safe from any outside threats as well as those who wish to prey on travelers and merchants. As with the public school system, I will cover the additional costs until the county economy is well enough established for them to be added to the tax structure.

Local Outposts

Unlike a barony, a town will not be supported by the Duke in military structuring. I will ensure there are military outposts throughout the county that will provide overlapping coverage. These outposts will be placed near towns or cities and will be under the supervision of the local magistrate.

Àite nan Gaisgeach (Heroes Place Arena)

This will be not only the training ground for the military, but also a place for the public to partake in PVP without the risk of coup de grace. There will be regular tournaments with prizes, as well as seating for spectators.



I will assist merchants with establishing and bolstering trade within the county. Depending upon where we are located, there may be a already existing trade routes, if not, we will create them. Certain tribes and their kingdoms will begin the game with a significant advantage in this area, but that does not mean that others can not excel through effort. No matter where we end up settling, we will have something that others will want or need - I will be diligent in my efforts to ensure that we have the opportunity to capitalize on this.
We will operate all county trade through use of The Golden Goose Company
There will be distribution warehousing available and collection arrangements will be made. All merchants are encouraged to use this system, possibly with tax breaks, but it will not be mandatory


As with many things, our location will have the largest impact on our abilities to industrialize. It is simply a matter of discovering what resources we have readily available and how best to utilize them. Through trade, I will endeavor to ensure that we maintain a steady supply of the things we need to keep our people producing and thriving.


There will be other aspects of the economy, but until there is hard data on game mechanics and a certainty of the resources and technology available within the county it would be foolish to plan very much. Rest assured I have many ideas for different scenarios and will share them once I have more info.


I welcome any and all guilds that would like to form within the county, but I will personally establish the following six:

Ailtirean (Architects)

Machair-mhara (Masons)

Saoir (Carpenters)

Mac a 'Ghobhainn (Smithies)

Ceanglaichean (Glassmakers)

Sneachda (Tinkers) I will instead support a branch of Leeghwater Tinkers & Blacksmith Guild

I will need people to run these guilds and will discuss structuring with them.

From these five guilds I will select members to form Na Togalaichean (The Builders), an Association responsible for civic projects such as museums and parks.

I will also host a branch of the Alchemist's guild, Magnum Rofus.


There are many other aspects to the county that I have plans for, but once again, I will wait for further info on definite game mechanics before detailing.
If Bhon Luaithre sounds interesting, drop by our duchy, FEANN DISCORD or kingdom, AL-KHEZAM DISCORD and get to know us.

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beautiful written my friend :)

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As Myrmex said, really well written, I love the attention to detail and thought you put onto the post!

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Awesome post Sang. Loving it.

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May you and you're county flourish.

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Posted By Lucasdb at 02:52 AM - Mon Jan 15 2018

May you and you're county burn to ashes and dust.


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Great post! Magnum Opus would be proud to branch out to your county!

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Heh, good one! ;)

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Nice to see that you are supporting branching guilds!