[EU] County Dore

Welcome to County Dore

Welcome weary traveler, to County Dore. If you’ve been browsing the forums, and are looking for a place to settle, then you’ve probably already traveled many Elyrian miles.
Please put your feet up and stay a while. You’ll find Dore to be a comfortable place to visit, and mayhap even to settle down.

Where can County Dore be found?

County Dore aims to be a coastal county. Ideally with a river or two running through our lands. We envision a diverse spread of land that will be able to support the playstyles of all our people, be they baron or farmer. Our existing community already has people playing diverse rolls, and we would like to support all of them.

County Dore supports the main guildhalls for four of Tryggrs guilds. While they will operate kingdom wide Tryggrs Explorers/Cartographers, Archers/Bowyers, Farming & Breeding, and Clothiers guilds will all have their headquarters in Dore

As we are going for a coastal area, we plan to take full advantage of being near the sea/ocean. We want to create a place where sailing, and eventually seatravel will be possible.

We will stimulate research in that area, and look forward to reap what we have sown later on, when trade through sea routes becomes an option. It will give the Jörmungandr Explorers guild, housed in Dore, a good base of operations for sea exploration. We will work with Tryggrs W-Anchors Shipwrights guild to accomplish these goals.

With several coastal cities/baronies we hope to see trade flourish in Dore. And insure in that way that we give our crafters the widest possible range of goods to work with.

What will the County Capital look like?

As stated before, we want to go for a coastal area. For our Country seat; Gamrhafn, we have planned a harbor city by a sea and river, with some forest at our back.

A keep will overlook the adjacent town, and a lighthouse will tower above the harbor. A harbor that is deep enough for seafaring vessels, but offers enough shelter for smaller boats as well.

A tree will be planted in the middle of our townsquare, offering shade to any resting there.

That is the ideal, whether that is attainable, remains to be seen. More on our plans for Gamrhafn can be found in this forum post

As you may notice, Gamrhafn citypost far pre-dates this post for Dore County. The reason for this is simple.

Dore started out as a barony, which prospered and grew, as a community. Not just in player numbers, but also in player ambition. We started looking at our options and we were fortunate enough to be able to upgrade to County. Offering the much needed space and support for our people who wanted to upgrade their pledges, but didn't want to leave Dore.

So the city/barony was renamed Gamrhafn and the name Dore is now used for the county.

We our to proud to now be the Duchy of Turadh

What Kingdom is Dore a part of?

Dore is proud to be a part of the Kingdom of Tryggr.

Tryggr is known to be a rowdy bunch of Vikings. While it does represent our communities spirit well, the Viking theme is not obligatory.

The people of Tryggr have fun together. Gaming, DnD-ing and chatting and much more.

Tryggr is a relaxed community, that is loyal to eachother, and helps eachother out whenever necessary. Be it in game, online or in real life.

It is this loyalty and camaraderie that we hope to preserve with all our players in Dore as well. Regardless of title and status and irrespective of how much we grow.

Please have a look at the Tryggr post or join in their discord if you want more information about the kingdom.

Inside of Tryggr we hope to ensconed close to County Myrkland, County Gjalfrmarr. and County Anwyn Shire

While we have a place in Tryggr, we do not yet have a place in Elyria. Like everyone, we are waiting for domain selection. This post will be updated once more information becomes available.

Who is settling in County Dore?

As mentioned before we are blessed with an active and friendly community that wants to help us grow, as much as we want to help them build. So we already have a few baronies/towns under our griffin wings, but we are always looking to expand. So if you are looking for a home, I invite you to have a chat on our discord.


We see our County Capital as a safe haven for the community. We hope it fulfills a similar role in game. If you’re curious about us, please join our discord. Gammrhafn’s distinguishing features are its harbor, the big tree we plan to plant in our main square, and it’s light house.


Named after the great Ox, this town's aim is food production and the breeding of cattle and mounts. Their motto is “We pull together”. Gridungr will pull the cart on providing us with food, and breeding fantastical beasts.


Named after the great giant of the south, the keep of Bergrisi will house the Tyrsgard. These brave men and woman hold to the motto “We are immovable” They have sworn to defend their people and to never falter.


Lead by Vagestr Norseblood, the Norseblood clan inhabits a keep in the north of our domain, near the border with county Myrkland, that houses his close kinsman in Sessrúmnir keep. Clan Norseblood are mercenaries, but they have a code they live and die by. They will be a strong arm for Dore in times of trouble.

The Grove

The Grove or the town of Lundr is lead by Turgon. He is the mayor of this town that is also the HQ for Tryggr's druids guild.

The Grove will be the place to go for those who believe like the Feadin, that nature is to be respected, and in some cases protected

If you are a history or lore buff, you may seen a theme to the names of the places in Dore. Four of these are based on the major Landvaettir in nordic mythology.

Landveattir are land spirits, or land wights. They are the souls of the land, and it’s protectors. In the way that the ancients thought these landwights protected the land, so will the barons and mayors aim to protect the people of Dore. Each in their own way.

Does Dore sound like a place you could spend some time? Or even settle down? Then please, keep reading, or join our chat

Which guilds are settled in Dore?

Dore is home to a fair few ambitious and resourceful people. With more and more information becoming available about the game, they started developing interests and plans for in game. Some of these plans led to the formation of what are now Kingdom wide guilds.

Dore County will house the main guild halls for the following guilds:

Jörmungandr Explorers Guild

We are proud to be hosting the Jörmungandr Explorers, led by Kainan Misthowl. they will focus on peaceful exploration, cartography and will bring back exotic plants and animals from around the world.

Jötunnøðr Archery and Hunting

The Jötunnøðr will focus on the training of archers and hunters, and the production and research of Bow and Arrows for different uses.The Jötunnøðr will be led by Elitevulture.

Druid of Lundr-Vættir

We are pleased to be able to share that Dore will also be home to the Tryggr Druids guild. They will focus on Beekeeping, herbalism and taming animals, and the other crafts and activities generally associated with Druids.

Hemp and Horses

Our two latest members, Lestat and Gaeda, immediately hit if off upon meeting and decided to start a guild together as their preferred profession were closely related. Thus Hemp and Horses was formed. This guild will focus on farming and animal husbandry.

We are also glad to host subsidiaries of the following guilds:

Who rules Dore?

We’ve told you a little about our plans, but it occurs to me that you might also be curious about the ruling family in Dore. The Vánagandr.

Dore’s ruling family is, for the moment small, and consists of three people. Dore’s count Fodtro Vánagandr, his wife and Dore’s Countess, Eltanin Vánagandr, and finally Wulfrik Vánagandr.

Count Fodtro Vánagandr

Our Count is a Dutch man and a long time gamer, who will focus on military matters. Helping our Barons, and taking care of the defense of both the county overall and it’s capital specifically.

He favors the bow, and plans to research crossbows as well in his spare time.

Countess Eltanin Vánagandr

Our Countess is our Counts real life, as well as in game partner. She is also Dutch, and while she doesn’t normally play a lot of MMO’s, she has also enjoyed gaming for some time.

She will focus on civilian matters and will make sure that trade, craft and supply are in good order for the county and capital.

She favors alchemy and healing, and will focus her efforts on making sure the county and its inhabitants are happy and healthy.

Wulfrik Vánagandr

The last member of the Vánagandr family is a more mysterious man. Wulfrik prefers to remain in the background offering his wise council, as is needed.

How will Dore be ruled?

We will aim to rule justly, and to the benefit of all. Does that mean we will rule perfectly and without fault in the eyes of all our inhabitants? No...We are human after all. Disagreements and differing opinions are all part of the package.

To keep us from blundering to much it’s important that we can hear the voice of the people, to advise us. Not just in times of trouble, but also in times of peace.

There is no way we as Count and Countess can keep an eye on everything. We are not god or gods to mark each sparrows fall. Especially come launch with an influx of many new players, we will need help to keep Dore a happy stable place. Which is where we rely on our community, our people, to help out.

To give this shape we will form a small council. All on this council will have the honorary title Landvaettir. This council will consist, to start, of the guild leaders, barons and mayors of our demesne.

However we feel that natural leaders will always arise, and these may be added to the council in due time.

So what are your goals for Dore in Game?

Our goals have grown, just as Dore has, with it’s people's wishes and wants. Our main goal is to be a place where all of our people can thrive, have fun together, and enjoy this epic story that is being created for us, and by us.

As you can see by the mix of guild's supported in Dore, most of them are light on the PVP end of the spectrum, compared to the rest of Tryggr.

Dore’s focus will be more on crafting, research, trade and PVE, then on PVP. We hope to foster a peaceful environment that is conducive to research and crafting.

We will also encourage RP, for those who like that sort of thing. Dore currently has a more than 100 page A4, ongoing RP story in its discord. It has epic battles, quests for arcane items, drama and suspense. It is helping us create Dore as we’d like it to be, in our mind's eye.

That said, being part of Tryggr means PVP is part of the package,and we abide by Tryggrs laws. Tryggrs only law, to date, is that everyone learn a skill with weapons.

Which means we will require everyone that joins us to become proficient with at least one weapon of their choosing. From day one.

While we will not provoke combat, we want to make sure that should the worst happen, we can survive an outside attack and bolster the ranks of our neighbours when needed. As we stand together. Even just after getting started. How? By working together.

Self defense is a sensible first step in the hostile environments in Elyria.So anyone joining Dore should learn how to “stick em with pointy end”

How to contact us?

If you want to contact us, because you have questions, want to get to know us, or want to join us. How do you do it?

Well you can ofcourse reply to this forum post. We will check in regularly. But the easiest and quickest way is to get the Discord app for phone or PC and join our Discord Channel.

Even if it’s just for a friendly chat. Feel free!

This post is of course subject to change due to, for example, new information from the SBS dev team, and will be updated as needed

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Awesome post! Honoured to have a place in Dore!

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Gunnr County

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I would not have it any other way!

And I can't wait to start building Dore with you

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Small update and soon to come is our city in county Dore, what now will be called Gamrhafn. As Dore will now be the name of our county

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We are happy to welcome more people to our county. Jumping in through our Norsebloods and barony Vargland. Welcome Hruni, Kageguden and Torhen

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we are happy to welcome The Grove, and it's druids together whit there guild Lundr-Vættir to our County

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