[EU] Town of Ásmundr

Welcome to the city of Ásmundr the capital of Vardr County


You have traveled far and wide throughout Elyria and you now find yourself at the gates of Ásmundr. You are greeted by a rough looking man, who grins as he ruffles the head of the wolf accompanying him: “Well met traveler, name’s Kainan Misthowl and this is Mishka” Kainan eyes you up and down, while scratching the wolf behind her ears. “You don’t look so good, perhaps we should take this conversation inside? It looks to me like some food and ale might do you good.” He gestures for you to follow him inside the gates, and stops in front of the inn “Ah!..I have to take care of some things before night falls, we might be able to talk a bit later. Oh, but rest assured, you are more than welcomed to stay and rest. The old innkeeper will sate your appetite and thirst, and mayhap share a story or two” Kainan grins to himself from ear to ear, walking away in a fast pace, wolf in tow.

As you open the door, you are greeted by the sight of people conversing and laughing. The inn’s waitresses scurrying about with trays filled to the brim. The smell of roast meat, the clatter of cups are all too familiar to a weary traveler such as yourself. Welcome sounds, inviting you in. Yet something odd catches your eye. At the foot of each table there seems to be a large number of beasts, at least as many as there are mann. They are sprawled on the floor resting, or seeking attention from their masters. You head to towards the counter somewhat puzzled at the large number of beast seemingly allowed indoors.

The innkeeper who has been watching since you entered, smiles under his beard: “Greetings traveler! you look new to these parts, if so I bid you welcome to Ásmundr! We would welcome news from the road, in exchange I can fill you in on what this town has to offer”

Tavern music

The Town

“Let’s see first off Ásmundr is one of the many davas dotting the Kingdom of Tryggr , recently it has become a part of Turadh duchy and thanks to the hard work of our count it has established itself as the capital city of Vardr county, as for its location well if you made your way here, I don’t need to tell you how to get here now do I?” He chuckles and continues: ”As you probably noticed we have quite a few more paws and talons than your ordinary town. You see count Misthowl, is keen on setting up a School that would focus their research on animals: history, anatomy, medicine, breeding, taming, training, their habitats, eating habits, etc…you name it, and well you can guess he’s a got a screw or two loose when it comes to beasts” As you take a seat at the bar, he pauses to catch his breath and pours a glass of mead and pushes it towards you. “Asides from being the head of house Misthowl he recently took upon himself the Guildmaster mantle of the Jörmungandr Explorers Guild , setting off on expeditions every now and then, usually coming back as a bloody mess, grinning from ear to ear, cause he found something new he wants to share with us. Generally speaking it’s a beast new or old, picked up from gods knows where, plays around with them whenever he has off days or just sets them loose in the Natural Reserve to protect them from poachers. He shakes his head *“well enough about the old man, I would think you wish to know more about the town itself.” At your nod the man continues.

Short history


“Our forefathers were pretty lax in picking a location, they just went with whatever suited them, they made no contingency plans and went with whatever they found to be to their liking, bunch of carefree louts…” He sighs heavily “Honestly they did not think much about their descendants and just went with the flow of things, well at least they took into consideration the basic needs and we all have roofs above our heads. One thing I can agree with is them planting the inn in the middle of the settlement so that everyone would get drawn to socialize at the day’s end, good for my business that. Most the other shops have been built over time and we have all sorts of folk from all walks of life, you need but look around and see that we are all close with one another, the old man’s predecessor wanted to impart his house motto onto the townspeople and our forefathers took a liking to it, passed it on, and it has become our way of life.” ”If you’re curious I have it hanging above the fireplace yonder” He points towards a small framed parchment, it looks worn out, but you can read the slightly faded letters:

“The strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack”

The innkeeper grins whilst cleaning the empty glass. Unbidden one of the the waitresses brings you a hearty stew. “What say you traveler, just passing through? Or are you looking to join our “pack”? We have a place for mann and womenn from all walks of life!” “Don’t forget beasts too! you old codger!” one of the waitresses walking around chimes in, eyeing the inkeep. He laughs loudly and nods “Yes, yes dear beasts are welcomed to” “The patrons hearing the old innkeeper get chastised start laughing, all too accustomed to such banter. The innkeep sighs as if much put upon, but the glint in his eyes tell you differently. He turns to face you “Well what will it be a bed for the night? Or a few more drinks? If you’d like…” You indicate that a bed for the night sounds fantastic. Having finished the stew you are more than ready for a night’s sleep. The inkeep assigns one of the girls to lead you to your room. He stops you at the last moment,shaking his head. ”With all my talk I nearly forgot.” He reaches under the counter. ”The count left me a bunch of letter to pass on to travelers when they stop by, here take one!” He passes you a yellow parchment sealed with wax. As you examine it closely you notice the sigil is a water serpent’s head inside a double circle, the count’s house sigil no doubt, you thank the inkeep and follow the waitress to your room. Once there, sitting on the bed you open it and begin reading:



If you care to extend your visit to Ásmundr please jump into discord.
or if you have any questions you can find me on discord as Kainan#7295
All of the above are subject to change as this is still a WIP.
Special Thanks:
Eltaninsroses for helping me tons with this project and welcoming me to the Tryggr & the Tryggr community for their outstanding support and fun times.
Adrian von Ziegler , Vindsvept & Peter Gundry for the amazing BGM
skraww for the beautiful scenery
atom1111 for the tavern image

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