[EU/TRYGGR] Town of Gridungr

Welcome to the Town of Gridungr

Gridungr is a settlement within the Duchy of Turadh and by greater extension a part of the Kingdom of Tryggr. Our aims are to create an environment that all will feel as welcoming and safe, regardless if you are a visitor or a resident. As the leader of this settlement I will do my best to make sure that this above all will be accomplished and that those who contribute towards that ideal can expect extended support in return.

We want to make it so that the progress of the settlement is something that everyone is a part of, hence the motto of House Gaeda: We Pull Together.

Infrastructure and goals

Gridungr aims to focus on animal husbandry and agriculture making sure that the town is well fed and prosperous. Gridungr main export will be mounts and food, so a heavy enfaces on breeding and farming will exist within in the settlement.

This doesn't mean that we only welcome breeders and farmers, as almost all professions is required for the settlement to prosper and eventually grow. The town is open to all kinds of people who want to find a purposeful and enjoyable place they can call home.

The settlement is led by me, Luthir Gaeda, Head of House Gaeda, and I encourage traders and guilds to settle within Gridungr for a few following reasons:

  • Low taxes to promote trading and making a profit.
  • A town council that will listen to the desires and proposals of the settlements residents (more on this below).
  • Plenty of roads that will connect Gridungr to the other settlement and counties alike.

People we are looking for

  • Merchants
  • Crafters
  • Breeders
  • Farmers
  • Hunters
  • Herbalists
  • Cooks
  • Bards
  • Cartographers
  • Scribes
  • Scouts
  • Guards / Soldiers
  • Innkeeper

Guilds, Schools and Associations - Groups or individuals who are looking for a place to base themselves will find plenty of space and support in Gridungr.

Current Organizations

Town Council of Gridungr

The Mayor will rule the town with the help from a council of advisors. The council will be composed of the Steward of Gridungr along with the various landowners that calls Gridungr their home.

  • Steward of Gridungr
    • The duties of the Steward include assisting the Count in the day-to-day running of Gridungr. The Steward will be the head of the town council when the Count is unable to attend, and acts on the Count's behalf when he is indisposed. The Steward must reside within Gridungr whilst holding the position.

The council will propose and discuss the different matters regarding the wellbeing and the future of the town. Every time a proposal is made the council will vote on the specific matter. Each member will have one vote of equal worth and in the end the majority decides on the outcome of the matter. It is to note that the mayor has veto power on all matters brought to the council.

Any permanent resident of Gridungr can bring forth a matter or a proposal to the council.


While the settlement will not have a standing army, it will have a town guard. The Bull Guard, under the command of the Captain of the Guards, will act as a law-enforcement institution charged with protecting the settlement and the various trade routes that hopefully will be established. All menn and womenn that joins the guard will be paid and supplied with equipment accordingly. In addition to this, every permanent resident will be required to have basic combat training in case of an emergency.

The Bull Guard will also be responsible for the protection and safety of the mayor, where the Captain of the Guards will choose four members to be the personal protectors of Luthir Gaeda. This small group is known as The Shield.


We are very open to anyone who wants to make Gridungr a starting place for yourself and your family, we’re aiming to create a warm and welcoming home or stop for all peaceful travellers and settlers, if you want to join or have any further questions – join our discord here.

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Excellent, I love your motto! And the Bull!

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Nice, I like it.

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love it pal

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Looking crisp!

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A big shout out to Nesla for the awesome bull!

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Looks well done mate.

Gunnr County

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Posted By Gaeda at 11:51 PM - Tue Jul 25 2017

A big shout out to Nesla for the awesome bull!

:D Thanks! Looks good on the post ;)

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Fantastic post, Another great addition to the Kingdom!

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We are still actively searching for more people to join us. Whether you wish to simply be a resident, perfecting your chosen craft.

Maybe you hunger for some more responsibility and wish for a seat on the Town Council?

Hop on our discord and you'll find the place that fits you best.

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Updated. Now a settlement within the County of Dore.

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Hello. Just wondering what the etiquette for games like this are, when it comes to choosing allegiance. This town sounds like a good place to put down roots, and I'd be grateful to get a foot in the door early!

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Welcome to our newest resident, @Billtz ! Great to have you aboard!