[EU][Tryggr] Hemp and Horses

Welcome to Hemp and Horses

Our horses will be the fastest, our hemp will keep you the calmest.

Who are we?

Hemp and Horses, the designated and government approved destination for all your Animal Breeding and Agricultural needs!

Working first and foremost for the wellbeing of the Town of Gridungr, once our stores are filled and our stables grand, all who requires it throughout the land will receive whatever assistance we can offer.

Where are we?

We are currently located within the Town of Gridungr. As such we are apart of the Viking-inspired kingdom known as Tryggr.

You can find out more about the Kingdom of Tryggr here.

What is our goal?

The goal of our guild is really simple. To keep our community fed, to sell and breed animals, and to support the local economy.

We strive to have all aspects of our professions developed to its fullest extent. Since farming and breeding is so much more than just crops and livestock. For example, a farmer with enough time will be able to grow herbs that can be used as both a healing agent or a poison.

Farming can be divided into roughly these categories:

  • Food farming: Those farmers that farm their fields and orchards for the purposes of providing resources for food

  • Farming for Cloth production: Cotton, Hemp, Mulberry(silk). So we can all get properly attired and don’t leave our derrieres bare to those chilly northern breezes.

  • Farming for Drink: Vineyards, Orchards and berry fields. Can’t eat drink and be merry, with nothing to drink. So farmer so inclined can farm crops for beer, wine, liquor and make our brewmasters very happy.

  • Farming for Alchemy and Healing: Many herbs will gathered from the wild. Some will likely be grown in local gardens, but for those herbs that proof exceedingly useful farming is an option. Just think of France’s Lavender fields.

Breeding can be divided into four separate subassociation:

  • Mount Breeders: Donkeys, Horses. Thoroughbreds, Ursaphant, Trison.

  • Livestock Breeders: Cows, Pigs, Sheep.

  • Pet Breeders: Vanity Pets, guards, fighting companions.

  • Wildlife Tamers: Bring back new and exotic animal breed from the wild.

So if you feel you want to specialise you can, or maybe try on all four! There is also the possibility to crossbreed different species and create completely new and exotic creature. Which is nothing if not cool.

Ranks: (subject to change)


  • Grand Master of Animal Husbandry – Gaeda Jarlsskald (Co-Leader of the Guild)

  • Grand Master of Agriculture – Lestat G'ladheon (Co-Leader of the Guild)

  • Director of Sales - (Open for candidates) (Oversees the merchants within the guild)

  • Chapter Leader


  • Master

  • Journeyman

  • Apprentice

Associated Guilds

There are already quite a few guilds within Tryggr. Overlap in certain areas is unavoidable.

Jörmungandr Explorers Guild

They will focus on peaceful exploration, cartography and will bring back exotic plants and animals from around the world. As such we will provide care for any mounts and/or animals that they need so their exploration of the world can always continue.

Tailors of Flandres

They will be directing their focus at making cloth for all uses, we will work with them in providing them resources for their trade.

The Guild of Lundr-Vættir

Dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge regarding all matters of Fauna and Flora, Lundr-Vættir teaches our student the much forgotten and often overlooked skills of the natural world.

Vault of Njordr

A scribe based guild heavily invested in Contract writing / Taxes / Safety deposit.

College of Utdannelse

Here you can find a teacher willing to share their knowledge, and you will find books and recipes for a plethora of subject. You can have a look, smell or taste of any subject, and choose the path best suited to you. To continue the sharing of knowledge, Hemp and Horses will have a representative in the college, thus teaching in the ways of Animal Husbandry.

Professions currently needed:

  • Farmer
  • Breeder
  • Beekeeper
  • Merchant
  • Tinkerer

Any combination of the ones above

What’s in it for you:

As with the rest of the Kingdom of Tryggr, we strive that our members will achieve as much from their gameplay as they possible can. As we grow, every member will be able to take share in the fruit of our labour. With the excellent position we are in by being located within the Town of Gridungr, we will have a solid foundation to continue to grow and to truly perfect our chosen profession. And although we are a farming and breeding focused guild we don’t want you to be bogged down by simply doing one thing, whilst we will expect our members to continue the guild's work, we hope you will pursue other areas of your choosing as this would give us more flexibility since members would not be tied down to one particular task.

Regarding the structure of the ranks, we would see it more of our way to differentiate between our members current level of skill in their given profession, more than a chain of command between one member to the next.

And to make it very clear, whilst we are beginning in the Town of Gridungr and it will always be of great focus, we would never set or limit to just own location, but as we grow so will our reach to the rest of the land.

So if you are a farmer at heart, or animals hold a special place, then this could be the journey for you.

Join us!

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only name that beats this is W-Anchors

“He that keeps not his arms in time of peace will have none in time of war.”

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Posted By TEUTknight at 4:40 PM - Tue Jun 06 2017

only name that beats this is W-Anchors

Haha that is true! :P

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Updated information in the Associated guilds section

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As noted in the post, we are looking for those with the inclinations towards farming, breeding and the merchant profession as our goal is to supply our entire county, and hopefully, the entire kingdom of Tryggr.

So don't hesitate to jump into our discord for a chat if you have the inclination!

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Its a honor to be able to buy horses from you!

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A little bit late but great Post! Glad to have you in Tryggr!

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Updated location within the Town of Gridungr

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