[EU/TRYGGR] Drakfjällhålla

Dear Elyrian

Thank you for your interest in the Barony of Drakfjällhalla.

Barony Drakfjällhalla is no more. It has been changed to a town and thus been renamed. As soon as the forums allow it, the title of this post will change.

Traveler, welcome to Jörheim!

Have a seat, warm up at our hearth and rest for a bit. While I, Nesla, will tell you about the town.

The Goal

As broad as it may sound, the goal is to create a town that will flourish and represent a place that players enjoy to call home. Within this goal I will try to accommodate to the needs of the citizens, but also help its citizens to attain their goals. What the function of the town will be and the exact specifics can only be devised until we have our hands on Domain Selection and therefore the final location of this town.

My personal goal as Mayor is to have fun playing with everyone that calls Jörheim home. Playing together should be fun. However if the fun surpasses banter out of game, it will not be tolerated, and will be dealt with promptly. Unless you are a Yoru, then you will be put on a pedestal, so we can use you as a lookout tower.

The Town

I envision Jörheim to be a bustling trading and information hub. Mainly due to the Jörmungandr Explorers Guild being the biggest explorers guild within the kingdom. Members bring valuables, information, maps, and more to the town to sell or trade. The town and the guild will work in unison as it is in both their interest that the other will prosper.

Although it is a town I do plan to have a towns guard. We cannot be laying there unprotected and lawless.

The People

We have been growing with people from all walks of life. Easy going, respectful, and enthusiastic. Every player has their own ideas and goals. There will be no restriction on the profession you would like to pursue. Unless you suck at it, hahaha just kidding. It should be a viable plan, no matter how ambitious.

Beside the obvious advantage of having the explorers guild within the towns walls, bringing in exotic goods and information, the very nature of the town aiming for a trading hub can provide a healthy base for any profession. Be it a farmer, a smith, a hunter, a mercenary, or a trader in heart and soul. Even in game, we welcome all walks of life.

The location

  • Kingdom:
  • Duchy:
  • County:

As mentioned before, we have to wait until domain selection to provide insight on this subject. You can however find us on discord. Here we theory-craft, laugh and play other games in the meantime.

So if you are interested in joining, or just want a laugh. Please come and say hello at the discord of County Dore.

7/15/2017 1:29:13 PM #1

Another awesome Barony to call friends and neighbours! Nice post mate!

7/15/2017 1:34:46 PM #2

Beautiful post.

7/15/2017 2:05:32 PM #3

Nicely done mate!

7/15/2017 2:12:11 PM #4

Fantastic post mate!

7/15/2017 2:20:04 PM #5

Awesome post! Extremely well done :D

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7/18/2017 5:22:38 AM #6

Thanks for all the praise and kind words! I'll do my best to fare well within these ranks!

7/19/2017 1:48:55 PM #7

I'm the only true brother ! Nice post btw.

7/20/2017 6:32:44 AM #8

Posted By Asger at 3:48 PM - Wed Jul 19 2017

I'm the only true brother ! Nice post btw.

Hehehehe, the first for sure! And thanks!

7/26/2017 7:48:07 AM #9

We are looking to have innkeepers join as affiliates to the Jörmungandr Explorers Guild. As travelers we need a place to rest our feet and lay our heads for some good nights sleep. We are hungry for food. But also for knowledge about adventures in the neighborhood. As do we also bring information from our travels to the inn. So if you are planning on playing as an innkeeper, or tavern manager, don't hesitate and send me a PM or hop by on our discord.

We promise to not make a mess.

8/2/2017 9:28:42 PM #10

Throwing bumps, let the exploring begin!

8/8/2017 10:21:01 AM #11

Posted By Gaeda at 11:28 PM - Wed Aug 02 2017

Throwing bumps, let the exploring begin!

Thank you! I can't wait either :D

8/21/2017 6:32:02 AM #12

Want to go out into the wild? No one to order you around and just venture? Drakfjällhalla could be your home base, as we house explorers and adventurers. If you feel more for a scout with a military purpose, Drakfjällhalla is also the place for you! I invite you to our discord to have a chat. We are a happy jolly bunch :D

8/25/2017 8:28:31 PM #13

The award for hardest to spell name has been won :).

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Posted By Cromulent at 10:28 PM - Fri Aug 25 2017

The award for hardest to spell name has been won :).

Hahaha thank you, I did my best :D

9/11/2017 2:49:01 PM #15

Hear ye! Hear ye!

A message for which I thank Frey(r)!

Dore has prospered and grown.

Once again our Barony's keystone.

Our former Hauldr, will now be our Jarl.

A good man to follow for every Karl.

Do not hesitate to join us in Drakfjällhalla.

From where we will unite and feast in Valhalla.