[EU][TRYGGR] Barony of Bergrisi

Welcome to the Barony of Bergrisi,


Bergrisi is the place to lay down arms and go for mead in the local tavern. I am Baron Gabriyel Tyrsgard and I welcome you traveler. Come and sit by the fire, have some mead with me while I tell you of our little place on this world, called Barony of Bergrisi.

The Barony of Bergrisi is located in the Kingdom of Tryggr. A strong and tough viking kingdom, the place we call home.

Led by the Triumvir who are some of the most laidback and awesome people I know. We hope to have fun and stir up some rowdy moments in Elyria.

If you want to be soldier,artisan or just a traveler who has fun with the local barmaid. Then look no further, Bergrisi is the place for you. We aim to be open and friendly to everyone who wants to settle or is just passing through.

As Baron of Bergrisi it is my duty and privilege to care for everyone who wants to live in the barony even the small fries. I hope your stay will be pleasant and you would want to settle in this great settlement.

Why is your barony called Bergrisi?

In Iceland there is a story about 4 protectors of the island called Landvættir. These Protectors defended Iceland from harm for centuries. One of them was Bergrisi a mountain giant he defended the southern part of Iceland.

I will stand tall together with the people in my Barony to defend my charge my friends and the Kingdom of Tryggr from everyone who would do it harm. Just like Bergrisi.

I promise that I will aid everyone in this Kingdom and stand immovable against our enemies. Which I and my bloodline will keep safe till the end of days.

Thus we are the giants of the south, and our patron is the Bergrisi the mountain giant.

With this charge comes the motto :WE ARE IMMOVABLE


Like the giant we will stand strong like an immovable wall.

Let them come and break upon us.

We will take the hard road, not because we are forced to, but because we choose to. And of course because the easy road is for the weak.

Tyrsgard keep:


We are protectors of the realm and thus a military settlement. Tyrsgard Keep is our home. From here we will crush any opposition we encounter.

The order of Tyrsgard


Tyr as warrior of Asgard was the god of War he fought countless battles and eventually died at the hand of Garm the hellhound. Tyr showed his courage once when he and the other gods tried to capture Fenrir. The gods had a special rope made to bind Fenrir who was out of control and needed to be bound to keep him from destroying the world.

As collateral he asked that one of the gods would put his or her hand in Fenrir's mouth. Tyr volunteers well knowing that Fenrir would bite off his hand out of anger. Courageous,Just and Honorable. That was how Tyr lived and died.

I admire these traits in Mann. Thus Tyrsgard elite will follow this code. Be couragious,just and honorable. They defend people with a drive seldomly seen in Elyria. And will be the ones that never fail at their task. Do you see yourself in this code? Then look nu further Bergrisi is the place for you.

We are looking for you! And these positions are still available.

  • Captain of the guard. “Every keep needs guards”

  • Captain of the Archers. “Both foot and mounted”

  • Captain for the Melee forces. “Every wall needs mortar”

  • Archers and mounted archers. “If you wanna stick it to em from afar”

  • Warriors fighters of the melee arms “strong and angry”

  • Siege Engineers “We need to be able to take down walls!”

  • Combat healer "We need someone to take care of our booboo`s"

These will fall directly under me as I will always be there when the fighting starts! And i will be there when we have killed em to the last man/woman!

We will have need for specialists as well so these are the artisans who will take care of the horses and of the armor/weapons we need.

  • Breeders “We need war horses and wartrisons to keep the cavalry going.”

  • Smithy,s “We need good smiths who make our weapons, armor and keep them repaired.”

  • Farmers “We need farmers who keep the army fed just the necessary food so we can keep marching wherever we are needed”

  • Bakers,Butchers and Cooks. “Prepare the food and preserve it”

  • Leatherworkers, Tanners “for the archers we need leather armor”  

  • Gatherers and miners “we need to stay stocked on everything we need to keep our armor and weapons patched and ready for war”

  • Woodcutters and woodcrafters “Shields,Arrows and bows need i say more”

  • Tailors “Banners, flats, bandages, tents,carpets even undergarments we need it all for the army”  

These men and women will be high valued and listened to. I will have a Small Council in place for every member of the Artisans and members of the crafters. These will be chosen by the guilds, crafters and Artisans. The Small Council will have 3 members who will directly talk with me.

Together we will be the backbone of the standing army for the Kingdom.

We will situated in the Kingdome of Tryggr within the County of Dore and as such bound to the Barony of Dore, Barony of Drakfjällhalla and the town of Gridungr. And are so almost always welcome to the Barony of Bergrisi. As are any guilds welcome to make a guildhouse in the barony as well.

We will make The County Dore proud of us! And have fun while doing it!

* Kingdom of Tryggr

* County Dore

* Town of Grindungr

Barony of Dore

Friend code : 915D4E

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